Why the heck won't my grill... GRILL?!

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Why the heck won't my grill... GRILL?!

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Whether you’re new to RVing or have been enjoying the motorhome lifestyle for a while, everyone enjoys a good grilled meal. While it is possible to carry your home barbecue with you on your travels, it is quite bulky and inconvenient to unhook and reattach the propane supply to your RV or motorhome in order to make that secret family BBQ chicken recipe. This is why most new RVs now come with a quick-connect valve typically located to the rear passenger side of the RV. Now, you may ask; why can’t I just hook up my home grill to that valve? You could! But you won’t get enough propane necessary to fully power the grill and cook your food. This is because RVs are required by law to have a low-pressure regulator installed at the entry point of the RV, and most home grills are high pressure rated.

What do I do?

Have no fear, low pressure grills are here! Some manufacturers provide low-pressure options for outdoor, on-the-road, grilling! These are the grills typically seen with the 16oz propane tanks hooked up (think Coleman portable grills.)

Where do I get them?

While most portable style grills are no longer available in the USA/Canada (as per CSA standards), we have one excellent option available for all of your grilling needs! The Sidekick Grill is an excellent traveling companion for the grill-savvy traveler. It hooks up to the easy access port, can stand on its own with the provided grill stand, or can hook up to the side of your RV! 

How Do I Hook It Up?

With the Sidekick Grill setup couldn’t be easier. Just hook the female part of the connector from the RV to the male counterpart on the grill, turn the propane on, make sure everything’s flowing smoothly to the grill, light, and you’re ready to go! (A 10-foot distance between the main tank and the grill, if this is not available an extension hose may be required.) The Sidekick has a built-in valve to control the flow of the propane.

Most other portable grills come with a built-in low-pressure regulator, this will not work with the access hose because of the regulator already attached to the line. Some grills have a detachable unit, but you may have to purchase a low-pressure control valve to adjust the flow of propane into the grill.

So there you have it, the difference between high pressure and low-pressure grills, where to get them, and how to hook them up! If you have any other questions, please let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all things RV and Camping parts and accessories (and exclusive sales!) 

-David, RV Part Shop. 

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