Choosing New RV Sink For Your Motorhome & Upgrading Old

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Choosing New RV Sink For Your Motorhome & Upgrading Old

When purchasing a motorhome or a travel trailer, one of the things that you look forward to is the enjoyment of being able to travel with everything, including various types of kitchen sinks. However, camper sinks are not the same as those that you use in your home. These are specially made to work in RVs.

Factors To Consider Before Upgrading Your RV Sinks

Most first-time buyers of RVs would choose to leave the installed appliances as they are until such time that they do not function anymore. Although this might be cost-effective, yet, it could lead to serious issues along the way if not addressed properly.

Letting a Small RV Bathroom Sink remain in your RV until it gets damaged can be dangerous. This is because by the moment that you have discovered the problem, it may have affected the other areas of your RV.

The best way to avoid these problems is to install high-quality RV sink replacements such as Bristol Sinks. Also, there are many parts manufacturers out there who produce high-quality RV sink replacements that can fit all sizes and layouts of RVs.

Even if your RV sink is still functioning, you still might want to change the color of your RV Stainless Steel Sink so that it fits the style of your RV. There are lots of unique and creative Lippert Sinks out there which you can purchase to add a bit of aesthetic and functionality to your camper.

There are certain elements that you need to look into before buying and installing your new Sink Parts replacement or upgrade. One of the most important factors is compatibility. Not all RVs are the same, sometimes there are some unique infrastructures that may not be compatible with after-market Sink Accessories.

The best solution is to request a custom-built sink. There are several companies out there that can inspect your RV and provide you with specific information on what types of sinks are compatible with your vehicle.

Material - Weight Of The RV Sink

rv sink

There are different types of RV Sinks with a variety of materials including acrylic, plastic, and metal. Flexible or PVC pipes are used in plumbing these Kitchen Sinks, utility tubs in the RV. Generally, they are customized to fit into a smaller area, making them different from a normal sink. Perhaps your RV comes with a plastic sink, depending on the price of your camper. Plastic sinks are the lightest type of sinks. Often sinks pipes are folded down after washing kitchen utensils.

Acrylic Lavatory Sinks imitate solid surfaces. They are molded through heat and are supported by fiberglass.

Metal RV sinks and sinks grids such as a Small Stainless Steel Sink For RV and brushed nickel sinks can resist stains. They are very easy to clean and polish. However, they can also be prone to dents and scratches.

Dimensions Of RV Sink & Space Required

Kitchen and bathroom sinks for RVs vary in size. However, the average dimension of an RV kitchen sink is 14-11/16 in x 14-11/16 in. The standard diameter of the RV sink drain hole is 2-⅛ inches and it has a depth of 5-½ in. When choosing an RV vessel sink you can go for top-mounted or dual-mounted sinks or washbasins.

However, some RV sinks have a drain hole of 2 inches. Although you could choose a sink with a two inches diameter drain hole and attach it to a 2-1/8 inch drain pipe using a special type of adapter and compression fitting. But keep in mind that this will not work if the differences are reversed, which means if your drain hole has a 2 ⅛ inches diameter and your drain pipe has a diameter of two inches.

An Overview Of The Sink's Design

When choosing your sink design or opting for double or single bowl kitchen sinks try to consider your personal preference. Some of the important things to consider is the size, material, and style of your kitchen sink. You should also consider how often you use the sink. After determining your needs and wants, then you are ready to purchase the best RV sink for your kitchen.

When it comes to the design, make sure to choose something that complements your kitchen and fits your personal preference. You should select the appropriate sink based on the design of your kitchen.

For instance, if you have a vintage RV, then try choosing a vintage kitchen sink or an RV Basin sink and avoid using a modern one. Choose a sink that can be folded up so you can have an extra counter for food preparation or for grabbing a quick bite. For travel trailers and camper RVs, smaller sinks are more appropriate. First of all, you have to determine the available space on your kitchen countertop and then choose the appropriate sink size. You also need to measure the kitchen cabinet to make sure that you are getting the right sink.

RV kitchen sinks are made of different materials such as plastic, acrylic, and metal. However, kitchen sinks can also be made of other materials such as copper, porcelain, fiberglass, composite granite, etc. Among all of these, the best option is probably stainless steel since it can withstand frequent use. Be sure to choose a lower gauge stainless steel since it is made of higher quality and is thicker. Keep in mind that the lower the gauge the thicker the stainless steel will be.

Budget For RV Utility Sinks

The cost of Utility Sinks will likely depend on the type of materials being used. Usually, the price range of plastic sinks is between $12 and $30. They are very affordable, making them the best choice for RV Sink Replacement.

Depending on the style and size of acrylic sinks, its price range is between $40 and $150. Although this option is a bit more expensive, you can have the option to fold it when not in use so you can save more space.

Metal sinks have the same price range as acrylic sinks, which is between $40 and $150. Keep in mind that it requires some special care to keep it shining.

RV Pedestal Sinks

One of the sink options with great advantages is a pedestal sink. It is sleek and has a space-saving design. Whereas a large sink installed in a console table or vanity might overwhelm most bathrooms. The pedestal sinks have the advantage of fitting conveniently into almost any space, allowing room for other important accessories or features.

Additional Features Of The RV Sinks

Not all RV sinks are the same. In fact, there are different types of RV sinks. Some are deep while others are wide. If you need a lot of space, then you need double bowl skins. On the other hand, you can also choose something that is small and compact.

Some RV sinks feature disposals which can result in more noise and vibration. However, this is something that you will not experience with larger sinks. If noise is an issue, then you could use any padding or insulation to suppress the noise.

There are two types of installation methods to choose from. You can either choose under mount sinks or drop-in sinks. Typically, drop-in sinks are much easier to install, while under mount sinks will require the help of a professional.

Stainless steel Dometic Lavatory Sinks are very easy to maintain. Use RV Sink Strainers to prevent any clogging. Sink Covers serve a lot of purposes. When the sink is not used, then you can create additional counter space by using an RV Sink Cover Replacement. Or if you are using a dual-basin sink, then you can cover one side and retain the other.

While you are traveling on the road, it is important to bring along Drain Hose and other Drain Parts, in case you will be needing them. Most sinks come with RV Sink Stoppers which can be used for stopping or releasing the water down the drain.

To protect the bottom of your sink, you can use Sink Mats. They come in different designs but typically they fit at any standard sink.

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