The Books No RV Should Be Without

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The Books No RV Should Be Without

It may well be that you’re wondering what anyone needs books for these days. After all, we’ve all got smart phones, and the internet is just about all knowing. Why keep books in your RV? Let’s use the simple road atlas as an example.

Planning your route

Using a good, old fashioned road atlas, you can plan your journey very well indeed. You can sit around the table with your family and plan your route, even marking it out in pencil. Years later, when you flip your Road Atlas open, the memories come flooding back.

The Rand McNally Road Atlas has been a trusted resource for decades. They keep updating their information, and the detailed maps cover the US, Canada and Mexico, but that’s not all. They give you tips on road conditions and contact information for tourism offices. You’ll even get tips as to which small towns are worth stopping over in. The Road Atlas shows why books are still an important resource when you’re travelling.

Trouble shooting trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes

You’ll probably also have noticed that finding accurate and comprehensive information that applies to you online isn’t always as easy as it should be. That can be really annoying in an emergency, but if you have a book written by an expert, you have trusty information at your fingertips.

Get 'Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy with Bill's Hints'. Your owners’ manual may contain the basics, but Bill’s hints takes it to the next level. The book may only be 59 pages long, but it gives you all the info you need to troubleshoot problems along with author Bill Bryant’s tips and tricks garnered over years as an RV enthusiast.

He’s also written a similar guide for Motorhome Owners. You won’t find more detailed and useful information anywhere online!

Hold onto your memories

Do you sometimes find that you can’t remember where or when some event occurred during a memorable holiday? It can be fun debating this with your family, but in the end, it’s nice to be able to pinpoint those memories years later when they’ve already begun to fade. Of course, your photos will be a big help, but having a travel journal and log makes the memories crystal clear.

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