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The Best Blinds and Window Shades for Your RV

The Best Blinds and Window Shades for Your RV

When it comes to choosing the best window treatments for your travel trailer, there are many factors to consider. RV blinds and window shades have special features that set them apart from window coverings in the sticks and bricks so you want to choose carefully. Here are some things to consider when starting your search for the best blinds and window shades for your RV. 

Functions of RV Blinds & Shades

RV blinds and window shades provide more than just privacy and light control. When used properly, your TT”s blinds and shades will also help with temperature control and help protect the interior of your camper from harmful UV rays and sun fading. RV blinds and window shades are designed specifically to fit in the windows and doors of your recreational vehicle, with cordless lift controls and hold-down brackets to keep them in position while the RV is on the move. 

How To Measure for RV Blinds & Shades

  • Always measure to the nearest 1/8th of an inch

  • Always measure the width from left to right and height from top to bottom. 

  • Be sure to measure both the top and bottom of the window, just in case, and use the largest measurement as your width

  • Inside Mount - measure from the inside of the window casing or valance edge

  • Outside Mount - measure from the outside of the casing, including the entire area to be covered by the blind/shade

RV Roller Shades

Available in both light-filtering and blackout models, RV roller shades are one of the most cost-effective window treatments for your camper. Both functional and stylish, roller shades are cordless and pull down or retract with just a tug on the bottom hem. Motorized options are also available, depending on your budget. 

Motorized RV Blinds & Shades

If you’re spending a good portion of your morning opening all the travel trailer’s blinds and shades, just to close them all again in the evening, motorized RV shades and blinds might be the right choice for you! Most motorized window treatment systems come with a wireless remote, often with a smartphone app, to make raising and lowering your window coverings a quick and easy job. 

RV Blackout Shades

Whether you want total darkness for better sleep or to watch a movie without the glare of the sun, RV blackout shades are the way to go. RV blackout shades provide maximum privacy while also insulating against heat transfer. 

RV Vent & Skylight Shades

Your RV vents and skylights create less of privacy concern but you will definitely want an option to block out the light and insulate against the elements. 

RV vent covers insert into your vents to help stop heat transfer and increase the efficiency of your A/C during the warmer months. Vent covers are usually insulated with reflective material and will also block out light and damaging UV rays. 

RV Cellular Shades

Unlike blinds, which are made of hard materials, cellular shades are made of a soft paper- or cloth-like material. The material is layered to form compartments that trap air, like a honeycomb. Cellular shades are considered the best choice for insulating against the cold of winter and the heat of summer. 

RV Solar Screens

Used in addition to blinds or shades, RV solar screens are applied directly to your rig’s windows to get rid of glare and heat from the sun, as well as provide some privacy. RV solar screens can be ordered to custom fit your windows or you can buy the fabric in bulk to cut and install yourself. While you can still see through the solar screens, many folks choose to use them in conjunction with blinds and/or shades to block out light and achieve maximum privacy. This is a popular option for hard-to-fit areas such as doors and skylights. 

RV Window Covers

A less permanent and more cost-effective alternative to RV shades and blinds is RV window covers. RV window covers offer the same protection from the elements and temperature control but are lightweight and easy to install with Velcro fasteners. When not in use, the window covers roll up for easy storage. Window covers are a popular option for RV windshields. 

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