Awning Maintenance Tips For Your RV

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Awning Maintenance Tips For Your RV

RV Motorcars are a thrill to drive since you get to take off on your own. Every minute detail is thought about, lists are made, things are packed. It may be the last thing you can imagine when you picture your camper with an awning neatly rolled up. 

In addition to providing shady areas outside your vehicle, RV awnings also allow you to hang out with your family. Although it is very difficult to maintain it for an extended period. It's crucial to follow a few essential steps every year if you want to keep your RV awnings in excellent condition. 

Before buying an RV awning, understand the type of fabric 

An RV awning can be found in a variety of types. There are two main types of awnings: Vinyl and Acrylic or Sunbrella.

What is acrylic awning?

There are various shades and designs of awning fabric, from solid colors to stripes. Most awnings are made of acrylic, and they offer some distinct advantages. Air circulates freely in them, and they are breathable. 

In addition, they hold water on their surface and are durable. There is no waterproofing capability with acrylic awnings, so rain can soak into the fabric. At times, they also stretch, which causes water to pool and wind to flap. Those items are able to withstand natural calamities like rain, snow, ice, winds, sun, dirt, dust, bugs, and more. 

What is a vinyl awning?

The best alternative to acrylic awnings is a vinyl awning if you need waterproof coverage. They are the most popular material for RV awnings since they offer many benefits. Scratches, grime, and dirt are all repellent. Material that does not allow pollution or ultraviolet rays to penetrate. This material does not collect mold or mildew if cleaned regularly. 

The awning will also last longer if it is maintained. Fabrics for RV Awnings save money without replacing the entire awning. When RV Carefree Awnings are rolled up, RVs are also protected from sun and exposure.

Periodically wash and dry your awnings

You should wash your awnings at least twice a year to remove dirt stains, rain spots, and fallen leaves. Additionally, mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors can build up if the awning is not cleaned properly. Use mild soap and a long-handled brush to remove dirt. If you regularly travel in your RV, you might need to clean more frequently. 

You should also be aware of how improper drying can cause harm to your awning. As a result, longevity may decline and travel may become more problematic. Moreover, your awnings can become rusted and suffer from fabric dry rot. You can keep your awning damp inside for an extended period of time if it is not used frequently. We recommend letting the paper dry for a few days before rolling it up to avoid unnecessary problems.

In addition, awnings and RVs can benefit from the use of deck sun shades that have the added benefit of maintaining the privacy and greater comfort. They are made of high-quality polyester fabric, which can resist wind, sun, and other damaging elements. 

Keep your awning rolled up when not in use.

During summertime, you might often use your awning if you are a full-time RV traveler. Despite providing shade and blocking UV rays, an awning can be quickly damaged by constant use. It is recommended that you roll up your outdoor furniture whenever you are not using it to minimize sun damage. 

As well, adjust the position of your awning during heavy rain in order for rainwater to pass down and not pool in the middle. It can become weak and damaged quickly if it is soaked with heavy rainwater. The awning was also rolled up during heavy winds. It can be hurt by a strong wind, and the strongest wind can completely rip it off.  

Summer is a time when keeping cool is vital without having to spend a lot on damaged awnings. You can beat the heat without spending a lot of money by using an RV Dometic awning. Compared with other camping accessories that extend space outside the RV, RV Camper awnings provide shade and provide shade. 

For your awning, use a stabilizer kit.

The Awning Stabilizer Kit from Camco can be used to secure your awning economically. All types of soil you can imagine work well with spiral stakes, particularly sandy soils. Any awning size can be accommodated, and they are well-secured in sand. 

Camping is often possible in places with high wind speeds. Your awning will not flap when the wind blows with much speed when you have this attached. The RV's fabric and mechanical components are therefore less susceptible to damage.

A guide to awnings and their features

All RV awnings have some similarities and some differences, and there are various kinds available. As a result, it is a good idea to keep an eye on them periodically. 

When you want shade, RV slideout awnings are manually rolled up. Even so, some are mechanical, which can be removed more easily. A canvas option is commonly available and is the most economical and user-friendly. In addition to trailer awnings, RV owners commonly used trailer awnings for their campers. Awnings of this type require little maintenance, but you should check their condition often to ensure they will last a long time.

The RV Fixed Awnings are the shades permanently attached to your RV's windows and doors. As a continuous covering, they provide protection from the sun and rain. It is, however, possible for them to fall off while driving, making it more difficult to adjust the awnings if necessary.

Auto-awnings are mechanically deployable RV awnings that require only a touch of a button. RV retractable awnings are the most convenient, easiest, and most costly options available to RV owners. To maintain and keep these awnings in working order, some care will be needed. Lasalle Bristol Awning is worth checking out if you want an easy-care RV awning.

As they cover a lot of space outside your RV motorcar, deck awnings and trailer awnings are similar. RV patio awnings can range from large RV canopies to freestanding, removable options. The sag and tear resistance of these panels makes them easy to care for. 

Maintain your RV awning with professional products.

The budget you set for an awning should take into account whether it is appropriate to use professional brands. In general, good products will keep working for years without causing any problems.

To keep your RV awning in good shape for years, you need to maintain the RV awning parts. Awning parts of the AP Product awning are one of the brands you can consider buying. The sidewall of your SUV can be fitted with a patio slide-out or window canopy, for example. 

Protect your RV room with an awning from Lippert components. Easy to install and maintain, it is a durable, cost-effective alternative to a slide-out awning. Furthermore, Valterra's product reduces wind noise and flutter, and it is a more stable brand than many local competitors. 

Getting RV awnings installed by experts is a good idea

RV camping offers incredible adventures no matter what the season is. You can add a few add-ons to your RV, whether you've owned it for a long time or just recently got it. It is essential to change RV awning accessories from a qualified shop under expert guidance. RV awnings, for example, come in very handy in RVs. A professional must be called in to replace a large part of an awning or something like the entire structure when you cannot change it yourself. 


You can ensure the longevity and safety of your RV awning by making periodic inspections. RVs and accessories should never be left unattended for long periods of time. Whether you're traveling or camping, you'll feel at home. 

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