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  • Repair Your EDPM Rubber Roof!

    Picture this. Spring has come, the snow has melted and the warm weather is on its way. You go to your RV, and begin to get it ready for the upcoming season. . You’ve pulled off the cover, given your RV or motorhome a good scrubbing inside and out, did the usual walk around to see what damages may have occurred over the long winter; everything looks good and it’s time to check out the roof....Read More

    09/23/2016 RV Repair and Maintenance 752
  • Keep Yourself Covered this Winter!

    As a great fictional TV character once (many many times) said; Winter is Coming. While for most of us that means cold weather, slush in our boots and less than ideal travel conditions-it also means that RV owners will start unpacking their covers and making sure that everything is in good condition to protect their baby from the coming cold weather.Read More

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