Shedding Some Light on RV Lighting

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Shedding Some Light on RV Lighting

When it comes to lighting up the night in and around your RV, the possibilities seem endless! From essential basics to little extras to special just for fun touches, RV Part Shop has you covered with a huge selection of RV lighting for inside and out of your rig.

Functional RV Lighting

No one wants to be left in the dark! Just like the light fixtures in your sticks and bricks or the brake lights on your daily driver, RV lighting is necessary for both safety and functionality. RV Part Shop has a massive selection of interior light fixtures, light bulbs, replacement lenses and so much more! 

Whether at home or in the travel trailer, most families have already made the switch to LED lighting. LED (light-emitting diodes) lights are said to be up to 80% more efficient than traditional methods such as fluorescent and incandescent lighting. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light with only 5% wasted as heat. RV LED lights to come in a variety of styles, colors, and formats .. but we’ll dive deeper into that in a minute. 

Most RV’ers lean towards cool or warm LED lights when outfitting their rig. Cool White is a very bright, clean, white light that is very similar to natural daylight. Warm White has a very warm, yellow, and even orangey tone to it, emitting a very similar color as traditional incandescent bulbs.

LEDs produce instant light at full brightness once turned on and, since they do not contain ultra-violet rays, they will not fade or damage your upholstery, drapes, etc. Another tidbit that is of special interest to RV owners is that LED lighting leads the pack in surviving the bumps, vibrations and more of life on the road. 

Outdoor RV Lighting 

Although every RV will need some outdoor lighting for safety and security, this is where the fun begins! Once you have your basic outdoor fixtures covered, you can really let your personality shine through with RV Part Shop’s huge selection of RV patio lights

When it comes to safety, most rigs come equipped with scare lights … white-lensed exterior lights that are mounted up high on both sides of the unit.  They are aptly named because, when switched on, they provide enough light to discourage intruders of the human or critter kind! Most scare lights are operated via an indoor switch but many campers choose to replace these with motion-sensor lights instead. These lights will provide enough illumination for basic nighttime outdoor activities, such as setting up camp, and some RVers even use them as a signal to show that they are up and ready for visitors. 

RV LED patio lights offer the convenience and safety of an illuminated campsite with the added bonus of customizable options. LED patio lights come in rope or strip light formats for easy sizing and application. RV LED patio lights to attach to your awning, running boards, and more with adhesive strips, clips, or tracks. LED strip or rope lights can be cut to any length or extended by splicing together multiple sets. Add an optional remote control to adjust your LED patio lights’ colors, brightness or lighting effects - dim, fade, strobe, and more! You can even add a music box … a patented program that will sync your RV patio lights to the beat of the music! The music box will allow you to choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and speeds to keep the party going until sunrise!

Harness the power of the sun for use after dark with our selection of solar RV patio lights. Solar patio lights attach just like rope, strip or track lighting with the addition of the solar cell unit to soak up the rays and keep the lights bright all night long. 

Just for Fun

Show your personality, celebrate your patriotism, or cheer on your favorite sport with RV Part Shop’s fun and functional selection of novelty Party Lights! From decorative globes and twinkling stars to fuzzy dice, we’ve got it all! Race fans will love our driver-specific NASCAR lights … Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., or Kyle Busch. Turn your campsite into Margaritaville with an LED palm tree, flamingos, lizards, parrots, turtles, and more! Many full-timers love the LED palm tree as a fun alternative to a real tree during the holiday season.

When you’re ready to light up your RV with LED patio lights, RV awning lights, party lights or simple safety options, RV Part Shop is ready to flip the switch! Take advantage of our fast, free shipping* option to your home or directly to your RV site. Need help navigating our massive selection of items? 

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