Tips For Choosing The Best RV Coffee Maker

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Tips For Choosing The Best RV Coffee Maker

Especially in the morning, many of us can't imagine life without coffee. RVers can enjoy coffee when they're on the road with a good coffee maker. It can be exhausting to get up each morning, drive just to get your daily coffee dose, even if you can get one from a nearby gas station. An RV coffee maker is also necessary because you can make any type of coffee you want, (espresso, americano, lattes, etc.). They are compact and fit well on your counter. If you invest in the right type of coffee maker, you can save a lot of money in the long run. 

Let's explore the different types of RV coffee makers available out there and choose one that meets your needs.

RV Coffee Maker Types

The following are some of the most common types of coffee makers for RV owners:

1. Styles for RV pour-overs

You can find RV coffee makers in any coffee machine sale. In this method, the hot water is poured over the coffee grounds using the filter. A mug or carafe is used to collect the drained coffee. Drip or filter coffee making is also known as this method. You can use this for one or two cups at a time. On the market, there is even a single-serve coffee maker like the CoffeeBox Job Site Single Serve Coffee Maker, Desert Tan by Oxx Ic. The OXX brand is known for its high-quality camping coffee makers.

2. RV percolator

Using a percolator, you can make amazing coffee by boiling it until you get the strength you want. You can choose either RV electric coffee makers or those that use any other power source. The only thing you need to do is fill the percolator with water, add the coffee grounds, and turn on the heat source. You should use these if you will be without electricity for a long period of time or if you have limited access to electricity. Although it can work in some situations, the results can take longer to be achieved. You can find a quality brand of coffee percolator, just by visiting our site. 

3. RV coffee maker with pods 

Pod coffee makers are small and can run on low power, so they're a good choice for RVs. You can make a good amount of coffee with a lot less effort from them. It's just a matter of setting it and waiting. However, they are relatively expensive. They also require an inverter.

4. RV Under Cabinet Coffee Maker

The small size and easy storage of these coffee makers make them ideal for RVs with limited space.  

Due to the fact that these units are often installed under cabinets in your home or RV, there is a very low chance of damage to your appliance. It is, however, important that you:

  •  Take the measurements of the cabinet where the one will be installed. 

  • Consider how easy it is to install. 

  • Find out if the under-the-cabinet coffee-making machine has programmable brewing options such as automatic shutdown or LED display, as well as flavor strength selection. 

The BLACK+DECKER SCM2000BD under the cabinet RV coffee maker is one of the best-rated under cabinet coffee makers.

5. French Press RV Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers who love rich flavors will enjoy a french press. To promote extraction, the coffee is simply dipped in water and pressure applied. As it involves the least amount of waste, a French press is very effective as a camper coffee maker and is the type offered by most coffeemakers. One of the best quality french press RV coffee makers is made by planetary design.

How to Choose a Coffee Maker for Your RV?

If you are looking for RV coffee makers, you will find a variety of choices. However, you must choose the appliance that best fits your needs. Here are a few things to consider. For example;

1. RV coffee makers need to be sturdy and durable

An RV appliance has to last for a long time since it can't be purchased every day. Therefore, opt for a durable machine. If possible, avoid purchasing easily breakable items, such as those made of glass. Stainless steel coffee makers are a good choice. In addition, make sure you have Camper Coffee Pots to serve your coffee in. 

2. RV coffee makers should be compact

Even if your RV is luxurious or spacious? Due to some reasons, you need to consider the amount of space and weight it takes up. Therefore, RV appliances tend to be compact and lightweight. Choose a coffee maker that takes up little space and can easily be adjusted in your RV kitchen counter space. 

3. Your preferred brewing method should be included in an RV coffee maker

You must also make sure that your coffee maker will brew coffee according to your preferences.  There are several options for those who prefer to brew it manually. Alternatively, you can have the machine do it for you using a drip coffee maker or an electric percolator.

4. Cleaning and using an RV coffee maker should be easy

You don't want an appliance that is difficult to clean and operate when you are on vacation. When it comes to cleaning, you need something that is ready to use and doesn't make a big mess. 

5. Budget-Friendly

A coffee machine is worth investing in, but make sure it's within your budget range. If you are looking for affordable appliances, you can always search for coffee makers for sale near me and you will probably come across thousands of options that satisfy your needs within your budget. You can buy either propane-based or electric coffee makers. A point that should be noted is that while some appliances may seem expensive, they are actually cost-effective in the long run since you do not have to spend time and money repairing or replacing them. 

6. Power consumption of RV coffee makers

Look at the power consumption of a 12-volt coffee maker before buying. Especially when your camping style dictates that you are mostly dependent on your RV battery, you certainly don't want anything heavy on your batteries. In any such case, you can easily find a 12V coffee maker. 

7. How many people can RV coffee makers serve?

You should be able to serve coffee with the RV coffee maker. It may be necessary to use a pour-over style if only two people are traveling in an RV, but in other instances, you will want to consider the serving size.  Coleman, for example, makes a 10-cup portable propane coffeemaker. There is a three-year warranty on this propane-powered portable coffee maker. It has a capacity of up to 10 cups, which is incredible.


A quality coffee maker is all RV enthusiasts need to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. If you choose a motorhome coffee maker, make sure it is durable and gives the results you want without creating a mess. The machine should be easy to set up and handle as well. RV coffee carafes come in many varieties and at different price points.  

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