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Inside Your RV 

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  • Plumbing

    RV Plumbing 101


    Your water system is one of the most important thing that you don’t want to take for granted especially when you are camping or planning to travel and stay with your RV for a while. Having said that, it is important that you have at least a basic knowledge about how your RV plumbing works and that you have the right tools handy with you for small and quick fixes that can save you time and money. For the best brands and reliable plumbing parts and accessories you can visit rvpartshop.com.


    How does an RV Plumbing System work?

    The process of your RV plumbing system is actually pretty simple. The water tank that supplies clean water to your rig is typically located under the chassis. The water is distributed inside your RV with the help of the water pump that applies pressure to the system, allowing the water to go where it’s supposed to. The used or dirty water is then sent back to separate tanks under the chassis which will have to be disposed properly.


    Replacing freshwater on your tank is done with the help of a water hose that you can connect to a water source or by refilling it through portable water jugs that you can bring during your trips. Though there are still other technical processes involved with your RV plumbing system, this is pretty much the simplest picture.


    What are the basic tools, items and accessories I should keep handy?


    Portable water hose and Water hose extension

    These items are necessary to have during your camping or trips to keep your water system clean and to be ready in whatever situation you might encounter in the RV camp.


    Water pressure regulator

    This tool is important in making sure that your RV water system is safe from too much pressure when connected to any water source. Extreme pressure can cause major damage to the plumbing system so it is wise to have this tool handy every time you connect or refill for freshwater.


    Tank cleaners and water filters

    Keeping your tanks clean and free from dirt and odor is easy with the use of tank cleaners and water filters. Make sure that your water filter is working properly and replaced if needed, to keep your tanks from being contaminated. Tank cleaners are there to clean your water tanks after you dispose the dirty waters and before replacing them with clean water.  


    RV Water fresheners and softeners

    Theseproducts will help to keep your plumbing system in good shape, keep your water safe and healthy and keep you from expensive repairs due to hard water.  


    Water Jug

    If you are planning a long trip or camping and you do not expect to find a water source nearby, it is better to be ready than be sorry. Always bring few water jugs with clean water with you just in case you will need more or you won’t find any clean waters source. You can also use these water jugs to store your drinking water.


    Safety and sanitary items

    When disposing and replacing your water make sure to keep things clean and do not forget to wear your gloves. Your tissues, toilet paper and other items you dispose in your water tubes should also be considered.                                                          


    Your RV Plumbing System

    We provide you with our most efficient and quality brands of parts and hardware you need in your RV plumbing system. Ask and you got it all from us

  • Microwaves

  • Interior Ventilation

    You can't enjoy spending time in your RV when it's stuffy, so why not get some ventilation going? With our selection of vents, vent lids, covers, parts and accessories, you're sure to be breathing fresh air in no time at all.

  • Electronics

    Keeping connected, even on the go is made easy with our selection of electronics. Keep up on your favourite shows, listen to all the best music and keep in touch with others with the help of any of our satellite antennas, over-the-air antennas, rear observation systems, navigation systems, televisions, audio equipment, CB's, two-way radios, security systems and phone accessories.

  • Appliances

    You don't have to cook over the fire and dry your clothes in a tree all the time. Our Appliances bring all the convenience of home anywhere you go. We have a wide selection of refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ice makers, vacuums and so much more to make your time away as comfortable and convenient as home.

  • Pet Accessories

    When you bring your four-legged friend along for the journey, they enjoy it almost as much as you do, but there are a few things from home that they're used to. The travel pet dishes found here make it as easy as it is at home to feed your pets and keep them supplied with water.

  • Furnishings

    Even though you don't want to spend all your time indoors, you can make the time you do spend in your RV the most comfortable it can be. Browse through our selection of furniture, chairs, rugs, carpet protection, bedding, step rugs and everything else you need to enjoy your RV.

  • Games Toys & Books

    You know what they say about all work and no play, so have some fun with our toys and games. Don't let the down time get you down when you can be playing any one of our fun games or playing with our RV toys. We have fun games like dominoes and plenty of model RV's and trucks.

  • Kitchen

    Kitchen – A Short Walk-Through


    When it comes time to get dinner on the table, all the helpful products we carry in our kitchen accessories section will be sure to have you cooking like a pro in no time. This is where to come when you're looking for small appliances, cookware, housewares, glassware, kitchen essentials, space savers, thermometers, kitchen tools, trash handling and accessories for your kitchen.


    One of the many pleasurable moments in taking your RV on the road is the fact that you can cook along the way. Cooking the food you like on your RV kitchen will allow your traveling companions to skip on fast foods, enjoy good old home cooking, while at the same time also saving you some money.


    Depending on the size of your RVs, your budget, and the type of kitchen you want, there are a whole lot of choices to meet your culinary needs on the road. Here’s a brief guide to different RV kitchens.


    Kitchen types

    Class A kitchens are usually inside the biggest RVs there are and certainly boasts of being the biggest and the most well-equipped. The only things missing would be the sprawling counter tops and a dishwasher. Hand-washing the dishes is not all that bad, either.


    Class B kitchens are small, but they have all you need to cook a decent meal, only in miniature. The designers are clever with their space-saving techniques but they don’t have much to flaunt. (Ovens cannot be accommodated.) They have a small refrigerator, two-burner stoves, and a single-basin sink.


    Some of the smaller class C kitchens also skip the oven and go small with the sink and refrigerator to save on space. Most, however, have full-size sinks, an oven and a stove, a refrigerator and a microwave.


    The fifth-wheel kitchens are the biggest and have most of the space there is in an RV, but still without a dishwasher.


    Appliances and equipment

    Not all RV kitchens have ovens. Some do but are largely unused because it is hard to get them started. You need to relight them every time when used, and they have the tendency to cook unevenly.


    RV stoves are gas-powered and they only have two burners (or sometimes three).  Cooking might then need an extra planning to cook all the food you want.


    Microwaves work the same way it does at home. Only, the RV can only pull a limited 30 or 50 amperes of power at one time. It is easy to trip a circuit breaker if you are using a hair dryer, toaster, air conditioner, coffee makers and such items.


    RV refrigerators can take up to 48 hours to work like new. Using it for the first time would need some water bottles to help it cool down faster. They can use propane or electricity, but if you have access to electric power, use the electric option to save on propane.


    Taps in RV sinks can pull water directly from your freshwater tank with a pump or allow water from an outside tap (source). The freshwater tank has limited water supply and it is important to ration water during stints without water hookups.


    In an RV, counter space in the kitchen are not easy to come by at all because of the limited space. It doesn’t make it easier either to have such limited prep space when cooking.


    However, all these limitations in an RV kitchen does not take away much of the fun in cooking and enjoying the food.


  • Laundry and Bath

    Keep you and your clothes as clean as can be with our selection of accessories for both laundry and the washroom. This section has clothes dryers, clotheslines, clothes hangers, laundry accessories, bathroom accessories, laundry storage, bathroom storage, laundry tools, bathroom tools and even toothbrushes.

  • Shades and Blinds

    Shades and Blinds

    Many people love it using RV shades and blinds today. If you are an RV owner, a camper, or a motor home lover, it will be helpful to install a shade and a blind. Still, remember that there are some of them that require experience and hours to install.

    Achieving a dark room requires installing your favorite blind. This will also add more spice and will give an even more perfect look. This is also designed to fit well into your window frame.

    If you are still confused about what window treatment to consider and you want to maintain your privacy, there will always be a happy color of shade and blind for your RV.

    Below are the choices of shades and blinds that can cheer you up to your RV home effortlessly.

    Door Shades

    Upgrade your RV door shade with one choice from the site. This provides benefits and features that are not available on other RVs. This is basically an elegant and simple alternative solution to a blind, and curtain. This is also operable when you want to slide or open the RV screen door or entry door.

    Buy from the site the available selections of slim shade replacement shade only black, slim shade complete unit-black, and RV vent shade.

    Shade Cleaner

    Make the chore of cleaning RV window shades a lot easier. A shade cleaner that can be purchased from the site is worth buying for. Just the same with your home, your RV also can suffer from everyday messes. It is essential to go through there wiping the surfaces down. Vacuum the dust and sweep them over for the purpose of cleanliness.

    What is right for you is the RV Shade Cleaner 6 Oz that is also a spray-n-brush RV shade cleaner. This is made using an advanced surfactant formula. This can help break the bond of chemicals between the fabrics and soil. This is intended to be used for heavily soiled fabrics. Just make use of the built-in brush that can remove and penetrate tough stains.

    Shade Repair

    For some shade repair, it is necessary to include available items such as the blind knob down, shades handles-tan, shade handles-taupe, shade handles-Oyster, Female Swivel Elbow ½ CTS X ½ NPS, Pleated Shade First Aid Kit, Pleated Shade Hold Down, Blind Knob White, and Pleated Shade First Aid Kit Tan. 


    RV shades can block ultraviolet rays and sunlight. These are a popular choice for the benefits offered. One thing is that they can save you money, energy, and time. It’s interesting to know that they come in different colors. You will possibly get what is suited for your RV size.

    Choose from the choices of 50X38 Pleated Nite Shade, 50X32 Pleated Nite Shde, Window Shade Linen/Antelope 1”, 43” Power Side Visor-Left, 20x38 Pleated Nice Shade, 96x24 Slowrise Nite Roll.

    Shades and Blinds

    Find only the best quality RV shades and blinds from the site. If you have an RV and you are searching for window treatments, the former is the best way to go. There’s so much more in store for you like the Maxi SmartVisor Shades, Power SideVisor Shades, Power SmartVisor Shades, and SunShades.

    Now, you have learned more about the shades and blinds including all other options to consider!

  • Electrical and Heaters

    Electrical and Heaters

    Driving in your vehicle can become uncomfortable during the winter season. This is although even if there is little insulation there. Still, you are prone to a cold and chilly air out there.

    In this regard, it is essential to invest in the best electrical and heater for your RV. A heater will be the perfect solution to warm up your vehicle. This is to say that you will go out on a trip for a winter and cold season. It will also help you plan your camp at travel or high elevations.

    Below are among the choices of electrical and heaters that you might want to buy from the site.


    Get all the benefits offered by RV fireplaces. These are doubly essential in your recreational vehicle as you stay there for hours. Safe heating is brought to you to ultimately enjoy the coziness of your fireplace. Understand as well that these can come in different styles and shapes that can put off plenty of heat and ambience. So, maybe it is about time to choose from the selections of Awning Wall Light 21’ White, Dimplex Opti-Flame Fireplace, 26” Flat, and Proximity Function and Slide Out.

    Heater Accessories

    Stay comfortable in your RV with the heater accessories from the site. A lot of accessories can be found to fulfil your needs. There’s so much more to purchase like the Big Buddy 12’ Hose w/Regu, 5’ Propane Hose Assembly, 12’ Propane Hose Assembly, Leg Stands for Olympian, Dust Cover for 79-1194, Dust Cover for 79-1993, and Dust Cover for 79-1992.

    Heater Parts

    Never get caught out in the cold and consider these heater parts. Stay warm by having to complete the parts of your heater. These can include screw for electrode kit, Nut Shroud (1000), and Swivel Connector. These are needed to be replaced in your RV.


    The best thing about heaters is that they best utilize super-efficient and safe propane gas. These will also not produce harmful quantities of carbon monoxides. What more, these can keep you comfortable as you stay inside the RV.

    As per these devices, these can be so lightweight for you to carry in your RV. These are simply powerful to throw out enough heat. You will really notice how these can keep you comfortable and cosy for hours.

    Keeping everyone to stay toasty warm is possible now with these heaters. These are the best in the world to keep things at a comfortable temperature. With both propane and electric options covered, you can be confident that there is something to meet your needs as an RV enthusiast.

    One good choice from the site is the Portable Buddy Propane Heater. This can give an odor-free, quiet, and instant heat. This is also designed to be used for indoor. This is also easy for you to carry as it features a low oxygen safety shutoff pilot. This, therefore, provides a reliable and safe pro-pane heat.

    For about 4,000 to 9,000 BTU settings, it could already be enough to heat up to almost 200 square feet. This is also certified by the CSA.

    Now, you have learned more about the electrical and heaters devices that you need to have your RV completely installed!

  • Interior Accessories

    When it comes to making your RV feel like home, our selection of accessories should have everything you need. Here you can find storage solutions, tools to make life easier and all the creature comforts you want to take on the road. So go ahead and take a look.

  • Interior Maintenance

    There's always something that needs to be fixed up, and here you'll find what you need to get the job done. Look through our options in fasteners, cleaners, holding tank treatments, laundry detergent, replacement hardware, windows and everything else you need to keep your interior in tip-top shape.

  • Organization

    RV Storage Solutions & Transport Services

    Keep your RV organized with RV storage solutions & transport services. It is a fact that these will make a big difference inside the RV. The comfiest feeling of adding more space to store things is incomparable. There is no need to worry if you will spend a lot of money and time on storage solutions. These can cost you less and these are easy for you to install.

    Make your RV home more efficient and cosier than ever with these solutions in mind. Just remember that the living area, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen need to be fully organized. Calm the clutter around by considering the following products below.


    Conveniently haul up items using carts. These are capable of holding more weight inside your RV. What more, storage is maximized by stacking them up. Quick Cart Xtra and Quick Cart Accessory kit both make a perfect choice for you. Prepare a budget and but these items.

    Kitchen Racks

    Never allow clutter to get in the way of your RV adventure. Choose to stay organized by having kitchen racks. These can keep your stuff altogether. So, buy from the site wrap rack, kitchen kaddy-white, and 12 can beverage dispenser.

    Considering the wrap rack, it is mainly ideal to be used when you store books, larger items, and kitchen wraps. This can be mounted on the wall or the door.


    Among other organization equipment to have are the racks. These are an essential part of the RV interior due to the substantial benefits offered. No need to think twice as these can be an excellent space saver. Just place all the needed items and organize them in the racks. No more time is wasted by having these racks. And these are very much convenient. These will store you more items and enable you to do tasks a lot faster and more efficient.

    Camco Oak Organizer is one of those racks that you can purchase being a solid oak organizer. This can hold mail, maps, remote controls, and a whole lot more. Oak Magazine Rack is also valuable when enhancing and organizing your reading area. This can store maps, magazines, directories, and a whole lot more in one place. This is completed with a non-toxic gloss finish and this is really super-hard.

    Storage Accessories

    De-clutter your RV home by using these storage accessories. These will allow you to get completely organized for every area in your RV. The organization is just made so easy on your part considering these storage accessories as part of your strategy.

    For instance, your kitchen will perform a lot better with these storage accessories for cleaning supplies, pantry goods, kitchen towels, recycling bins, and trash. Simply perform a lot better when you have all these accessory types.

    It can be very much interesting in having to create an organized RV home. You can browse a range of storage accessories from the site that you simply would love to have.

    So, now you have learned more about RV organization considering these RV storage solutions & transport services!

  • Safety and Security

    Everything you need to keep your family and valuables safe and secure when travelling your motorhome or travel trailer. We have smoke alarms and LP Gas/Carbon Monoxide detectors, as well as RV-friendly safes, first aid kits and more.
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Inside Your RV

The Inside of your RV


Your RV is your home or your second home. That is why it is just normal that you want it to be as convenient and as functional as possible, especially on the inside where you often spend your time doing all the necessary things you need to do. Having the things you need handy inside your Motorhome, Fifth wheels, Truck campers, Folding and Travel trailers is a big relief for all campers.


The Inside of your RV


Your RV is your home or your second home. That is why it is just normal that you want it to be as convenient and as functional as possible, especially on the inside where you often spend your time doing all the necessary things you need to do. Having the things you need handy inside your Motorhome, Fifth wheels, Truck campers, Folding and Travel trailers is a big relief for all campers.


Things you should always have inside your RV

Though it is not really possible to fit every single items you need inside your rig, there are basic things you should always remember to bring with you during your camping or travels. We listed down some essential items that can surely be a big help to you. For the best brands and reliable RV parts, accessories and all kinds of RV supplies you can visit rvpartshop.com.


RV Kitchen Items

As much fun as cooking outside when camping, there are certain conditions or situations where you have to do the cooking inside. You should bring items that can help manage your kitchen tasks and keep thing easy such as food covers, cam openers, parchment papers sink covers, durable and lightweight utensils, pressure cooker, microwaveable containers, tables, disposable and nesting kitchen wares and include extra portable water and others items that you think you might need.


RV Interior Electric Items and Appliances

Your appliances and electrical tools or devices is also important and such match you daily needs such as your refrigerators, cooking range, microwaves, TV and dishwashers. The electronic items that you will definitely need are your mobile phone, navigators, satellite and antennas, cameras and observation system and radios specific for RV use which are all available at rvpartshop.com


RV Emergency/Safety Kits and accessories

These items are very important so you should have these things handy inside your rig. Keep a first aid kits ready and easily accessible including your foldable/collapsible ladder, flashlight, extra power cords, charger and batteries, emergency lights. Do not also forget to check your fire extinguishers, alarms and detectors.     


Necessary items for your RV

You would also have to bring extra water hose and sewer hose and holders, hampers, folding chairs, maps, extra keys, lighter, scissors, shovels, ropes and duct tapes. Do not also forget to stock some personal items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, insect repellent and other gears. For added convenience do not take your rugs, mats ad carpets, shades, bed and furniture covers and sofas for granted. 


RV Interior and organization accessories

With limited space and storage, it is a must to find items that can help you organize and utilize the available space you have inside your RV. You can use holders and trays, organizers and racks.


RV Cleaning Supplies

Sanitary and maintenance supplies are also important to keep your RV odor free, clean and great shape. These items are toilet papers, soap and detergents, disposable bags, sponges, gloves, brushes, sweepers, portable vacuums, all-purpose cleaners, deodorizers, air fresheners, other toiletries, towels and extra sheet.


Some of these items are readily able inside your house and kitchen but it is advisable to have a different set stored for your RV so wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to pack some of these items. 



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