5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Used RV

Posted on 02/24/2022 by RV Industry News, Featured Articles 3625
5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Used RV

Looking to buy a used RV but a little unsure of where you should start? Do you want some more information before buying a potential RV for your camping purposes? While enjoying a lifetime on the road can be enjoyable, having a comfortable and solid place to stay is paramount. Buying a new RV can however be a little bit expensive especially if you’re operating on a tight budget. However, this does not mean you can’t enjoy the comfort of an RV. 

When buying a used RV, there are several things you should consider just as is the case with a new purchase. To begin with, the kind of RV should be a factor to consider. This includes the size, the type, and the cost as well. The size of the RV will determine the amount of money you spend but other factors such as mileage and size would also play a role in determining the cost. On top of that, you need to decide whether your RV of choice will be an all-in-one vehicle that you can drive or a towable RV.

It’s therefore clear that buying a used RV can help you save money but it could turn out to be a very expensive investment if you approach it without sufficient information. As such, we shall be looking at several things that you must know before making the purchase. These include the following:-

1. Make sure to conduct a thorough inspection

Before buying a used RV, always make sure to inspect every corner and every part to make sure it’s working. While most dealers will have conducted some level of inspection on the used RVs, doing it yourself is very important and advisable. Check to make sure that all appliances, lights, and features are in good condition and working. Check to see whether there are any soft spots on the RV. 

It’s good not to rely on the word of a dealership and conduct the inspection for yourself. Lack of proper inspection on your part could cost you much especially when it comes to repairing some features and parts that might not be working. Make sure to inspect the ceiling, floors, and walls and confirm there are no signs of water damage and cosmetic repairs. The windows and the doors should also be fully functional and have no broken seals. While some used RVs may require repair here and there, always make sure that such projects are not extensive and costly for you. 

2. Conduct an extensive search

Unlike in the past, finding RVs for sale is easier, thanks to the different connecting avenues available. You can find them from places such as Craigslist, word of mouth, or even dealerships. This gives you the option to cast your net wide and by so doing you’ll have several options to work with. As a result, you could end up getting the best deals that guarantee you RVs in great condition. The level of competition within any given place could determine the prices and as such you should consider looking far away from big cities and towns.

3. Research the prevailing market range

After determining the kind of RV you’re looking for, the next step is to research the price range for that particular model and make. This will help you have a reasonable budget within which to operate. Some of the RVs in the market will definitely be overpriced and a lack of guiding information could see you spending more than you’re supposed to. On the other hand, an underpriced RV could be a red flag worth considering. You could conduct research on different platforms including dealership websites and listing sites.

4. Ask as many questions as possible

As a buyer, you must never shy away from asking as many helpful questions as possible. If you were to buy a used car, obviously there are questions to ask the previous car owner so you don’t end up with a lemon. In the same way, take time to ask questions that would help you end up with a clear picture of the history of the used RV. Ask questions in regards to the previous repairs and fixes, whether there has been any water leakage in the past and how long the RV has been in use. If you’re buying from a dealership, you should also consider asking questions regarding the post-purchase process, touching on things that include service.

These questions will help you understand the RV’s condition better before committing your money to purchase. You should also clearly understand whether the dealership has any kind of servicing responsibility after the sale.

5. Carefully look for any mold signs

We all know how mold can be troublesome, especially if not detected early and on time. At times, the used RV might not have any visible water damages on the ceiling or floor but this doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of having mold on other parts, especially the interior.  The caulk and corners of the bathroom can be notorious for hiding mold and you must focus on them. The corners of the ceiling, as well as the closets and cabinets, should also attract your keen attention. You should also employ your sense of smell to detect any unusual odors that are likely to point to a problem. One tip you should employ is to find out if the cabinets and closets are feeling warmer compared to other compartments of the RV. In case they do, chances are that mold is growing therein already. 


As you scout for the best-used RV, patience is a great asset that you must possess. Do not be in a hurry but instead take your time with the process. Buying a good used RV can be overwhelming and cannot be compared with a search for a car. However, owning an RV does offer you great opportunities for camping and exploring life beyond your home. Always make sure that your RV of choice perfectly suits your family and lifestyle needs. With these tips and others, you can be assured of a less stressful process when looking for a pre-owned RV. 

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