Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon with your RV

Posted on 11/22/2015 by RV Travel and Destinations 203
Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon with your RV
If you’re looking for a holiday with everything, it’s time to head for Vegas. Your road trip can include the bright city lights, sometimes at the Hoover dam, and a visit to the Grand Canyon. There’s no shortage of RV facilities, so get your motor home ready for the road with confidence.

Las Vegas and Boulder

If Las Vegas sounds nice for a visit but too busy for your liking, you can set up camp in nearby Boulder City. There’s more water than city here, so don’t forget to bring your fishing tackle along. As for the bright lights of Las Vegas, they’re only a 40 minutes drive from Boulder, so there’s no reason not to paint the town red at least once before you move on. There’s more to the area than the casinos and shows of Las Vegas: go on a horse trail or enjoy a cruise around Lake Mead on the Lake Mead Princess, an authentic paddleboat.

Grand Canyon

When you’re ready for a change of scene, hit route 66 and head for the Grand Canyon. As you would expect, there’s no shortage of excellent camper and RV facilities and the setting is simply magnificent. If you’re looking for a bit of adrenalin-packed action, this is your chance to experience white water rafting, but the less daring can choose smooth water rafting instead. Picnicking and hiking will be the order of the day – you’ll get plenty of opportunities to test out your outdoor gear. You’ll probably want to spend a few days here before your feet get itchy and you hit the road again in true nomadic style.


Your next stop is Sedona where you’ll find ample opportunities for outdoor adventure. There are several US Forest Service-run campgrounds in the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. However, the roads are pretty tight, so if you’ve got a cumbersome 33 footer, you might want to consider an alternative home base in the Sedona area.

If any of your party are getting weary (perish the thought) of outdoor adventures, they can take some time out at one of Sedona’s famous spas while the more adventurous enjoy the striking rock formations on one of the many hiking trails in the area. Remember to take along plenty of water, sunscreen and a GRPS tracking device. Make sure it has a sturdy cover, since there might be some rough and tumble in store for it! Check on the difficulty of the trails. They range from the easy to the extreme!

Getting your RV ready

Apart from basic roadworthiness checks, you should make sure that your air conditioning system and refrigerator are in good working order. It’s going to be pretty hot where you’re headed. Consider getting an ice maker for your RV, you’ll be thankful for it later on!

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