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Hitch Components

Hitch Components 

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  • Ball Mounts

    Ball Mounts

    Ball mounts are basically useful as they bring out a reliable connection for your trailer and your vehicle. These are also available with 3”, 2-1/2” and 1 ¼” shanks. Find everything from specialized to standard that includes the adjustable ball mount options. For your camping trips, find the right ball mount from the reputable manufacturer.

    Advanced technology has been invested in ball mounts to become exceptionally attractive and strong. Almost all ball mounts are robotically welded and CNC-formed for the cleanest and accurate weld lines. These also undergo a process of mechanical de-scaling to create such a flawless surface. Powder coat finish and coating are also applied to make them highly durable.

    When choosing ball mounts for your RV, you should consider these choices available.

    Adjustable Ball Mounts

    These are possibly the latch hitch that you will ever need. These can be well-adjusted in their height. And these can range in different ball sizes. Avoid more money and time spent into your towing system. Do not switch back and forth between a few of the ball mounts. And then, you will try to remember which of those mounts can fit your RV.

    There are so many adjustable ball mounts to consider as a multi-purpose towing solution. These can include 20K magnum ball mount adapter, fast way 6” adjustable pin style ball mount, adjustable tow hitch 6” drop, puck receiver cover 5/8” stainless steel, and adjustable receiver hitch black 6 in.

    Ball Mount Bumper Guard

    A ball mount bumper guard can protect your RV from coupler impact while you’re backing up. This can mount to any ball mount having a 1-inch hole. Choose Bumper Guard Black from the Tow Ready that is your reliable supplier of this product.

    Ball Mount Parts

    Silencer Pad is one of the essential ball mount parts that you can include in your purchases. This is one thing added for the tow and stow. This also provides a cushion between the steel hitch and the steel receiver that eliminates rattle.


    For your best choice for drawbar, choose tow and stow drawbar. Just tow and stow it under the RV vehicle. Place it in position and afterward, insert the 2 stainless steel pins. That’s when you’re ready to do the towing. If you also want for another option, think about the Combo Bar 1-1/4” Sq x 6”. 

    Drop Mounts

    When you need drop mounts, the Camco Style 3 Length 9 Drop 4 Lift 2-3/4 is the best choice for you. This is an angle-drop and straight lift ball mount. This fits two-inch receivers and this is unboxed with no clip or pin.

    Drop Receivers

    Choose only safe drop receivers. For instance, the 6 drop receiver can fit all 2-inch receiver hitches. This has its maximum tongue weight and this features hi-low hitches. These hitches enable a tow bar to be safe with the recreational vehicle.

    Other Product Choices

    Among other product choices that relate to ball mounts are as follow: fixed ball mounts, hitch alignment, hitch balls, portable waste tanks, two hooks/rings, triple ball mounts, and weight scales.

    Now, you have learned more about the ball mounts and all other items you need to buy!

  • Hitch Extensions

  • Hitch Balls

    Hitch Balls - How to Use Them


    For owners of trailers, or maybe those thinking of buying one, one of the most common mistakes you need to avoid is the one most people commit most of the time: not using the right trailer hitch ball.

    If you have plans of towing a trailer with your car, you need to be familiar with the whole towing system.


    You would need to know that the towing system is comprised of the hitches, the receivers, the ball mounts and the hitch couples. All these components make up the towing system. However, some hitches are used for heavy-duty and commercial use. Some looks like those on tractor trailers. 


    Deciding on towing a trailer would need the right components to buy to assemble the system. One of the most important components is the hitch ball for the trailer. The main consideration is safety so there is real need to be precise with the details and specifications.



    Before buying anything to assemble the system, you need to first know about the four factors to consider. The first one is the trailer weight, the diameter of the hole on the ball mount, the thickness of the ball mount platform on the receiver, and the size of the trailer coupler.


    The next considerations would include information regarding weights with emphasis on gross trailer weight and tongue weight. Gross trailer weight is the full-loaded weight of the trailer you need to tow. This includes any and all gears it carries. Tongue weight, on the other hand, is the downward pressure that the trailer exerts on the hitch ball.


    Ball trailer weight rating

    The gross trailer weight rating is the most important factor in choosing the correct ball you need.  Each of the balls has its own weight capacity. Your trailer receiver may be rated to carry up to 10,000 pounds but if your ball is rated at 5,000 pounds, that will only be the minimum capacity you can tow.


    Additionally, you need to make sure that your ball’s ratings are greater than the gross trailer weight. This avoids overloading your towing equipments.


    Ball dimensions

    Trailer balls are classified by the dimensions on the different parts of the unit. In consideration are the diameter of the ball itself, the shank diameter, the shank’s length and the size of the circular piece of metal between the ball and the shank.


    Currently, the most common size of the ball is two inches in diameter. (Heavy-duty industrial trailer balls can go up to 2 5/8 inches.) The diameter of the ball mount’s hole must not exceed 1/16 inch greater than the ball shank diameter to be able to fit in.



    The needed length of the shank is determined by the thickness of the ball mount platform.  You would not like to have the ball with so small a shank where you cannot lock the nut in place.  You will also need to buy a ball to fit into your coupler.


    Hitch balls are made of solid steel with several varieties of finishes and sizes, all of which should comply with the safety specifications and regulations.


  • Couplers

    Learning How Hitch Couplers Work

    First off, let’s discuss what hitch couplers are. There are two main components of a hitch coupler: the coupler and the ball hitch. The ball hitch is typically attached to its receiver, which in turn will be attached to the towing vehicle, whether it’s an RV, a pickup truck, an SUV, etc. The hitch coupler is the component that is attached to the trailer. When you want to tow a trailer, you will want to couple these two components – the ball hitch and the coupler.

    Towing a trailer is not as easy as just attaching the ball to the coupler and then driving away. You will need skill and experience to pull it off. There are even some trailering methods that will require the practiced touch of a highly skilled veteran. You will also need to do a lot of planning to make sure that the weight capacities of the trailer you will be towing, plus the load itself, will match up with the equipment you will be using.

    Hitch couplers and ball mounts are separated into different classes based on their weight capacities. Class I will have a max TW (tongue weight) of up to 200 lbs. and a GTW (gross trailer weight) of up to 2,000 lbs. and it goes all the way up to Class V, where max TW can go as high as 1,200 lbs. and the GTW up to 12,000 lbs. max.

    Once you are done with the planning and have correctly estimated the tongue weight, gross trailer weight, and the towing capacity of your specific towing vehicle, you can now select which hitch coupler you will need. The types that are most popular are A-frames, goosenecks, and straight tongue couplers.

    A-frame couplers are the most commonly used hitch couplers for class I, II, and III trailers. These couplers are mounted on angled A-frame tongues and can carry more weight. These are usually mounted on trailers which are used for heavy-duty work like landscaping, utilities, and hauling other vehicles.

    Gooseneck couplers have lengthy tubular shafts which attach to a gooseneck hitch, and can carry even more weight than A-frames. These are designed for heavy-duty towing like multiple cars, horse trailers with more than one horse, and Bobcat trailers as well. The capacity of a gooseneck trailer will typically be from 20,000 lbs up to 40,000 lbs.

    A straight tongue coupler, also called channel type, is a hitch coupler designed with a mounting mechanism or “tongue” that is usually bolted or mounted onto the trailer. Some straight tongue couplers will have fold-away mechanisms. This will save space because the trailer tongue can be folded away when not in use, allowing more cargo to be loaded onto the bed.

    Coupler A-Frame 5000 lbs. Class III Value Series Black Primer 2" Ball – This A-frame coupler mechanism is the most popular and commonly-used of all the hitch coupler types. Available from SAE Class I up to IV.

    Coupler Repair Kit 1-7/8" – This trailer coupler repair kit comes with all the parts you need to fix up your tongue couplers. Compatible with 1-7/8" couplers.

    Coupler Ball Size 2" Straight Channel 7000 – This brand dubs itself as “the strongest in the industry”. Available in a wide variety of coupler styles, tongues, and latches wo allow for a multitude of configurations.




  • Hitch Locks

    Hitch Locks

    It is true that you are not with your RV at all times. You may also get afraid by the prying eyes around. That’s when hitch security and vehicle become essential to you. What you want is for your hitch-mounted accessory or RV to still be there when you get back from day’s activities. It’s also why you need to understand the concept of hitch locks.

    Hitch locks mainly come in different designs and sizes. If you need a hitch lock, you may first consider the different party types below.

    Base Rail Locks

    Secure your 5th wheel to the base rail in your RV with a base rail lock. It is up to you to buy it in a style lock. Fifth Wheel Base Rail Rock features push-to-lock that makes installation easy and fast. Its rubber cap can keep moisture and dirt out of the lock cylinder. The best thing about it is that it is Chrome finished.

    Coupler Locks

    Invest in an RV coupler lock that can protect your vehicle from being stolen by criminals. The locking power provided by this lock is incomparable. There are so far choices available like the Trailer Coupler Lock, Surge Brake Lock 2-1/2” Rc-4, Fastway Max Security Universal, Trailer Coupler Latch Lock, and Lip Engaging Coupler Lock Built. Choose one from any of these and you’re sure to go.

    High-Security Locks

    Improve your RV security by changing out those old locks with high-security locks. These will help deter the thieves as the locks are simply unique. You have so many options of styles and types to choose from. Visit the site and see for yourself the selections of high-security locks. For one, Tool Box Mount from Lippert can become your favorite choice.

    Hitch Cable Locks

    Buy hitch cable locks now from the site that are best used for RVs. It’s going to make you feel good because your kinds of stuffs are kept safe on the road. Settle with one that is high quality and economical that makes it a great value. High security is as always promised by LE Lock w/10’ Le that is one of the hitch cable locks.

    Hitch Key Storage

    Unexpected situation can come from the inside of your RV with all your valuables lost. That is when your valuables such as the credit cards, keys, and other belongings need to be kept properly. Hitch safe storage can become useful on your part. It will be a good idea to buy the Hitchsafe Key VaUltimate from FJM Security to ease your worries with thieves. 

    Why use a Hitch Lock?

    Keep your RV and your tow vehicle more secure by the use of hitch locks. These can effectively keep them locked up tight. You get peace of mind when you are towing. Invest in a high-quality hitch lock that includes Trimax Class V Stainless Lock, Pin Qb 700 Safety Lock, Flash E Series Dual Lock Pack, Tow Anti-Theft Lock Kit, Lock Easy Acc Adjst Cplr, and more.

    Hitch Safes

    Hitch safes are considered as a key storage that can be effective as a safety device. These can simply be attached to the SUV, RV, car, and truck. What more, you can place money, keys, and some valuables to these hitch safes.

    King Pin Locks

    Easy and portable to install, King Pin Locks, can be essential when preventing unauthorized hookups. Hijacking is as well prevented by these locks. So, you better choose one like the Trailer King Pin Lock from the site.

    There are still more part types of hitch locks to consider purchasing. These can include lock combo kits, locksets, padlocks, receiver locks, and shank locks. These can be added to the collection of hitch locks you already have!

  • Hitch Pins

    Hitch Pins

    Hitch pins are basically a simple form of hardware used to conjoin or mount mating components. And these are commonly found in recreational vehicles or vehicle trailers. Almost all types of pins require a single pre-drilled hole to retain and hold objects in place.

    Similar to other pins, they are intended to resist the so-called shear forces. They are also different when compared with screws and bolts. And they also serve their purpose as a shear pin in terms of mechanical overload situations.

    Below are the hitch pins products that can be found from the site.

    Hitch Pins

    When you need hitch pins, the Quick Release Fifth Wheel Pull Pins (Pair) is the way to go. This is perfect to be used for a 5th wheel landing fear. The good thing about it is that it lets you easily adjust your height with the pull pins. The process of hooking up and un-hooking is done a lot easier and faster. This one is plated with zinc material and this does is not coated with any rust.

    Other choices of hitch pins to take a closer look at include replacement cable and pin, hitch pin by Camco, Safety Pin, Long Hitch Pin With Clip, Hitch Pin ½” Zinc, Tracker Tow Bar Pin/Clip, Spring Clip 5/32x2-7/8”, Pin Clip 5/8”, and more.

    Lock Pin Combos

    If your RV is being stowed or towed, these lock pin combos can help deter RV theft. These are designed of heavy-duty steel material. What more, these provide you with peace of mind as your RV is secured. These locks are also easy for you to operate. So, there is no need to worry too much about them.

    Better try the Safety Lock Pin Combo 5/8” from the JR Products. This is a pin that is made of a spring steel material. This is also carefully-plated with bright zinc that gives the protection it needs against rust. And this measures just 5/8 inches.

    Lock Pins

    Lock pins can help you secure your fifth wheel to your RV for life on the road. These are heavily-constructed to bring out long-lasting durability. Just ensure that the attachment point is secured to the pop-up camper or camping equipment. These must as well be solidly constructed to offer longevity and durability.

    From the site are the available selections of Safety Lock Pin, Safety Lock Pin 5/16” Single, Safety Lock Pin ¼” Single, Safety Lock Pin 1/ 4x2 ½, Safety Lock with Chain, Coupler Lck Pin 5/16x2 ½, and many more.

    Receiver Hitch Accessories

    These accessory types will allow you to get the most of your adventure. You also will enjoy every mile. Browse a selection of high-quality hitches, husky replacement pins, husky locking pins set, spring clip bulk 5/8”, hitch pin/clip 5/8” single, hitch pin ½” bulk, hitch pin/clip ½” single, and hitch pin 5/8” bulk.

    Weight Distributing Hitch Parts

    The weight distributing hitch parts are an optional system that is added to the rear-mounted trailer hitches. These include supplemental equipment like the spring bards working to distribute the trailer tongue loads to the axles of the trailer.

    Among the possible hitch parts to buy from the site include socket pin and clip, hole style pins, hitch pin and clip, double spare pin pack, and spare pin pack.

  • Chains and Cables

    Towing Chains and Cables

     Safety cables are heavy-duty cables, and safety chains are durable metal links. As required by law, you will always need towing chains and cables when towing an RV. In case the coupler pops off the ball on the RV step bumper for whatever reason, it is still connected to the towing vehicle through the safety chains or cables until you can remedy the problem when you stop.

    The purpose of these chains and cables is to support and catch the load of the trailer in the event that it gets unattached from the tow vehicle. When crossing the chains or cables below the RV coupler and using hooks to attach them to the tow vehicle, they become a safety net in an emergency as they catch the dislodged tongue.

    Keep in mind that safety cables are not designed to carry a fallen recreational vehicle at great distances. However, they can prevent the vehicle from spinning off into oncoming traffic and crashing to the ground. This gives you enough time to pull over safely and find out why the load gets disconnected.

    The towing chains and cables are designed to hold a specific amount of weight. Therefore, the cables should have the capacity that exceeds the gross trailer weight (GTW). When setting up your safety cables or chains, consider the type of hook you will use to attach them. You can use the slip hooks, quick links that close shut, or the S-hooks, which are a common option.

    RV Part Shop has a variety of chains and safety cables available for use:

    Bulldog/Fulton Safety Chain Class I GWR 2 000 Lbs. 72"

    This Safety Chain is designed for Class I use. It comes with S-Hooks on both ends. At 2,000 lb., it is heavy-duty steel that has a zinc finished. Most states require the use of safety chains when towing. For added safety, cross chains wherever possible.

    Equalizer/Fastway Chain-Up For Ball Mount

    The Chain-Up Ball Mount from Equalizer/Fastway provides an easy method for dragging safety chains. When not in use, it lifts the chains off the ground and place them securely on top of the trailer tongue. Chain-Up is a one-time installation. It eliminates the risk of your chains dragging down.

    Tie Down Engineering S Hook Chain Keeper

    The patented S Hook Chain Keeper secures your chains by attaching them to the hook. It comes with 2 items per package.

    Tie Down Engineering Hitch Cable C3 Black Vinyl

    The Hitch Cable for Class 3 vehicles is a revolutionary material, as it is made to replace hose, and wire, and other traditional methods when guying or staking trees. It is easy to use, safe, and more affordable that tree ties.

    JR products 3/16" Quick Links

    These Quick Links are made of zinc plated steel and used for connecting towing chains. It comes 2 for every package. Several states require you to attach chain to your RV.

    Buyers Products Safety Chain 3/8In X 35In

    This item includes 43 proof coil, 35" chain, and 1 clevis style slip hook. It comes in MGTW 15,000 lbs., and designed for Class 4

    Towing chains and cables should be part of your backup plan, regardless if the state mandates it or not.






  • Pintles


    Pintles are a bolt or pin inserted into a gudgeon. These are essentially used as a part of a hinge or pivot. As you transport your RV anywhere, pintles should never be forgotten as they serve their purpose, too.

    Below are available pintles that can be purchased from our site. Choose which one is exactly needed in your RV.

    Lunette Rings

    The lunette rings provide a towing connection between your RV and your car. These securely couple to clevis bar or pintle hitch. Just mount the lunette rings in the channel bracket on your RV to get a durable and strong attachment point for the pintle hitch. Change the height of the lunette rings depending on certain applications.

    These rings are designed for over-the-road use. And these are known for their strength and safety. These usually feature a smooth backplate that enables it to be mounted to hitch plate. Two of the available lunette rings from the site are the Bulldog/Fulton Adjustable Lunette Ring.

    Pintle Balls

    Choose from a variety of pintle balls designed for use with your RV. The Pintle Ball 1-7/8 is one of the pintle ball products to purchase from the Husky Towing. Keep in mind that these balls have an even better advantage than the traditional balls. This is especially true when it comes to their towing capacity. Simply have these pintle balls and drive your RV away.

    Pintle Hitches

    The unique use of pintle hitches is that they can make your SUV a more versatile tow vehicle. These should be mainly available along with the pintle balls. These only need to be covered with a highly-durable coat finish for a lasting defense against scratches and rust.

    The pintle hitches are usually known for being strong and for having a simple coupling mechanism. They also feature a pintle hook and a lunette eye. They are mounted to the vehicle that will do the towing.

    In whatever pintle hitch installed, the exact capabilities for the tow vehicle can vary from 10,000 to 60,000 pounds. Since hitches are simple, the more that they are more popular. They are heavy-duty that do not require you of climbing into the bed of the towed vehicle.

    What more, these are re-coupled and released quickly. If you will start towing the vehicle again, hook it again with pintle hitch. The Husky 2” Pintle Combo Kit from Husky Towing is a good option to consider. This features a rust-resistant powder coat finish. This also features two high-strength clevis pins that allow you to remove it easily. This can also be interchanged a lot quickly. There is also the Solid 2-Inch Shank Platform that can fit two-inch receivers.

    All other selections to buy from the site for pintle hitches are the Husky 2-5/16” Pintle Combo Kit, Husky 2” Pintle Combo Only, and Husky 2-5/16” Pintle Combo Only.

    Pintle Hooks

    Pintle hooks are designed and built to last. They are also ultra-tough that make them a simple solution for stabilizing your RV. That is why if you need pintle hooks, there are so many of them from the site. These include the Pintle Hook Mount 2”x 12.25” 7Hole, Combo Hitch 8Ton 2” Chrome Ball, Pintle Hook 10 Ton, Pintle Hook 15 Ton, Pintle Hook Receiver Mount 7-5/8”L 12000, Mount 8000 Black, 6 000 Lbs. 2”, Lunette Eye, Shank Bar w/9 Shank, Pintle Hook 6 000 Lbs., Pintle Hook 2 000 Lbs, and Pintle Hook Receiver Mount 11-3/8” L 12.

    Feel free to choose from the pintles offered at their affordable prices!




  • Receiver Covers

    Protect your hitch receiver opening from dirt and water causing rust and corrosion. Here's some hitch receiver covers that are protective, stylish and functional.

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