Essentials for Your RV Bathroom

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Essentials for Your RV Bathroom

Efficiency is a key aspect in all areas of your rig, but especially important when considering the RV bathroom. Find out how to get the maximum comforts of home in the compact size of your RV bathroom with our list of essentials.

RV Toilets

Even the smallest and most basic RV bathrooms need a toilet of some sort. From simple portable toilet options to full-size flush options, RV’ers are looking for the most comfortable and user-friendly choices in the smallest footprint.

Cassette toilets, composting toilets, and portable toilets are popular choices for everyone from tent campers to pop-up trailer users and beyond. While these options take up the least space, they are the most cumbersome to use. Most require special chemicals or messy liners. Not to mention that smell can become an issue in small, enclosed spaces.

Traditional gravity flush toilets do not include a water holding tank, which means that they can only be used when connected to the rig’s holding tank or outside water source. This type of RV toilet is typically flushed with a foot pedal and refilled with a lever.

Macerating flush toilets have motor-powered blades that soften and thin the waste before it's transported into the RV’s holding tank or black tank.

An RV toilet with a vacuum flush uses a macerating pump and a vacuum unit to remove all the contents in the bowl. The vacuum makes flushing much more powerful and liquefies solid waste.

RV Showers

While your RV shower experience won’t be anything like the long, hot, soapy sessions you enjoy at home, it is still better than having to use a communal shower! The average RV hot water tank only holds 6 to 10 gallons. Compared to a minimum of 50 gallons in a small home hot water tank, time is of the essence!

Most RV showerheads take efficiency into account and have a shut-off valve to temporarily stop the water flow and conserve water without completely turning the shower off and on again. Many RV shower heads are wands rather than fixed so that it’s easier to reach and rinse all the parts of your body quickly and in a confined space.

RV shower pans are usually non-skid and made of fiberglass or acrylic. They’ll usually last you quite a while, though if yours has cracks or holes, it’s important to fix or replace them to keep the floor structure under the shower intact. A regular RV shower pan has a lip on it so that water doesn’t go sloshing out, though it’s definitely not designed to hold a lot of water.

RV Bathtubs

While most RV bathrooms do not include a bathtub due to space and weight limitations, it is not completely unheard of. More and more RV’ers are incorporating tubs, from corner options to full-size clawfoot tubs into their floor plans. RV bathtubs are more accommodating for taller people or those with disabilities that require extra space to maneuver.

The installation of a bathtub in the rig will almost definitely necessitate an upgrade to your RV’s hot water tank. Many opt for an on-demand or tankless water heater option to fill their RV tubs. On-demand water heaters supply a constant flow of hot water while using considerably less power or fuel and taking up MUCH less space.

RV Bathroom Sinks

RV sinks are specially made to work with your RV’s plumbing system, which utilizes PVC or flexible pipelines rather than rigid metal pipes you might find in some buildings. RV sinks are generally sized differently to accommodate the smaller footprint and awkward size spaces available in RV bathrooms.

RV corner sinks are the most popular option, allowing for the basics of handwashing and toothbrushing while taking up a minimum of space. Just about any type of sink will work in an RV, as long as you have the space for it. Most RV’s come equipped with plastic sinks but the majority of users choose to upgrade to acrylic, stainless steel, or solid surface options.

RV Faucets

Just like RV sinks, almost any RV faucet will work if you have space for it. Most RV’ers look for lightweight, easy-to-clean, dependable options when upgrading from the standard, plastic fixtures. In most cases, RV faucets are standard sizes and the holes will translate from “normal” plumbing equipment … but always measure twice, just to be sure!

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