Repair Your EDPM Rubber Roof!

Posted on 09/23/2016 by RV Repair and Maintenance 273
Repair Your EDPM Rubber Roof!

Restoring Your Rubber RV Roof to its Days of Former Glory! 

Picture this. Spring has come, the snow has melted and the warm weather is on its way. You go to your RV, and begin to get it ready for the upcoming season. . You’ve pulled off the cover, given your RV or motorhome a good scrubbing inside and out, did the usual walk around to see what damages may have occurred over the long winter; everything looks good and it’s time to check out the roof. To your surprise, there has been significant damage to the roof, and upon further inspection, it seems it’s due to the rubber coating being a couple of years past its prime. Want to avoid this tedious (and costly) situation? Follow the 13 step process below to get your RV roof looking as good as new in no time! If you notice any bubbles, hear any crunching or sunk in areas on the RV roof, please speak with a professional and ensure that the area is safe to be restored and replacement is not needed, regular maintenance and upkeep of the area will minimize chances of the need to replace the roof entirely.

What you’re going to need:

-          Medium nap roller with long handle and brush.

-          Paint roller tray.

-          Agriculture-style sprayer for the cleaning solution.

-          Safety glasses and gloves.

-          Plastic cover for sides of RV, with accompanying tape to hold it all down.

-          2,000 psi pressure washer.

-          1 quart of Dicor EDPM cleaner and activator solution per 125 square feet.

-          1 Gallon of Dicor EDPM acrylic coating per 125 square feet.

-          Clear skies and warm temperature for the next 24+ hours. 

First things first you’re going to want to make sure your roof is an EPDM (rubber) style roof before we begin anything! If you’re unsure of the surface please consult your owner’s manual or check out for assurance!

Now that we’ve got that all sorted out, it’s time to get things rolling! (Please be advised all sealing of fixtures is recommended to be done about two weeks before roof resurfacing.) Before you being the cleaning and coating of your RVs roof there are a few preliminary steps that you are going to want to take:

Make sure that you have completed covered the siding of your RV from roof to ground to ensure that none of the dirt runoff has a chance to stain your beautiful motorhome away from home!

With a light broom climb up and give the surface a quick sweep to ensure all debris and loose dirt is removed. Be sure not to use any external cleaners on the roof.

Double-check the forecast for your area, you’re going to need at least 24 hours of warm weather and as much sunshine as possible to ensure that the sealant sets and cures properly. 

Alright! With your RV siding covered, and sunshine for as far as the eye can see you’re ready to get into the good stuff! Follow the next 12 steps carefully and you’ll have a brand new-looking RV roof to last you for years to come! 

Part One – The Cleaning

  • The first thing you should do is put on your safety glasses and protective gloves, and then transfer the cleaning and activating solution into the agriculture-style sprayer!
  • Climb up onto your RV roof (please use precaution as RV roofs can be a danger with improper footing!) and spray the cleaning solution from the lowest point of your RV roof to the highest, and then back again, utilizing a 3-4 foot arc pattern. Make sure you’re spraying in an even, uniform pattern; you do not want any pooling or run-off cleaner during this step.
  • Allow the cleaner to set for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the Dicor EDPM roof cleaner/activator off of the RVs roof with a minimum 2,000 psi pressure washer, using a wide pattern and keeping the pressure washer at about a 12-inch distance away from the roof. Repeat until rinse water comes off clean, with no soap bubbles present.
  • Allow the roof to dry.

Part Two – The Sealing

With part one complete, take a deep breath and get ready to begin the second process in repairing your RVs weathered roof!

  • Open and mix the Dicor EDPM acrylic coating for a minimum of 5 minutes before application.
  • Pour the solution into the paint roller tray.
  • Using the brush, we suggest first going around any fixtures present first.
  • Using the roller, and starting at the end furthest away from your ladder, begin to evenly apply the RV roof repair solution to the surface in an even fashion.
  • Once the entire surface is coated evenly, allow it to become dry to the touch.
  • Apply your second layer of Solution.
  • Allow to sit for a minimum of 3 hours in direct sunlight, and an additional 24 hours in a warm temperature with no rain or dew buildup; to allow proper curing of the RV roof repair solution. 

And that’s it! You now have a roof that looks as good as new and will last you for years to come!


Did we miss anything? Do you have any additional tricks or tips that would be helpful for fellow RVers? Have any stories you’d like to share about repairing your RV roof? Well, let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to give us a like and share on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all RV parts, accessories, and lifestyle news! 

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