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RV Maintenance 

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  • Electrical

    Things to Know About your RV Electrical System


    One of the best perks of being a camper and having an RV nowadays is the comfort of being able to use your appliances and other types of devices with the help of your trailers electrical system. Getting yourself familiar with the basics of this system helps a lot for regular tune-ups or if you might need some quick fixes on the road and no one is available to help. Here are the basic parts of your Electrical System.


    RV Power Cords

    This is the part that you use to recharge and transfer power in and out of your trailer. It comes with two types of plug the 30 amp plug which has three prongs and usually have shorter cords and a 50 amp plug with four prongs and a longer cord. You might notice sometimes that some RV parks do not have 50 amp plug with them so it will be handy if you have a 50 to 30 amp power cord adapter with you which is available from JR Products, Voltec and other brands.


    RV Switches and Receptacles

    These include your light and appliances switches, charger outlets, cables and receptacles where your appliance and other devices are connected to access electricity. Make sure that these things are tightly attached from where it should be and no wire or screws are exposed or loose or there are no cracks or damage that might cause issues not just to your RV but most importantly to your safety. You can also use different tools to easily save electricity such as toggle switches from Wirthco and illuminated lamp from Diamond Group.


    RV Surge Protection

    These products provide protection and avoid damage for your electrical system. You can find items such as surge guards light, voltage regulators, voltage defender, remote display, power monitors and other safety hardware from Technology Research, Progressive Ind and more.


    RV Power Centers

    RV power center helps distribute electricity to you trailer and converts electricity to different amps or voltage for efficient electric energy consumption. Before doing anything else on it, always turn your electric power off first. You would know if there is something wrong with your power center if there are fuses and wires that are broken, burned or overheated.  


    RV Batteries and Generators

    These are the sources of your RV power. They keep your trailer running during your trips or when there are outages. Most RV batteries usually comes in 12-volt but you can use converters to change the current up to 120-volt for your other  appliances .There are also many accessories you can find to help keep the life of your batteries and generators longer such as cleaners, protectors, safety boxes and more.


    Other RV Electrical Parts

    Many environment friendly RV trailers now use Solar Panels to convert solar power to electric energy. Your electrical system also includes your lightings, transfer switches and other types of lights used inside the recreational vehicle.


    Though it is tempting to do things your way sometimes, there are also things that you have to consult with professionals. If you notice that your fuse, wire and other parts of your electrical system and wirings are compromised, always think about safety first and have it fixed as soon as possible.


  • Heating and Cooling

    Heating and Cooling – Weather Extremes Driving


    Tired of enduring the sweltering heat all summer and then freezing as soon as the temperature begins to drop? Our heating and cooling options will have you enjoying your RV any season after you check out our air conditioners, vents, screens, furnaces, fireplaces, accessories and all the parts you'll need to keep your system running for years to come.

    RVs, for the most part, are all-around vehicles. They are within our command whether we want them hot or cold inside, and not just the appliances and all the other things inside.


    Using the climate control inside the RV is simple enough, but you need to know some specifics to make it work. You need to know the difference when to run the propane furnace versus the heat pump.


    Keeping Cool


    Some of the things that can help keep things cool fast on hot days inside your RV are simple actions before you can crank up you air conditioning units to help cool the place.


    This would include closing all the vents in the bedroom, opening the vents on the front A/C along with the three vents in the living area, and shutting the door to the back area of the RV.


    With the rear vents closed, most of the cold air will be forced into the larger part of the coach and help it cool down quickly enough. If needed, close all the shades especially if the sun is coming in the driver’s area.


    Summer heat


    The heat in summer is one large beast. Some HVAC may not strong enough top cool the entire RV. During extreme heat, it may be necessary to run the generator to power up the living room A/C so the RV gets cooled.


    Some RVers declare that running the generator to powe3r the roof A/C is more fuel efficient than running the cab A/CV. Sometimes, however, you need to run both A/C units coming from the windshield.


    Leaking heat from engines


    For RVs running on diesel engines, you can close the bedroom door closed and all the rear AC/C vents for the simple fact that the rear engine diesel leaks a lot of heat into the back of the vehicle.


    One long shot is finding a tree. If there is one near the road, rest up a while near that tree (till things cool down). Have the tree block the windshield or the driver’s side of the RV while putting up your awning to have as much shade around your vehicle as possible.


    Winter cold


    If you plan to do RVing in freezing temperatures, make sure you have a full tank of propane. The heat pump is build into the AC and can work great if used correctly.


    However, the heat pump will not work when temperatures fall below 45 degrees. Don’t try to run the heat pump when plugged into a 20-ampere outlet.


    It can only work properly if you plug it into a 30 or 50-ampere plug.


    Thermostat setting


    Cranking the thermostat way up when using the heat pump will trigger the propane furnace to kick in.


    Many thermostats are set up so that both the furnace and the heat pump kick on when selecting a temperature more than 5 degrees higher than the current one. Try heating the RV with the heat pump setting the temperature at 4 degrees increments to keep the propane furnace from kicking in.


    Heating and cooling your RV in extreme weather can be challenging.


  • Roof Maintenance & Repair

    Roof Maintenance and Repair

    Careful inspection of the roof is essential. Look possibly for cuts in the roof and weak seams. Remember that preparation is the key. Make it sure that your RV roof is free from dust, and debris. It must always stay dry before starting to work on it. Use the right products as much as possible like the sealants, right cleaners, and materials for the RV roof you have.

    Do not allow yourself to suffer from the consequences of a leaky RV roof. Purchase the following products below.

    Air Conditioner Parts

    Necessary roofing is as well needed to cover your air conditioner. Install the Camco A/C Roof Gasket Seal, 25071 that contains one 14-inch x 14-inch self-adhesive picture frame gasket and two self-adhesive 1-7/16 inch x 18-inch leveling pads. This is just so perfectly designed for a universal fit. Other choices can include Air Conditioner Seal from Leisure Time and AC Roof Gasket Seal from Valterra.

    Butyl/Putty Tapes

    Appreciate the advance adhesive properties of butyl tape. This is basically used for small home repairs, especially on glass and metal. No need to worry about using it as it is proven to be an environmentally-friendly material. It can resist ultraviolet rays and also even shock. Choose one from the Butyl Rubber Tape and Putty Tape from Heng’s Starting At and XTRM Butyl Tapes from Lasalle Bristol, Starting At.


    RV slide rooms can be so popular these days. But before buying them, make it sure that the gaskets are redone. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that the units are working properly. Gaskets to find from the site include the AC Gasket Kit 14In x 14 In, AC Gasket Kit 14Inx16In, and Air Conditioner Seal 14x14.

    Oxidization Removers

    Remove scratches, stains, water spots, and moderate oxidization on all RV surfaces. Restore the color by the effective removal of surface degradation. Purchase the Fiberglass Oxidation Remover 64 Oz, Fiberglas Oxidization Remover  B/L 16 Oz, Fiberglas Oxidization Remover B/L 32 Oz and Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover.


    The use of primers helps keep the dull colors off your RV. These are mainly usable giving give it back a new shine to your RV. These can also best prevent it from rusting. Include in your shopping lists 8.5 Oz Sika Cleaner 226, Bulldog TPO Primer & Seal, TPO Primer/Sealer White Gal, 14 Oz Eternabond Eternaclean, Metal Prep Cleaner, Primer Metal Roof Rust 1 Quart, and more.


    The availability of RV protectants is limitless. There are the RV Roof Treatment B/L Gal, RV Roof Treatment B/L 32 Oz, Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Protectant 32 Oz, Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Protectant Gal, and Rubber Roof Protectant 128 Oz.

    Roof Adhesives

    Roof adhesives are used for recreational vehicles and roofing. They serve their best purpose of bonding any roofing membranes. The following roof adhesives to purchase include Patch Cement White 10.5 Oz, Dicor Splicing Cleaner Quart, Dicor Splicing Adhesive Quart, Sikaflex 505 Uv-Hv White 300 Ml, and more.

    Other Products

    Other products selections to ever buy from the site include the roof coatings, roofing membranes, and roof installation kits. As long as you have the budget for these products, you surely will be able to have these!

  • Skylights


    Provide natural light to areas inside the RV with skylights. There are areas that can really seem uninviting and dark. That is why you need to get a more natural light. The same is true when it comes to the shower area.

    Do some annual inspection and sealing towards maximizing the life of your RV skylight. Choose from the skylights as listed below that can be purchased from the site.

    Neo-Angle Skylight Domes

    The Neo-Angle Skylight Domes are the best form of replacement for RV skylights. The good thing is that these are manufactured by the Icon. They are known for offering high-quality replacement skylight domes. And these domes can best fit a wide range of standard skylight openings. The availability of shapes can go from neo-angle, rectangle, and square.

    Moreover, like the skylights as they enhance the environment of your room. They also best maintain a more consistent and more comfortable indoor climate. There is no way that energy is just wasted. So, choose this skylight dome to allow most of the light to come in. Better have a translucent white for a diffused light and privacy.

    Skylight Kits

    The Skylight Kits are specially created highlighting inner garnish, sealant, and outer skylight for installation. These include care and installation instructions that you can follow. These also best feature a tube of elastomeric sealant for the installation process. The manufacturer Specialty Recreation is aimed at providing these kits and all other thermoformed polycarbonate skylights for travel trailers, motor homes, and recreational vehicles.

    Skylight 3-Packs 14”x22”

    Another product introduced by the Specialty Creation is the Skylight 3-Packs 14”x22”. This product also already comes with installation and care instructions. This also features a tube of an elastomeric sealant for installation. And this is the most popular size of the skylight in three different colors.

    Skylight Inner Domes

    No need to hesitate further buying the Skylight Inner Domes. These are also the best replacement you could ever have for your RV skylights. These can best enhance your room. Maintain a more consistent and more comfortable climate that you ever wanted without wasting energy.

    Other Skylight Products

    Among other Skylight products to ever consider: Skylight Garnish 16”x24”, Sealant Skylight, Skylight Garnish, Skylight Sealant White, Skylight Install Kit, Skylight Garnish for SL2, Rectangular/Square Skylight Domes, Rectangular/Square Skylights, Neo-Angle Skylight Inners, Skylight Inners, and Skylight Glue Mounts.

    Other Considerations

    The height is one important consideration to focus on. The sizes can go as: 2” (1), 2/5” (1), 3.5” (2), 4 ½” (1), 4” (7), 4.25” (1), 4.5” (3), 5 1/2 “(1), 5” (8), 6” (1), 7” (2), and 8” (1). Secondly, the color is also another consideration. Choose from the available colors of skylights such as white, white/clear insert, bronze, clear, ice, and smoke.

    Feel free to buy whatever you want from these skylights and sealants. It is up to you to have what is needed in your recreational vehicle. It will for sure be beneficial on your part as it means a natural lighting in the RV!

  • Hardware

    Hardware – Maintenance Keeps your RV in Great Shape



    To most enthusiasts, an RV (recreational vehicle) is fondly regarded as a home on wheels. Like a home (only that it moves around), it comes complete with familiar features like doors, windows, steps, cabinets, skylight awnings and an air conditioner. Like fixtures in your home, these could also become worn and broken, especially those hardware and equipments used in moving around.


    Since the equipments (and practically all of the hardware) for RVs are specially designed, these many gears are all unique to RVs and not just found in any vehicle. You can forget dropping by at some hardware depots and look for hardware replacements for your RV.


    Parts and more


    To ensure you get everything you need in hardware, the RV Part Shop is the one shop that has it all regarding RVs and trailers. With strategically located RV Part warehouses across the country, you can have your parts whenever you need them.


    With the use of the latest shipping and parcel technology, they can ship to your home, business or at your campground or site where you are currently enjoying your outdoor adventure.


    As it is, maintenance is the most important action in keeping your RV in great shape. It is the difference of being on the road enjoying your journey or simply thinking about it wherever you are.




    Like motor cars, RVs also need their oil and filters changed at regular periods. This is necessary in order to keep your engine running properly. Left undone, it can eventually cause your engine to cease. The huge cost is around $10,000.


    Manufacturers urge RV owners, like their counterparts that own cars, to have an oil change every 3,000 to 4,500 miles. (You could always check your owner’s manual for the precise time intervals between oil changes.)


    Air / fuel / coolant / hydraulic filters


    Your RV also needs replacements of the oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic filters regularly.  Damage caused by the non-replacement of these parts could result in increased fuel use, overheating issues with the cooling system, and oxidation in the hydraulic system.


    Damage can mount from $2,500 and up are the results from this neglect in the necessities. In other areas, do a thorough check on the roof seals and seams of your RV at least every 6 months.




    Servicing your RV generator is very important. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on how often its oil and filter should be changed.  Neglecting this responsibility can cost you as much as $9,000 in repairs alone, not to mention parts that have to be changed, if ever.


    You need to run your generator regularly when your RV is stored and not in use. This includes checking all the sensors regularly to ensure there is power or that the batteries are holding a charge. Without this, the build up on your carburetor can set you back up to $400 to remove them.


    Your roof is also an important hardware that also needs to be checked. In a way, maintenance is simply having your RV ready at any time you want.

  • Cleaning Supplies

    RV Cleaning Supplies – Keeping Things Neat and Clean


    Find the cleaning products and tools here that you need to keep your RV, motorhome or travel trailer looking and smelling great. Remember that a wll-maintained RV retains its resale value, so look for cleaners, polishes, and waxes as well as brushes, mops, poles and squeegees.


    From a practical point of view your RV is your home away from home. Consequently, while you stay inside your mobile home, you need to clean it up like you do at home. Like what happens at home, you do need to have your cleaning supplies at hand, although not necessarily like those you keep at home.


    Since your RV has lesser space than even a studio, it should be important that you keep it neat, clean, and organized. This will discourage all pests and insects to make it their home, too.


    Keeping your RV sparkling, however, needs a little more effort than buying Windex or Clorox wipes. The following are some random ideas on keeping up with your cleaning regimen.


    A compact vacuum RV cleaner that is handheld and cordless is one of the best equipments that can help you make your mobile abode spic and span. It is light, is easy to put away and store, and quite easy to charge. (You can always opt for a full-size model.)


    A multi-purpose cleaner is best when attacking the dirt and grime inside your small home. A good commercial cleaning product that is light on chemicals and heavy on natural ingredients will do the trick.


    An air freshener does away the usual smell of RVs. There are commercial odor eliminators in the market and bringing them with you is cool, even if your stay is short. A good breeze is also good, if the weather’s fine. Simply open your windows and doors and let nature do its magic.


    Microfiber cloths are best for the little messes we make all around, especially at the table or in the kitchen, or wherever else. They clean up spills quickly and efficiently. They also hold up well wash after wash.


    Using the limited space inside your RV can help a partial solution from plastic containers, either large or small. They keep things organized in one place, and are quickly identifiable because of their contents.


    Buying hanging organizers for the RV can be of great help. You will have a neat place for anything and almost everything that needs to be organized. You will have a place to keep organized more things including shoes and getting off the floor.  


    Another thing to invest in is command hooks. They are also a great help in more organization and storage difficulties inside your RV. The best part is that they are easy to install and just as easy to get rid of after a job had been finished.


    Disposable gloves are the best things to invest in times of extreme emergencies like taking care of your RV holding tanks. (You never know when the time comes for your holding tanks to get problematic.) Even with proper care and maintenance, you would want to have a nice pair of disposable gloves around.


    More for maintenance problems than anything else, a small toolkit is also good to lug around with your RV on the road. Just like your cleaning supplies, you would not know when you need to use the tools to keep things working. 

  • Pests Mold and Odors

    RV Pests Mold and Odors


    RV Dehumidifiers

    Someone loves to go on adventure on the road or mountains will spend the major time within your RV and acts as your send home away from home and a place where perform the primary activities like bathing, cooking and cleaning which can accumulate of water vapors being undertaken in a small restricted atmosphere that generates a lot of discomfort and affect all the furnish within the RV. Allergies can be one of the main reason when having excess humidity lead to difficulty in breathing which is such a bad experience and RV dehumidifier can avoid it and an essential choice and more comfortable when having a runaway vacation on the road. One of the best dehumidifier is homelabs 400 to prevent the presence of excess moisture in the air with complete touch panel controller function making the greatest performer in the industry.


    RV Mold Removal Treatments

    Mold can be a big problem in the fall and wintertime because moisture from rain and snow in the air can give a toxic fungus in a nice damp environment and finding a growing anywhere from cabinets and drawers in the walls and ceiling in RV, cleaning mold right away can save your RV from expensive damage. Some types like black mold are also dangerous because of spore-borne toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus and using a strong chemical is the best solution remedies that will help get rid of any unwanted fungus on RV. The camco 41024 pro-strength awning cleaner is safe that removes stains and dirt that cleans effectively and this RV product brand is greatly use in many materials.


    RV Mouse Repellants

    If you trying to keep the rats and mice out of the RV or trying to get rid of them once they have invaded it’s pretty much the same process in keeping them out because these rats and mice are intelligent critters not easily fooled which is why it is so hard to get rid of them once they have invaded. One of the best to use is DX610 electronic pest repeller product in RV because when store it the rodent repeller uses high frequency sound output to keep the mice and rats away and sound creates a constant uncomfortable environment and works on the rodents’ nervous system. This mouse and rat repeller are effective with auto-changing sound levels and patterns that prevent the rats and mice from nesting which is what they do when RV is stored and best way to keep mice and rats out of the RV.


    RV Odor Absorbers

    People spend a lot of time of the road on RV on road trips and odor can be an issue making trips with kids are laughing and embracing which is going to spend much time in the RV that wanting it to be a clean pleasant place to be. But with every drink spills and meals on the go and keeping the traffic life odor free can be difficult. Living on the road for a long distance tour in the RV and the problem becomes even more challenging and the first impression matters even more but using the innofresh auto odor absorbers are natural activated charcoal miracle workers will keep the RV fresh and odor free without resorting to weird fragrances hanging thing inside the RV making the journey long an easier and enjoyable trip.

  • Slideout Parts

    Slideout Parts

    A recreational vehicle is one way to see the sites with you leaving the comforts of home. But with all things concerning mechanical, slide out parts can fail and wear out as well. Slide outs have a function to keep your travel profile narrow. They extend when parked to increase the square footage of your recreational vehicle. What more, they make the vehicle roomier all in all.

    Good thing, you will find from our site slideout parts that are needed to replace or repair the slide out. If you want to maintain your slide outs, check what we can offer to you below.

    Control Modules

    Control the functions of your RV slide out with control modules. We have what you exactly need like the Relay Board for Slide-Out systems, Control Sensing Motorized, Switch Float Horizontal Hipsi Pump, Control Sensor, TouchPad Auto Control, Power Slide Out Control, and Control, Rs Fls Single Serv. Choose which of these you want the most.

    Extrusion Covers

    Find many of the best deals of extrusion covers at the best possible prices. There are four choices that can be found from the site like the Slide-Out Extrusion Cover.


    When looking for motors, we’ve got two of the best choices: Lci Dual Motor Sync Bed Contr and 18:1 Tuson Mtr w/ Right Angle. The first choice is under the AP Products that is also a replacement LCI Dual Motor. This has a synchronous velocity and a Murphy bed controller for slide-outs. The second choice mentioned is for slide-outs. And this is a mdash 17987 that is 18: Tuson Motor/Drive Shaft with the right angle gearbox.

    Seals and Conditioners

    All types of rubber seals need to be prevented cracking, fading, and deterioration. These seals include the window seals, slide out seals, tires, door seals, and many other rubber products. Another important function of a seal is that it keeps water from entering your RV because of worn slide outs. That is why you really need to apply a rubber seal conditioner. Choose whether you want Corner-Blocks Right Hand Notched or Corner-Blocks Left Hand Notched from AP Products.

    Slideout Controller

    Slideout electrical is mainly powered by a particular electric motor driving a gear system. They are intended on lighter and smaller slide outs. They should not be overloaded for them to work effectively. Engineer and integrate them into the RV properly. Buy Slide-out Controller 10665 from Lippert that measures 2.070x 1.5. Or if you want, you can have the Slide Out Room Switch Momentary Black from Intellitec.

    Slideout Lubrication

    Maintain your slide-out RV with slideout lubrication. Just properly apply the oil to cure the squeaky slide outs. Choose from the available selections of slide-out lube/rust B/L16, Slide-Out Seal Tx B/L 17, RV Slide Out Lube 15 Oz Bil, Slide-Out Rubber Seal Treatment 17, Slide Out Lube 12 Oz, and Slide-Out Dry Lube Protectant.

    Slideout Parts

    Regain the space that a slideout can provide with our RV slideout parts from our site. It is up to you to choose from the slide-out slicker 40 Pair, Slide Lock 13”-23”, Slide Lock 17”-34”, 9K Rpm Hi Spd 18:! Motor Tuson, Slide Lock 24”-44”, White Slide-Out Switch Kit, 2x2 Slide-Out Gear Pack, Crown Gear For LCI Slide-Outs, Schwintek In-Wall Side Motor, Slide Out Gear Set Standard Gear Pack, Acutator Motor Assembly 500 Motor 500, 28: 1 Actuator Motor 2.5” Gear, and many more.

    Feel free to buy any of these slideout parts today!

  • Winterizing

    RV Winterizing


    RV Blow Out Plugs

    The quick disconnecting brass plug connects to RV's city water inlet allows to completely blow out the water lines before winterizing to prevent dilution of antifreeze on how to prevent it on water connection. The interior and exterior including any kitchen faucets might have on the inside and outside, showers and any other water fixture may have in the RV. The quick-connect brass plug connects to the RV's inlet will completely remove water from the water lines and keep antifreeze from diluting when winterize is simply open all faucets and drains to apply air pressure all the way to the plug. These blow-out plug clears water from RV's water lines and eliminate the dilution of antifreeze during winterization with the quick-connect style has a simple installation by inserting the plug into the city water inlet that will open all drains and faucets and attach and activate oil-less air compressor until all lines are clear with durable brass construction.


    RV By-Pass Kits

    Many reasons to drain an RV water heater and a routine maintenance should be performed more often because winterizing the RV should have to troubleshoot and taking the RV out of a winterized state, it is a simple task to perform and does not take very long. Emptied the water heater to consider flushing before refill back, the used RV antifreeze in water system over the winter must flush out the tank prior to refilling it. It is a simple installation of the by-pass kit allows to save antifreeze by by-passing the water heater when winterizing on RV with ease but be careful when the water in the water heater is under pressure that may be extremely hot so let the water cool to a safe temperature before draining the RV water heater. There are many types of by-pass kit that will found like crimp-resistant nylon reinforced hose and sturdy, brass valves for non-restrictive flow with 6 to 10-gallon tank and heavy duty lead free brass valve with brass check valve and some have adjustable wrench are installed for easy access.


    RV Diverter Valves

    Spending time on rustic place where a camp meeting is held is part of the RV experience is one reason why most RVs are self-contained and the chances are good that the fresh and gray water tanks aboard the RV hold gallons. The tanks can empty and fill quickly and few things more frustrating than having to pass on a shower because of fluid-capacity restraints and many environmental conscious RV owners has a water conservation are very important them. Helping the department is the high-quality water diverter that redirects wasted cold water back into the freshwater tank. Waiting for hot water to reach the showerhead does the device save water that keep the blast of cold water from hitting the body when the mixer valve for the showerhead is first turned on. These diverter valves are the best option when it comes to winterization because it utilizes heat-activated technology integrated into a color-changing return pipe that visually signals the user when the water is warm.

  • Doors


    First impressions sometimes last. That is why you need to make a good impression during the first encounter of your visitors to your RV. The entry doors need to look good and give you a tight seal. Good thing, our doors are easy to install as they are made of a strong material to give you a worry-free of travel.

    Make your life on the road much smoother with our doors models that can be just so effortless to use. Find all other specialized parts that you need from the site. Stop your search from one store to another because we have exactly what you need to replace or repair the lock of your entry door.

    Focus on the RV adventure ahead with the RV door parts and accessories below:

    Door Shades

    The door shades will make you feel more comfortable during travel. Be impressed as they block the heat and the sun as they are mounted on the exterior of the door. Choose from among the available selections of door shades like the Slim Shade Replacement Shade Only Black, Slim Shade Complete Unit-Black, and RV Vent Shade from the AP Products.

    Entry Doors

    Be sure to get what you need when it comes to your entry doors for your next RV vacation. The entry doors we have at the site hold up to the highest standards. The structure of each door adds extra stability and strength. Find one that can meet your unique RV entry door needs. Trust that the feature it has will safeguard the RV from water infiltration.

    Folding Doors

    Provide privacy at the doorway with a folding door that is just so perfect for it. It’s good if you buy one that features a heavy duty and soil resistant door. Settle with one that is easy to install and is supported well for smooth operation.

    The Irvine Shade Fabric Folding Door 24x75 Ivory is a stain-resistant and heavy-duty pleated fabric door. This has its color coordinated P.V.C hardware that can be installed in just a few minutes. This also adjusts to cover different dimensions. Choose between the colors of white and ivory. If you want to search for other colors and sizes, they are mainly available in special orders.


    Enter and exit your RV safer with the handles that we offer. They can be installed on any side of your door. They also can rotate to lay flat against the RV. Rest assured that you can get a secure hold for exiting and entering the RV. Just choose one that is constructed durably for it not to break or bend. Its ergonomic design will make it easy for you to install to the side of an RV. Buy the T Handle Lock Chrome from the Buyers Products with measurements of 3-7/8-inch in length and 5/16-inch in square shaft.

    Window Frames/Glass

    Replacing your entry door window frame or glass is not a tough job. There are so far lots of choices to find from our site. The thick glass and durable frames of windows for RVs can resist all kinds of damage. So, better choose one that suits well to your RV windows.

    Now, you have learned more about the door parts and accessories that you need to include in your shopping list!

  • Glues and Adhesives

    RV Adhesives and Sealants

    Choosing the right adhesives for repairs can help you as an RV owner. You will best avoid having to deal with leaking roofs, loose wall panels, and any other problems. Good thing, we can be a leading supplier of adhesives and sealants.

    Below are the selections of RV adhesives that you may include in your shopping list.

    Adhesive Removal

    Never let yourself get stuck due to wrong adhesives. When you need one, our quality adhesives can be purchased right away. Better be ready to buy from us as it’s worth of your money and effort.


    Find expert adhesive solutions from our site that include 2.5Gal Sika Sense Cleaner & Adhesive, Beats the Nail HD Off White Adhesive, and Rapidfuse All Purpose Adhesive.

    Air Conditioner Parts

    Make use of some adhesive stuff for your RV air conditioner parts. From Bonded Logic is the Adhesive Sticky Stuff that is specially formulated to ensure proper bonding. This is in the case of installing single sided foil insulation. This also can stick to metal parts. Other choices include 3/6”x 1-1/2”x 25’ Foam, 3/16”x 1”x 50” Foam Tape Black, and more.

    High-Temperature Adhesives

    Nothing can beat the AP Products when it comes to adhesives. Hi-Temp Spray Clear 15-0z is a sta-put spray adhesive clear that is just so great to use. This is excellent when used for adhesive applications. This is also a bond high-pressure laminate to different substrates. This is perfect for industrial applications that include marine, RV, furniture, housing, construction, upholstery, and HVAC industries.


    Keep the dull colors off your RV by using primers. These can definitely give it back its new shine. It is suggested for you to buy the 16.1 Oz Sika Sense Cleaner and Adhesive.

    Roof Adhesives

    When in search of roof adhesives, we have so many choices that await you. The Sikaflex 505 Uv-Hv White 300 MI is one STP exterior or interior sealant having excellent weathering and UV resistance. This is indeed an excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates like glass, steel, aluminum, and plastic. This is even more available in an HV version. All other choices include Adhesive PVC Use Only 1 Gal, Adhesive PVC Use Only 5 Gal, Epoxy Syringe Clear, Dicor Splicing Cleaner Quart, Dicor Splicing Adhesive Quart.


    When you need to reseal your RV roof, then use the following products: 10.3 Oz Acrylic I-R Caulking Clear, 10.3 Oz Acrylic I-R Caulking Aluminum, 10.3 Acrylic I-R Caulking White SM5504, 10.3 Oz Acrylic Caulking Clear, 10 Oz Plastic Aluminum, Foam Square (2000), Gasket Grey 14x14, Parbond Sealant Clear 5 Oz., Silicone 3-Oz Clear, Silicone 3-Oz White, Silicone 3-Oz Black, and Polyurethane Sealant 10 Oz.

    Spray Adhesives

    Spray adhesives are a spray glue bonding agent in recreational vehicles. Choose between the Polystyrene Foam Spray Adhesive 13 Oz. and Sta-Put Adhesive Remover & Degreaser. The first option can permanently bond Styrofoam and any other polystyrene materials in just four minutes. This can also be used to laminate polystyrene foam to any other materials. This is water-resistant and pressure sensitive. The second option is an all-purpose cleaner that is natural solvent, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. This is used on most substrates and surfaces that include porcelain, painted surfaces, concrete, vinyls, and plastics. This is even more effective for grease, adhesives, road tar, oil stains, rubber marks, and many more!

  • RV Repair Kits

    RV Repair Kits

    As a car owner, you need to have all the essential items inside your RV. This is because, in case of emergency, you have something to solve the issue right away. There usually a need for a jack, spare tire, jumper cables, and tire pressure gauge. These will be enough if you are only commuting to work. But, there is more to add if you will be going RVing.

    You’ll also be out on the road for months or so when RVing. If you’re also boondocking, you have no idea what the closest service station is. That is why it is essential to have the right tool ready to be used in your RV. This is, of course, in wherever place you want to go.

    It is recommended to have three of the kits assembled: an emergency preparedness kit, a basic roadside emergency kit, and an RV maintenance kit. While you assemble and prepare all these kits, think of the potential circumstances that you could be in.

    The case could be that you might get warmed now, but you’ll soon be cold in the snow of Alaska. No matter what is your plan, the basic road emergency items to think of are the following: cell phone, batteries, flashlight, cell phone charger, road flares, high-visibility vest, wheel cocks, emergency help banner for windshield, emergency reflective triangle, tire repair kit, jumper cables, tow rope, tire repair kit, and high visibility vest.

    Fuel Tank Repair Kit

    Buy from the site AP Products Fuel Tank Repair Kit. This is beneficial as it can mend cracks, pinholes, and tears in metal tanks and leaking fuel. What more, these can repair holes up to an almost one-inch diameter. And these can crack up to five-inch in length. These also include sandpaper, epoxy, application brush, and fiberglass cloth material.

    AP Products By Your Side

    Trust only the AP Products as they are there by your side. They have been known to supply the RV industry with quality, reliable and dependable replacement parts. And they were recognized already since 1992. If you cannot find the parts that you need, it’s when AP Products can be there just for you.

    Nothing can beat them when it comes to reliability, quality, and performance. You cannot beat AP Products. Shop one from a wide range of products from the company. There, you can find the RV repair kits that you basically need.

    In fact, AP Products are preferred as a manufacturer of high-performance and proprietary products. Not only are they known as the inventory of an invaluable and unique testing tool. So, you better get this chance to view a wide range of products from them. They carry only the most dependable and most advanced solutions to offer for you.

    What else are you waiting for? For as long as you have the money, take the time to include AP Products as your best choice of manufacturer. They will be there to offer you only the best products that meet your standards. You will only get the quality as it is their utmost priority!

  • Windows

    RV Window Covers

    RV window covers can help insulate for cold and hot weather. They help regulate the temperature in the RV. They all the more keep the windows out of sun, ice, snow, and dirt. Trust that they can withstand any kind of weather.

    That is why if you need one, you can choose from the RV window cover selections below. They are worthy of the money spent on them. Just be extra careful to buy what you really need.

    Curtain Hardware

    Get your RV curtain hardware today. We carry everything from Side Curtain Retainer, Tie Back 18 for Curtains and Drapes, Type C Curtain Tape 72”, Two Wheel Carrier, Sliding Eye Carrier Small, Small Sew-in Carrier, Snap Carrier, Internal Snap Carrier, Glide Tape 72, Snap Tape 72, Overhead Snap Carrier, Type C-Wall Mount Interior Sliding Door.

    Curtain Tracks

    Block sunlight and provide a sense of privacy by the use of curtain tracks. They basically come in different types of vehicles. There are so many choices to ever consider like the 96” Wall Track Type D, 96” Slide-Rite Track White, Type B- I Beam Track 48”, Glide Curtain Track 45 White Wall, I-Beam Curtain Track 96, and many more.

    Door Shades

    Upgrade your RV door window by the use of door shades. They are an excellent sun shade that can easily be installed. Choose from among the Slim Shade Replacement Shade Only Black, Slim Shade Complete Unit-Black, and RV Vent Shade.

    Drapery Hardware

    Find the right hardware to put up your curtains in your RV. We carry Drapery Hooks from RV Designer and Universal Drape Hooks from the JR Products. For sure, you have an idea already on how to use them.

    Shade Cleaner

    You may already have dusted, wiped, and swept everything down. What about cleaning the RV shades? Shade cleaner is a perfect tool to use for the shades to look great and have a long lifespan. The RV Shade Cleaner 6 Oz from the United Shade is one great product to ever have.

    Shade Repair

    Shade repair products to ever include are the Pleated Shade First Aid Kit, Pleated Shade Hold Down, Blind Knob White, and Female Swivel Elbow ½ CTS X ½ NPS, Blind Knob Brown, Shades Handles-Tan, Shades Handles-Taupe, and Shade Handles-Oyster.


    Shield yourself from the penetrating rays of the sun. Get some privacy while your RV is parked at night. The right kind of shades is essential to use to keep the RV cool. The shades to choose from can include 40” Power SmartVisor-Right, 43” Power Side Visor-Left, 20x38 Pleated Nite Shade, 96x24 Slowrise Nite Roll, 38x24 Pleated Nite Shade, and many more.

    Window Blinds

    If you are in search for window treatments, you need to get the best options for window blinds. There are the 12” mini-blind wand, extended cord tensioned, 8 mini blind wands, cord tensioned, mini blind hold down bracket clear, mini blind rail ends, mini blind hold down hook white, and more.

    Other Selections of Products

    Among other selections of products to buy are the window covers, window cranks, window hardware, window knobs, window latches, window locks, and window parts!

  • Wiper Blades

    RV Windshield Wiper Blades

    With many selections of RV windshield wiper blades, it can be very overwhelming choosing one for your RV. They can sometimes be pretty much expensive. That is why you need to find a good place to get your RV wiper blades.

    From our site is the chance to find one that is designed to withstand extreme winter weather conditions. You can choose the right model that you need that equates your money.

    Part Types

    RV windshield wiper blades are classified into two different product types: wiper stand offs and wiper blades. Below are a few of the wiper blades product included in the site category.


    The wiper blade selections enable you to choose one that you want the most. These are designed for your RV or truck. There are different sizes such as 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28” and 32”. The heavy duty wiper blades will most be suitable for serious applications.

    Manufacturers’ RV Windshield Wiper Blades

    From the manufacturer, Trico is the available choices of RV windshield wiper blades. These can include the following; Exact Fit Wiper Blade, HD Blade Truck Bus RV, and many more.

    Diesel Equipment’s RV windshield wiper blades are as follows: Univ. Contour Wiper Blade (WT1-26, WTI-28, WTI-32), Wiper Blade Heavy Duty 3, 39” Vented Wiper Blade, 15” Univ Wiper Blade Assembly, 16” Univ Wiper Blade Assembly, 17” Univ Wiper Blade Assembly, 18” Univ Wiper Blade Assembly, 19” Univ Wiper Blade Assembly, 20” Univ Wiper Blade Assembly, and 21” Univ Wiper Blade Assembly.

    Camco’s Wiper Stand Off Wedges 2/Pk can extend the wiper blades’ life. Just as the wiper blades cannot withstand so much pressure; it might later on crack and break down. This product will remove the pressure and lift the wipers. This one is even better for snow days and seasonal storage. This is because this has non-marking grip feet.


    As long as you choose the right size of RV windshield wiper blades, it will less likely chatter. Just make an effort to research and test them. If you choose a blade that is long, it will for sure clean the area of the windshield above and below the viewing area.

    With so many options today, the new designs will promise better contact between the length of the wiper blade and the glass. Get your worn-out and old wiper blades taken care of now. This is to ensure safety and improvement in your fatigue level. This is also, especially when you will be driving out in the rain.

    Never delay the decision of replacing the old with new RV windshield wiper blades. Use what exactly you need and cover them when not in use. This will reduce the UV damage and wear and tear on the blades. And thus, expect an increase in the lifespan of the RV windshield wiper blades.

    Choose RV windshield wiper blades that are made from heavy duty wiping element. One should easily and quickly be installed. Settle with a specific length that you really want.

    So, browse around our site to get what you need for your RV!

  • Automotive Filters

    Automotive Filters

    Travel more on the road with confidence. Our site provides the best and lifetime automotive filters for recreational vehicles. No need to worry of looking for a replacement filter ever again. This is particularly true concerning your trip.

    Trust the automotive filters we have are known for their reliable performance and long- lasting durability. These are a lot better than the conventional automotive filters in terms of flow rate, debris removal, and burst rate. What more, these pass the stringent laboratory testing required.

    Get your best choice of the automotive filter from the lists below.

    Auto Air Filters

    Auto air filters can usually last for three to twelve months before they need replacement. The replacement will more likely depend much on usage. Good thing, the unmatched performance on the auto air filters from our site is unmatched.

    Choose from the selections of auto air filters like the Round Radial Seal 9-1/4, Ford F-250 6.8L 2005, Air Filter Expedition, 2011 Chevy 6.6 Air Filter, 13-14 6.7 Ram, Air Filter Ram 3500 6.7L Diesel, 6.7 Powerstroke, Replacement Air Filter, Air Filter, and Air Filter See Appl. Guide.

    Auto Oil Filters

    Expect only the best possible prices on oil filters for your recreational vehicle. Always remember that your RV requires filter and oil changes periodically. This job must never ever be neglected. Or else, your engine would eventually seize which could lead to an expensive problem. Oil changes could be a simple task provided that you have an auto oil filter on hand.

    Get one from the available auto oil filters of Oil Filter Buick/Chev/Olds, Oil Flt Ford 91-96/Infinity 03-04, Oil Flt Acura/Honda/Mazda 93-03, Oil Filter Chevy GMC 2007, Oil Filter Mitsubishi/Toyota 79-98, Oil Filter Buick/Jeep/Olds, Oil Filter Auto/Marine, Oil Filter Ford/Lincoln, Mercury, and Oil Filter.

    Cabin Air Filters

    Keep the air inside the cabin of your RV clean. Cabin air filters are designed to filter all of the air coming out of the RV’s HVAC system. The purpose is to best prevent pollutants like the smog, pollen, dust, and mold spores. That is why if you need a cabin air filter, K&N Filters is there to consider as the manufacturer.

    Cold Air Intakes

    Allow your RV’s engine to breathe completely with the amazing medicine, cold air intake. This has the job to move the air filter outside the engine compartment. That way, the cooler air can be sucked right into the engine. With cooler air, more oxygen is brought into the combustion chamber. That also ultimately means more power on your RV.

    Decide to buy cold air intake from the site. You will face the choices of cold air intake dodge ram, cold air intake dodge pickup V8 94-02, cold air intake dodge ram 5.9L 2002, cold air intake generation 2 dodge ram, cold air intake Ford 87-93, cold air intake Ford V10- 6.8L 99-02, Cold Air intake Ford V8- 5.4L 99-02, Cold Air Intake F150/Bronco 88-95, Filtercharger Injection, Performance Intake Kit, and many more.

    Two options left for automotive filters to ever consider are the panel filters and fuel filters! So, feel free to buy any of these for your RV!

  • Fuel Accessories

    Fuel Accessories

    Looking to get fuel accessories for your RV? Look no further than our site. We carry all you need to get your vehicle fuelled instantly. Check out our vast selection of fuel accessories in different varieties. Check out more of our funnels that enable your RV to be running great.

    Get all you need below. The fuel accessories are divided into manufacturers. So, choose carefully.

    Hopkins Fuel Accessories

    Expect only quality funnels from the Hopkins. These are among the accessory types that can help you get the job done easily and quickly. These are also effective and simple belonging to the line of fuel filters that remove debris, dirt, and water.

    Settle with what Hopkins can offer you because they have been a trusted brand in the industry. They also have somehow provided consumers with durability, innovation and performance for twenty-years.

    From the manufacturer is the availability of four fuel accessories. These accessories can include 2.5 GMP Conductive Fuel Filter, Funnel Multi-Purpose, 3.5 GPM Conductive Fuel Filter, and Mr. Funnel 5 GPM.

    Star Brite Fuel Accessories

    Star Brite is the manufacturer that makes solutions to everyday fuelling of RV. They also have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of fuel accessories. The Funnel Set- 3 Piece is one product that they boast. And this is certainly something that you need to grab from the lists.

    Wirthco Fuel Accessories

    Check out a selection of fuel accessories with Wirthco manufacturer. They already have been in the industry for four decades. They serve as a prime manufacturer of some of the practical products. Thus, life can be just so safer and easier on the road.

    What more, they feel grateful for valued customers and employees. They also dedicate themselves to continuing growth built upon service and integrity. They have so far been operating providing quality and innovative products.

    Wirthco is also known for offering fuel accessories that RV owners most importantly need. Among those products offered are Funnel Swivel, Clip-On Funnel, Flex Spout 12 Item CLP & Hk, and 1 ½ Qt Cln Funl Yell.

    What’s good about the Clip-On Funnel is that it just needs to be tilted to pour on completely. No need to worry about the messes or spills. In fact, it is designed using spill-proof material. It can really fit quart and gallon containers.

    Buy Fuel Accessories for your RV Today!

    Our site is your one-stop destination for your RV fuel accessories online. We simply provide the best products that let you enjoy your RV lifestyle more. Drive your RV on the road without finding it difficult getting the greatest fuel accessories. These accessories will help you do things easy and fast.

    Visit our site that houses manufacturers offering RV fuel accessories. From the mentioned manufacturers, get the chance to receive your purchase fast. This is also basically by way of LTL or courier.

    Never doubt us since we are always here to provide you the supplier of your choice for fuel accessories. Allow us to get the fuel accessories to your home!

  • Fasteners

    RV Fasteners and Screw Heads

    When you own an RV, you actually will need something that is fastened securely to it. That is when you will need to use the right hardware for the job. Get the right sizes of RV fasteners and screw heads from the site that you will exactly need. Have flat head screws, square head screws, pan head screws, hex head screws, and self-tapping screws in multiple configurations. What more, you may need to use plastic rivets in tasks that screws won’t do.

    Below is the list of some of the RV fasteners and screw heads that you may want to consider buying.


    C-clips or circle clips are a semi-flexible form of a metal ring that open ends and is snapped into another place. These usually fit into a groove on other parts or a dowel pin. This then permits rotation but with no lateral movement. There are so many variants to find that can range in three/four inches to two inches in diameter.

    What more, their role is to bring out secure pinned connections. Dry or wet lubrication is somehow needed for the maintenance of function. However, you need to have pliers if you will be removing them. As much as possible you will need to have a flat-head screwdriver or snap ring tool.

    Mostly c-clips are made of high-resistant and strength steel. From the site are two available choices: 3” Metal C-Clip DH Plastic and 3” Metal C-Clip DH. Choose which one from any of these is needed for your repair.


    Mount solar panel to your RV using L-brackets. As per these brackets, these usually make use of an aluminum step drill bit attached to a bolt. And these are attached on one side of the solar module. Actually, these come with a bolt attached to the solar frame.

    Multipurpose 90Deg Anglebrkt. 4-pack is one of the L-brackets that you can purchase from the site. Extra stability and strength are brought by these brackets. This is because these are constructed using high-quality steel material.  These brackets can also be replaced for plastic baskets in marine and RV applications.

    License Plate Fasteners

    Secure your RV’s license plate using license plate fasteners. These are specifically designed to be used for domestic vehicles. Usually, these include nylon screw grommets and fasteners in different sizes. These are also easy for you to install for as long as you follow the installation instructions. In this regard, buy Nylon License Plate Fasteners that can hold your license plates securely.


    Rivets do not lose when they are introduced to vibration. What more is that they can secure joints having short clamp length? When compared to the threaded bolts, rivets are time- consuming and cumbersome to install and to remove. They also basically provide limited clamp load.

    If you are searching for rivets, there are so many choices available from the site. These include Plastic Rivets White, Plastic Rivets Almond, 100Pk 1/8” x ½” Rivets, and many more.


    Screws are basically used in the threaded fasteners. They can hold objects so tight in your RV. Now if you need them right away, Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling 8-18 x1/2, Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling 8-18 x1/2, and Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling 8-18 x ¾ are there for you to choose from. Add some decorative screw covers that can secure an item having a screw. A clean and finished look is achieved by the mere use of these covers.


    For snaps, HD Snap Install Tool kit is one of the best choices to ever find from the site. However, this should never be confused with the throw-away style found in most kits. The good thing about it is that it can last for a lifetime. This also comes with professional installation of the snap attachments.


    Get some washers for effective drying and washing of your clothes. It will for sure be easy and simple for you to wash and dry things up. And you will save a lot simpler and save more of your time. So, choose whether you want ½ Lock Washer/ and 7/16” Lock Washer that suits your budget.

    Wing Nuts

    For frequent adjustment and hand tightening, wingnuts are just so necessary. They are mainly used in applications as mentioned. For the purpose of threaded stud connections, Nuts Wing Stainless Steel Cs/3 can prove to be essential. These contain two five/sixteen inch and three/eights inch wingnuts.

    Now, you have learned more about the RV fasteners and screw heads that you will need for your RV!

  • Engine Computers

    Engine Computers

    The majority of recreational vehicles today are highly dependent on engine computers. Usually, you can find information is available on a data bus. It transmits data between the control modules of the instrument panel, the transmission, and the ECM of the engine. The manufacturer often includes an OEM display system to display different parameters and give computer operations to the RVer.

    However, these systems may have a limited scope. As an RVer, you want to use a more comprehensive monitoring program that can display service and maintenance reminders, various trip settings, and engine parameter information.

    The main indicator of the overall condition of your RV is engine performance. You may find yourself in trouble if certain problems are not addressed properly. For example, if your RV starts to guzzle fuel, then you have a problem in your hands. You can check the owner’s manual and compare the expected gas mileage to what you are currently getting. While a single tank consuming fuel fast is not a big deal, vanishing three tanks on a highway is a drawback. With engine computers, you can easily detect issues like this.

    Sometimes, your dashboard will display a “check engine” pop up. You can understand exactly what your RV is trying to tell you if you invest in an engine computer. The device will tell you the real cause of the engine warning by connecting to the computer in the vehicle.

    Many RVers have a good feel for their motorhome. But at times, they disregard minor problems and point their fingers on poor rood conditions. What they fail to notice is what is beneath the hood. There may be a gasoline problem if the ride becomes bumpy or there is a knocking sound in the engine system.

    An engine computer can also identify a problem if your RV is releasing consistent smoke. A small amount of smoke is not a problem, but you may be burning fuel if it is black. Blue smoke means you are burning oil, while white smoke indicates burning antifreeze.

    RV Part Shop is offering a few products to help you monitor your engine.

    Linear Logic Scanguage D

    The ScanGauge D from Linear Logic is specifically designed for RVs that use diesel. Long-haul trucks and other huge vehicles can also benefit from using the ScanGauge D. This item includes the performance monitor, trip data in 5 sets, 15 integrated digital gauges, and X-Gauge.

    The X-Gauge, in particular, is a programmable system that is useful on the diesel pusher. The ScanGauge D enables you to keep track of the engine oil temp, transmission oil temp, and exhaust gas temp.

    Linear Logic Window Mount For Scangauge II

    It allows you to install your ScanGauge on the dash or window, as it comes with various mounting options. It is fully adjustable with its 360-degree rotation feature. You can get the best visibility by adjusting the viewing angle. The Window Mount For Scangauge II is compatible with all ScanGauge items.

    While fixing engines may be the work of an experienced mechanic, a responsible RV owner monitors the performance of the engine. Engine computers can help you detect problems before they become worse.

  • Engine Treatments

    Engine Treatments

    Recreational vehicles are always fun. You would not want to affect your fun and excitement with being stuck on the road. That is also because of a major engine failure or clogged fuel system.

    Help your engines last longer and run smoother. Our engine treatments that can be found on the site can help lubricate and fuel critical engine areas.

    Carburetor Cleaners

    The carburetor is one of the essential parts of a recreational vehicle. The settings here are important. That is why you need to spray it clean using a carburetor cleaner. From the CRC Marykate is Marine Carburetor sold at an affordable price. This is what you will really need for your RV’s carburetor.

    Engine Starters

    If there is no response from your RV’s engine battery, it’s when you need an engine starter. Decide to start your engine right with Jump Start w/ Lubricant from CRC Marykate and Start your Engine PDQ 2 Oz from Gold Eagle.  No need to worry about the prices of each product as it suits your budget well.

    Fuel Additives

    Maintain the efficacy of your RV fuel in times of disuse. Fuel additives can help prevent starting it due to engine corrosion and gas separation. It really is essential to keep the fuel tank as full during storage.

    Choose whether you want Sta-Bil 10-Oz, Marine Sta-Bil 8 Oz, S/T Gas Additive 16 Oz, Sta-Bil 16 Oz, Marine Sta-Bil 32 Oz, Sta-Bil 236 Ml Measure Bottle, Marine Sta-Bil 236Ml, Sta-Bil 946Ml, Air Shield Diesel Emissions Fluid 2.5 Gal, Fuel Stabilizer 32 Oz. and Fogging Oil 12 Oz.

    Oil Treatments

    There are bearings, metal gears, valves, and oil pump found in the automatic transmission that benefit from the oil treatments. The friction surface of any of these parts is treated. The friction between these parts is also greatly reduced. This thereby allows your transmission to operate a lot quieter and smoother.

    That is why you need oil treatments for your RV. Purchase the Motor Treatment 16 Oz Each, No Leak Oil Treatment 443Ml, and Engine Treatment Concentrate16 Oz.

    Power Steering Treatment

    Restore metal surfaces in the recreational vehicle power steering unit using power steering treatment. This can help fix a worn power steering treatment. Just add the product into the oil reservoir of the steering system. Trust that this can restore the sliding surface.

    Look no further than the power steering treatment products to buy from our site. These include the No Leak Power Steering Treatment 473Ml and the Power Steering Treat 16 Oz.

    Radiator Sealants

    The remarkable ability of radiator sealants to seal and repair leaks in freeze plugs, heater cores, and leaking radiators is known among RVers. This is acceptably used despite the failures of some other products. So, choose Radiator Sealer .70 Oz. and Radiator Sealer Liquid 16 Oz today.

    Transmission Treatments

    Transmission treatments are a formula designed to stop hesitation, slip, and rough shifting in worn RV transmissions. These can help eliminate seal leaks. That is why if you need one, the No Leak Transmission Treatment 473Ml is what you can buy from the Gold/Eagle.

    Now, you have learned all the engine treatments from the site!

  • Lubricants


    Maintaining the moving parts of your RV by lubricating them is necessary. This is one significant step to increase the operation and life of your slide out, wheel bearings, hitch points, and awning gears. Just by the proper use of lubricants, you won’t add to hurting the RV moving parts more.

    Keep these parts properly cared at all times. Always remember that the RV requires care and maintenance. Apply the lube especially where the locking bar or jaws slide through.

    Below are the choices of lubricants that you need to have today.  

    General Lubricants

    Choose the right lubricant from the various lubricants. Maintain the engine in its operating order. Properly care for your RV’s engine and check and change the oil levels. Do oil changes on a seasonal basis.

    Better to purchase the Onamax Oil 15W40 from Cummins that is factory-tested and recommended. This is maximum protection engine oil that can help reduce engine wear and consumption. These are brought by viscosity increase and high-temperature oil oxidation.

    The 10W 40 Oil Generators from Yamaha is also a great choice for its all-purpose performance. This can provide a stable performance in the clutch. This also gives strength that can protect the engine from wear and tear. The blending of ultra-clean additives and top quality mineral base oil bring out superior and anti-frictional properties.

    Hitch Ball Lubricants

    Prevent friction by applying a hitch ball lube over the surface of the hitch ball. Just a small amount will already be enough. Make lubricating the hitch ball an important thing to ever consider. For one, only a few drops of Cequent/Reese Ball Lube on your hitch ball eliminate dangerous friction. This does not also interrupt the continuity in the electrical ground.


    Before a long trip, make it part of your routine to lubricate the RV’s moving parts. This is one way of increasing the operation and life of the awning gears, wheel bearings and more. Never over lube or grease wheel bearings. Keep your moving parts lubed and clean.

    The many products for lubricants from the site include Silicone Lube 7.5 Oz Aerosol, High Performance Lubricant (4 0z.), Electro-Tek Silicone Compound, Electrical Contact Grease, Midget Grease Gun Kit, Deluxe Bearing Packer, 16 Oz Can Wheel Bearing Grease, 14 Oz Trailer Bearing Grease, 2-Pk 3 Oz Trailer Bearing Grease, 10.25 Oz Silicone Spray, Cable Life 6.25 Oz/B/L, Chain Life 17 Oz B/L, and many more.

     Penetrating Oil

    Search for penetrating oil that does better than any other products on the market. This will really save you more of your nerves and time. This can also loosen the toughest of metal parts. This helps prevent and clean rust and displaces moisture. Choose one from the two options of penetrating oil: Ultra Loose 11 Oz and Freeze Off Penetrant Lvoc.

    Slideout Lubrication

    Prevent some slideout problems with a good old and fashioned preventative maintenance. Slideout lubrication will always do well in the sliding and tracks mechanism. Buy from the many selections like the Slide Out Slicker (Pair), EZ Slide Lubricant, Slide-Out Lubricant with Graphite Aerosol, Seal Saver Conditioner, Slider-Out Rubber Seal Treatment 17, RV Slide Out Lube 15 Oz Bil, Slide-Out Seal Tx B/L 17, and Slide-Out Lube/Rust B/L16.

    Feel free to choose whatever you need from these lubricants for your RV!

  • Maintenance and Repair

    Maintenance and Repair – Some Old School Tactics


    Before you head out on your next adventure only to realize the roof is still leaking, the paint is chipping and you're still missing that bolt, check out our maintenance and repair section. Here you'll find roof repair products, scan gauges, replacement hardware, fuel funnels, spray paint, primer, tape, repair kits, and plumbing hardware so you can fix up your pride and joy.


    Maintenance and repair are the twin engines, in a manner of speaking, that keep RVs going strong. Recreation vehicles (RVs) are getting more popular these days and becoming a favorite among many people with its proven context of a lifestyle and the outdoor fun it has in store for their owners.


    Maintenance keeps your RV in great shape, and repairs will give it a new lease of life.


    The most important form of maintenance concerns your RV engine and its overall health. Like any other motor or engine that is currently in use, there will always be wear and tear that can lead to breakdown of parts which consequently would need repairs.


    Tips on repair

    Most RV owners know that if there is need to pay, they always pay up. This does not mean, however, in going for broke when you are only trying to maintain or upgrade your camper, travel trailer or motor home.


    Repair labor and parts can be expensive (older models tend to have higher rates than newer models), but there are ways to mitigate some of these expenses. First is doing your own inspections. After all these years (if you’re an RVer for years), you would know by experience what are some of the things that need to be looked into.


    Regular inspections

    These inspections would let you see the problems when they are still small and do not require expensive repairs. Discovering early signs of water leaks, excessive rusts, cracks, or breakage of any kind is well worth your effort and your time.


    Doing this means more than taking a casual look once in awhile. Instead, spend a half hour every month to check every interior and exterior area of your coach with an eye to finding problems.


    The monthly inspections can save you big because inspections allow you to discover problems before they can become worse (and expensive).



    When you are paying, you need to research into your case before you fork the money over without question. You would need information on competing shops, or you would need some unique sources for your products (parts) and labor.


    Another thing to consider is active negotiations for the price quotes you are given. Shops are sometimes reasonable, and the first quotations are more for show than real.


    Knowing what you are talking about, the parts and the needed repairs and the connections of one to the others can greatly help convince your shop to go down to a realistic price.


    Repairing fast

    The longer you hold off deciding on the repair of your RV, the more expensive it can become. It will also be a time-consuming issue. The more you wait, the wear and tear do not stop and wait alongside with your decision.


    A small leak might have done some small damage, but it can lead to black mold and wood rot and both issues can create a major damage to the coach inside your rig.


    As owner of your RV, you need to take an active role in the maintenance and repair of your vehicle, if you want it to last longer.

  • Tools

    RV Tool/Kit Box

    By having a stocked RV Tool/Kit Box, you are ready to handle unexpected events at the campsite. It just makes you feel at peace knowing that you have the simple supplies needed if things get in trouble.

    But always make it sure that you have an essential toolset that is compatible with your RV. Be very sure to know what your needs are. There are tools that can be used for simple maintenance and repairs. And there are those kits that can keep things organized in a small amount of space.

    From the site are the different products (types and parts) that you can find to fit on your RV tool kit box. Choose below what you believe are essential in doing some repairs. 

    Product and Part Type

    There are many different RV tool product and party types that you can include in your shopping cart. These mainly include the following; drill bits, electrical tap, circuit testers, bits, electrical tools, hex drivers, nut drivers, nutsetters, saws, screwdrivers, sockets, tools and testers, and voltage meters. And these are priced accordingly that fall into your budget.

    Tools in the Category

    Here are a few of the tools mentioned in the site that you need to buy right away:

    12-Volt Test Light

    From the manufacturer, Prime Products, is the 12-Volt Test Light that is considered to be very useful. It is due to the reason that it can check about 6 to 12 volt live circuits. As long as the power is on, it can be used properly. It has its needlepoint that is sharpened to penetrate insulation easily. It also has its extra 48 in. Lead. Its ground clip also has its insulator boot.

    Tape Self-FuSingle Auto 10Ft Black

    Moisture tight seal can be much achieved by having tape self-FuSingle Auto 10Ft Black. This one can insulate that protects splices and wires. What more, it can ideally be used for high- temperature applications? This makes a perfect alternative to heat shrink tubing. It also can completely cure in just 24-hour time period. You’ll like it more with its size of 10-inch length and black color.

    Dashflash Extra

    The impressive thing about this circuit tester is that it offers audible and visual indicator confirming live circuit. It comes with three different probes for different circumstances and vehicles. As per the probe and hook, these allow testing single-handedly. The two size tips enable working even in just tight quarters. The cord is somehow supported by a metal spring. The ground clip is also insulated.

    Other Choices of Tools

    There are still other tool choices that you can consider buying from the site. These can include 6-in-1 screwdriver, Nutsetter ¼” Mag No Taper, Magnetic Bit ¼ (A), 13In1 Ratchet Driver Red Triple 211RC2C36, Clutch Head Screwdriver 5/32”, 1 Square Recess Bit, Bit 2 Phillips 3-1/2” Long.

    Include X-Drill Bit 3/64” (12), GFCI Outlet Tester GFI Receptacle 6302, 8 in 1 Bit Load Driver Blk, 15 In 1 Bit Load Driver, X-Blade Air Saw (5), All Purpose Hand Tool, Multi-Bit Screwdriver.

    Feel free to choose the product type and product part of tool/kit box you need the most!

  • Lighting


    Lighting – LEDs Lead the Way



    The lighting in an RV, especially when it is being driven at night, can also act as one effective warning when noticed by other road users. Otherwise, the lights inside the RV are for your use (looking for things, illuminating walls and floors to better see things) just like the ones you have at home.


    As technology moves on, however, lighting and light devices these days are getting more modern, sharper in their light-making. The best news is that they are cheaper in the long run compared to all the present electricity-using lighting devices (lamps). These days, they are called LEDs or light emitting diodes.


    There had also been fluorescent lamps in use for a long time then, but even to this day, some RVs still use incandescent lamps.




    These LEDs (light emitting diodes) produce light by direct electricity rather than having a filament that lights up (incandescent lamps) and emits heat as well. These LEDs come in different forms and in several colors as well.


    The two colors available for RV are cold white (natural light which is blue-white) and warm white and the brighter more daylight-like light. The white light (bordering on yellow) is used inside the RV coach.


    This is more apt for doing regular tasks or plain reading. The warm light is more for general use.


    Light emitting diodes come in all sorts of forms and colors, all available in two different colors that are now used in the RV industry.


    Some comparisons


    There are reasons why people use LEDs now over those of traditional incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lights,. The main one is being the amount of light they produce.


    The energy used in producing the LED light compared to regular incandescent light is just 1/10th. Roughly translated to amperes, this means one incandescent lamp is equal to 10 LEDs. (Fluorescents have a more energy efficient number, though.)


    However, you get 2,000 hours lifespan of an incandescent lamp. On a fluorescent bulb, you get 10,000 to 15,000 hours. In LEDs, you get 20,000 to 60,000 hours (almost 7 years) of available light. Incandescent lights last for 2000 hours while halogens last around 1,000 hours.




    It is now possible to find LED lights that will replace every single light in your RV, although the conversion had only been recent. (LEDs had been around for 60 years already.) The biggest listed benefit is actually energy efficiency.


    (Only 10% of power is used compared to standard present consumption of RV light.)





    For the aesthetics, the LEDs won’t face the interiors of the RV because it does not contain ultra-violet rays and no harm on the drapes, furniture, or walls. it also doesn’t contain lead or mercury.


    LEDs generate only minimal heat. Halogen and incandescent light produce heat at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  LEDs emit around 80-100 degree Fahrenheit of heat.


    LEDs produce instant light at full brightness once turned on. Also, of interest to RV owners, LEDS lead the way in surviving the rigors (vibrations, etc.) of travel and not just on the quality of its lighting.

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RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance Must Haves


As a camper and an RV owner, you know that keeping your vehicle in good shape is very important. Making sure that all the parts of your RV, down to the smallest pieces are working properly, will keep you from worrying about having major issues in the future. There are also days when you feel like doing something new and you just want to upgrade that part of your RV that needs a makeover. But with...

RV Maintenance Must Haves


As a camper and an RV owner, you know that keeping your vehicle in good shape is very important. Making sure that all the parts of your RV, down to the smallest pieces are working properly, will keep you from worrying about having major issues in the future. There are also days when you feel like doing something new and you just want to upgrade that part of your RV that needs a makeover. But with so many parts and pieces, it is sometimes hard to find the right RV accessory or look for that piece you really need.


How often do you have to regularly check your RV?


You need to take note that each part of your Recreational Vehicle needs to be maintained but not all of them requires checking all at the same time. There are parts that need to be checked weekly, monthly, quarterly, based on mileage and some of them just needs an annual tune-up. These schedules are often included in the owner’s manual and vary depending on the type of trailer you have.


Keeping a log book of your maintenance activities is also a good habit. It will help you track your schedule and the parts of your vehicle that possibly needs repair or replacement. It can also be a good guide or proof for insurance claims or if you decide to sell your RV in the future.


Tools and Accessories for RV maintenance


There are so many items and parts you have to check in keeping your RV in good shape. Whether you have a motorhome, a truck folding trailer, fifth wheels, a truck camper or a travel trailer, always check your manuals for the correct maintenance schedule and proper care reminders.


Here are some tips for you.


  1. One of the must have item that you will need regularly are cleaning supplies to keep pest, mold and odor away. There are so many brands to choose from such as Accumetric, Bio-Kleen, Valtera, Protect All, Thetford and many more. 
  2. Just like your car, your RV also need its fuel, oil, filters, coolant, air and water system cleaned, placed and drained if needed to avoid major failures most especially during your trips.  
  3. Monitoring your engine regularly with the use of engine computer from Diable or Linear Logic and using reliable engine treatment products such as from CRC Marykate, Valvoline or Star Brite will help you get the job done.
  4. Always keep your RV repair kits handy and stuff them with fasteners, glue and adhesives, lubricants, and other basic tools and hardware with you for parts that need quick fixes.
  5.  Check the windows, doors, slide out parts, wiper blades and other moving parts of your RV including the roof’s seals and seams. You can get quality parts, accessories and other items for this from manufactures like AP products, Hardware Express and others. 
  6. Your batteries, breaks and generator should also be checked constantly especially during the winter.
  7. Tire pressure and wheel lug nuts as well as the electrical connection of your tow vehicle to your RV are also very important so do not forget check and test them before you drive.


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