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  • Ranges and Cooktops

    Ranges and Cooktops

    Prepare meals as if you were at home in your RV kitchen. Find the right cooktops and ranges to help you prepare delicious meals for you and your friends. We provide you with a large selection of ranges and cooktops that fit an RV of any model. Choose what exactly it is that you need. Look for all the essential parts and accessories that will make your kitchen like home. They will always be some of the wonderful amenities that you will need inside your RV home.

    Below are the selections of ranges and cooktops from the site that you might want to consider in mind.


    Browse our cooking appliances that are built specifically for RV’s. These are compact and powerful sold at their affordable prices. For once, the Slide-In 3 Burner Black Piezo from the Suburban is a high-performance and compact slide-in cooktop. This is mainly ideal for installation along with a convection microwave than an oven. Its excellent features include a variable and smooth flame that can be adjusted from a gentle simmer to the high heat for cooking. It also has its one-piece and Piezo ignition, heavy-gauge, rattle-free, and porcelain steel gate.

    Range/Cooktop Parts

    Do you need a new range for your recreational vehicle kitchen? What about the parts or accessories? Check out our huge line of RV range and accessories for your RV. These are as follow: Fastener Angle Bracket, Range Trim Kit-Large, Metal 20 ½” Range Seam, Burner Assembly, Range Trim Kit-Small, Top Main Black, Door Oven Black, Hinge Small Oven Door, Bolt 5/16-18 Plastic, Nut 5/16-18 Plastic, Kit Deluxe Grate 2-Pk, and Kit Oven Gas Supply Assembly.


    Conveniently cook meals for the entire family with the ranges for your RV that we have. From the site are ranges from brand names such as the Dometic and Suburban.

    Purchase the Range 22 Black Piezo from Suburban that is a well-insulated and high-efficiency range. This best features match-free piezo ignitions. Its high output 9,000 BTUH front burner features a linear valve. Be impressed by it as it matches the requirements of any aftermarket installer or manufacturer.

    The oven can heat up to 450 Degree Fahrenheit. And it features a huge sized broiler area and a porcelain surface. The purpose of these features is for the easy and convenient cleaning. It also includes an easy-sliding and sturdy oven rack with different rack positions. Its flame can also be adjusted for slim or high heat cooking.

    Range Vents

    Our range vents are a great solution for your RV kitchen. Look through our assortment and find the best range vent. There are so much more to consider like the Vent External Bright White, Vent Base 5X20, Vent External Colonial White, Range Hood Louvered Vent Polar White, Exterior Wall Vent Polystyrene, and many more.

    Stove Wraps

    Make the process of cleaning an RV range easy with the use of stove wraps. What these can promise you is a stove that is kept looking new as before.  These will also protect your stove against scratches and nasty scuffs resulting from cleaning up messes.

    Feel free to buy whatever you need from the products mentioned above. You’ll for sure make the cooking experience a lot easier and faster!

  • Icemakers

    Ice and cold drinks are a perfect luxury when you’re at home and when you’re out traveling your RV. That is why RV owners tend to dump a load of ice inside a cooler for the trip. But, more of them are discovering a new way to get ice over a long trip. They basically buy ice makers that are perfect for their RV whenever and wherever they go. What more, they are easy and convenient to use. Just as long as proper maintenance is followed, they will last for years.

    With portable ice makers, RV campers like you will make a lot of ice quickly. These are enough to keep beer and soda cold all day long. These will also be great to freshen up drinks or make ice creams.

    Save more money by considering one from the ice makers below and that can be found from the site.

    Ice Maker Parts

    An ice maker will function well if it has all its essential parts. Buy Heat Exchanger or Evaporator 2182-S-Black that completes its set-up. The base small is one product to find as well. The Thermostat and the Stripper 12    Cavity from the Westland Sales are also needed to complete the package.

    Add up on your shopping list the following: power cord, dryer, grille, insulator tube-Armaflex, cabinet feet, water cup, support housing, cover, spring, frame, condenser assembly, hinge lower black 11695 S-Black, compressor, door assembly complete white 95M-DOOR, pivot screw-bottom, and many more.


    When you buy icemakers from the site, you will benefit from them as they are truly portable. They will enable you to make ice a lot faster than the usual. What more, they do not need a water line or drain. And they can store and make more ice than you think they could be. Appreciate them more for being easy and convenient to use. A variety of ice can be made when you have it in your RV.

    An RV camper like you will love an ice maker as it can be a great benefit to a camping adventure. This is very much useful and this is worth finding for. On such a very hot day with no ice to be found, it is simply right to go on with this choice.

    Although there is no refrigerator for making ice cubes, you will enjoy an ice maker and enjoy more of your precious time. An Ice Maker Black 28” High is one product that you can purchase from us.

    Portable Ice Maker

    Do not spend more of your money filling your cooler with ice. Do not spend your time waiting for ice cube trays to freeze your drinks. The portable ice maker is the answer to your problem.

    The Portable Ice Maker Black from Franklin USA can be a great choice for you. This does no longer need ice trays. This can make up to twenty-six pounds of bullet shape ice every day. You only need to fill the reservoir with bottled water or standard top.

    Choose from the two different sizes of the ice. The amazing thing about it is that it has its extra features of automatic overflow protection, full ice bucket indicator, and water indicator. There is also an ice scooper and a 13-minute operation cycle. The outside dimensions are 9.53weightx12.9heightx14.09diameter.

    Now, you have learned more about the ice makers!

  • Microwaves


    Meal preparation will always prove to be necessary when out in the wild or on the road. This should never be neglected when going out on a recreational vehicle and camping lifestyle. If you have no food prepared when you’re away from home, it can hinder you greatly. There is a need to prepare food that you and your family want. Although you can build a fire somewhere out in the wilderness, still, it takes time to do that, right?

    Good thing, you do not need to take the risk and bear with the complication when you’re out camping and RVing. You can always have easy and quick cooking with microwaves.

    Below are a few of the available choices of microwaves that you need to take a focus on.

    Microwave Ovens

    Microwaves are a quick alternative to fix the issues that can come with outdoor meal preparation and bulky cooking equipment. Since you don’t need to hack down a tree when you want to heat up a meaty pastry, it’s when you need a microwave that is a quick to make things easy on the road.

    From the site are available choices of microwaves that you might want to buy. There is the .9 Cu Ft Microwave from the Forest River. If you want another option, there is the Convection Microwave 1.9 cu Ft Stainless Steel. This is one-of-a-kind from Whirlpool.

    Buy the Dehco Frigidaire over the Range Microwave and Whr Mhc 1.7 Cuft Spd 300 Cf. These are both a perfect option to include in your shopping list.

    Microwave Trim Kits

    Microwave trim kits are specifically designed to bring out a built-in look and provide an air that flows to the microwave. These consist of a trim frame and a lower, upper, and rear duct. These are encased and attached to the microwave found in the cabinet cut-out. It is necessary to just make use of the trim kit intended for that model.

    For the selections of trim kit, these can go endless. Let us start with the Trim Kit Black from Dometic. This is brand new as you would prefer it more. The Trim kit Microwave White is also one option to include in your list.


    As compared before, microwaves are now seen as a necessity than a luxury. In fact, the benefits are countless when you will travel in a vehicle. Firstly, it is easy and fast cooking your meals with microwaves. This is because of the multitude of features that it contains. You will definitely make cooking fun and easy. Melt cheese, pop some popcorn, and heat up a frozen dinner in just a few minutes.

    Secondly, microwaves will save you a lot of money. This is because you are given the ability to re-heat meals for the camping. Thirdly, a specialty heat source is promised by these microwaves. Heat up non-food items like the therapeutic heat packs during your camping trips.

    Fourthly, microwaves can be an alternative cooking application to ever consider. These can be a great back up to prepare your meals if an appliance malfunctions.

    In all these, get microwaves that are great to operate in an RV!

  • Washers and Dryers

    RV and Apartment Washers and Dryers

    Life on the road can seem fun and exciting when you have an RV. But, there are certain shores that can turn joy into frustration. Doing the laundry is also quite harder on your part. If you have a Laundromat, it is a facility that can still be unsanitary, crowded, and expensive.

    It will be a good idea to do laundry by installing a washer and dryer inside your RV. Actually, RV manufacturers understand that RV owners cannot wash their clothes on the road. Make a laundry inside your RV easier and more convenient by the standard washer and dryer.

    Here are the available washers and dryers from the site that you may want to keep inside your RV.

    All-in-one Washer/Dryers

    A washer/dryer set can efficiently handle a large load of laundry. This is an advanced machine that can make a perfect companion for your RV. Its compact size makes it more necessary as it does not take up too much space. Choose this washer and dryer as a brilliant move. There is only a need to make proper wiring available.

    Among available washers/dryers from the site are the combo washer dryer-Merlot, Black, Silver, White, and Super Washer. There is also the Splendide 2100XCc Wash/Dry Vented Whiter, 71000Xcp Washer/Dryer Ventless Platinum.

    No need to pack more clothes to last the entire trip. The washers and dryers from the site can help you deal with a pile of dirty clothes. Everything seems a lot easier when it comes to your laundry.

    Clothes Washers

    RV laundry can truly be a dirty choice if you are a nudist. The easiest way to handle it is by using an RV clothes washer. This is a preferable option that is also the most popular choice among RVers. This is effective and efficient to use while on the road.

    Shop around the best RV washer although it may seem a challenge. Good thing, there is an available Washer 24” White 120V/60Hz/4A Stackable. This can go well with your laundry chore.


    RV dryers will make doing a laundry chore feel good. It will be an enjoyable experience on your part. There are so far several choices from the site such as the Standard Dryer from Pinnacle, Complete Dryer White w/Silv Trim from Pinnacle, and the Dryer 24” Vented White 120V/60Hz/12A Stackable. Any of these choices will make everyday drying of clothes a lot better. These brands are trusted in the industry. That is why you just need to choose one that you like best from them.

    Dryer Vents

    Dryer vents are becoming more popular these days for their various benefits to offer. These are actually drying technique that can work even if the space is just limited. To understand this more, vented dryers take air from the surrounding room. These heat it up and tumble it down the clothes. These are then exhausted to the outside of a vent. This venting process is mainly used by most appliance brands.

    When you need this one, you can choose from the options of Outside Vent Kit-Stainless, Inside Vent Kit, Dryer Front Load Metal Door White 3.4 Cu Ft 120V, Deluxe Vent Kit Deluxe Chrome, 90-Degree Dryer Vent Elbow, and Deluxe Dryer Vent Kit Paintable.

    Stack Kits

    There is a need to buy a stack kit for stackable dryers and washers for the purpose of close-fitting installation. These basically fasten to the top of the washer that allows them to be installed before it. The benefits include easy venting hook-up and water drainage. Two of the choices of stack kits include Washer/Dryer Stack Kit and Washer/Dryer Stack Kit II.

    Washer/Dryer Parts

    There are a lot of washer/dryer parts to allocate your budget for. These can include Push Button, Outside Vent Kit-Black, Vesta Freestanding Hose Kit, Portability Kit for Pinnacl, Drain Away Pan 23-3/4 D, Drain Away Pan 22-1/4”, Washer/Dryer RV/Marine Stack Kit, Securefit Appliance Installation Brackets, and more.

    Now, you have learned more about the washers and dryers and all the essentialities to ever consider in mind!

  • Coffee Makers

    Coffee Makers

    Brewing coffee after waking up in the morning is a good routine. A perfect cup of coffee just makes you feel refreshed. It is also about having a good time first thing in the morning. But then, a coffee brewing stuff can only go to waste if it does not fit in the RV.

    Finding a coffee maker can be quite different than doing it in the kitchen. Keep your focus to deliver a quality cup of coffee. And you’re good to go. It will also help you prepare a good coffee if you have one of this stuff.

    Coffee Filter

    Buy the Permanent Coffee Filter 6-12 Cup from the EZ World Distn. This is a good choice as it does not use a paper filter. This being a permanent and stainless steel basket filter can replace your old paper filter. What more, this is eco-friendly and economical with a mesh filter that can fit cone, circular, oval basket coffeemakers.

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Coffee Maker


    If you want to save some space on the counter, get a mountable coffee maker in the RV. There are so many choices that you have to ready because they can become more expensive.

    Know where and how you will go and store the unit. The size is actually not just a single factor to consider here. The material it is made of is also one priority to bear in mind. In this regard, glass breaks a lot easier as compared to the stainless steel. That is why you may have the latter option.


    Electricity is the second consideration in mind when buying a coffee maker. If you will camp with no electricity, it will lead you to narrow down your options more. Almost all drip makers are run with electricity.

    Now, do you want to boil the water on the fire or just use an electric kettle? Always come to think of electricity.

    Clean-up and Convenience

    Space in the RV should never be too tight. That’s because you would not want to be uncomfortable while making your coffee. You will still need to keep in mind the coffee beans and not just the coffee maker. You might also need a grinder and a press for a French press as an option. In some other options, you may go to a kettle, filter, grinder, and more. That it is suggested for you to know everything needed before making a purchase.

    It’s also a lot better to stick with one that is less hassle when being cleaned. Just clean it in a tiny sink in the RV and a limited water supply. Other models are a lot easier to clean than any other.

    With a drip maker, cleaning requires more effort and more time. This is because of the fact that it requires lemon juice or running vinegar. It needs to be rinsed out completely several times.

    Coffee for the Best Camping Experience

    It can be really quite difficult to get the best coffee maker for your RV. However, you just need to keep things in mind such as the clean-up, convenience, and size. If electricity and storage are required, then consider them as part of a rule!

  • Dishwashers


    RV dishwashers are durable and sturdy appliances. However, they need a power and water source. For a countertop model, it will usually require 3 to 4 gallons of water to fully load it. And a more compact dishwasher will need to consume up 12 gallons of water.

    Get a dishwasher brand of your choice that is practical to use in your RV. Keep in mind as well that it is not a toy. Even the smallest dishwasher can handle almost four place settings in just a single load. Plates that measure 11 inches can also be loaded into some RV dishwashers.

    The good thing is that there are well-constructed, solid, and built to last appliances. If you want, settle with a modern dishwasher that does wash dishes better than any other hand-washing dishwasher.

    So, what dishwasher would actually be best to use for your RV? Here are the choices to ever consider in mind:

    Built-in Dishwashers

    Do not be confused by many new features and designs of a dishwasher. A lot of brands from the site can help you choose the right built-in dishwasher. Your dishwasher will increase the flexibility and space inside your RV. This will also customize well to your convenience.

    The assurance of these built-in dishwashers is the ingenious adjustment options, stress-free loading, and space created for small items. So, buy Lippert’s Dishwasher that can be a good option for you. The Dishwasher Built-in Stainless from the Westland Sales is one great option to let you stop using paper plates. This will give you the convenience of having a fully-featured dishwasher in the RV. This is great because it is a unit that can save so much space. Expect its load size capabilities and outstanding water savings. Its overflow protection, electronic controls, LED display, internal water heater, and single water inlet make it a must-have on your RV.

    Countertop Dishwashers

    When you have a countertop dishwasher, you need to be concerned with the amount of water that needs to be consumed during a cycle. But the impressive thing about it is that it uses only less water than the built-in or hand-washing dishwasher. Just be ready because this can range between models and makes.

    What good a countertop dishwasher can do is that it can be kept on the counter for regular use. This uses only less detergent and water. Better yet, choose Dishwasher Countertop Black that can be a space-saving unit. This is specially equipped with a cutlery basket and dish rack. This can clean up to 6 of dishes and this can use 2 to 4 gallons of water.  This can also do a heavy wash for dishes with grime.

    Its start option will let you set a wash cycle for up to twenty-four hours. Its specific features just make it likable for an RV owner. It has so far been approved by the CSAus and Energy Star.

    So, end the fight in the struggle of washing the dishes. Benefit from the available options from the site that are affordably-priced!

  • Vacuums


    Keep the living area of your recreational vehicle completely sanitized and clean. This is necessary if you want overall health and comfort. As you do this, you also are doing your RV a favor to maintain its value.

    RV travel really has a lot of benefits to offer. It comes with a great deal of fun and excitement. But, remember that it can get dirty as well. There is a need to take a few steps to live in a sanitary and good-smelling environment.

    Dirt is one thing that you can never ignore in hard floors and carpeted areas. You, therefore, need to look into RV vacuums that can get the job done. We are more than proud to gather a list of the best vacuums and accessory types for your RV.

    Central Vac Systems

    Extract the debris, dust, and dirt out of the RV interior using central vacuum systems. The good thing about these systems is that a promise is assured to you that no more allergens will circulate ever again. The motor usually has a powerful and deep-cleaning effect. Depending on the motor you purchase, it is true that it is three times stronger.

    Get ready with choosing from the two choices of central vac systems in standard and deluxe form. The standard form having a 7-inch hose that expands to about 35-inch. This also has a one-piece adjustable wand, floor/combo rug tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice nozzle. The latter also includes the same size of hose and all other tools. But, this one is different because of its RugRat turbine handheld brush and mesh bag caddy. So, just think which one of them you will be interested in buying.

    Vacuum Bags

    Although they seem unimportant and small, vacuum bags have an essential role to play on your vacuum. They act as a reservoir of molds, allergens, endotoxins, and molds. If your vacuum bag is already full, it needs to be changed with a correctly-sized vacuum bag designed for your vacuum model. Your vacuum bag needs to be properly designed and properly fit. If not, it may hinder your vacuum from containing dust.

    From the site are three choices of vacuum bags available. The Dirt Devil Hepa Filter Replacement Bags are mainly designed with the protection of your RV in mind. It can capture all common mold, dust mites, pollen, dirt, and animal dander as you vacuum. The second choice is the Replacement Bags for Small Wonder that is made of a three-layer and electrostatic material. This type of material captures small particles measured .3 microns per pack.

    Vacuum Parts

    Even if there is no need to memorize all the essential parts of the vacuum, it still can help you if you know them all. These parts usually include the hose, power head, wand, cord, motor, headlight, brush-roller, and headlight. Each of these parts has a distinct role to play for the vacuum to work.

    Buy from the site several vacuum parts that include the Vroom RV accessory, Relay Assembly PC Cord, Vacpan-Black, Mounting Plate, Dirt Devil Inlet Valve-Wh, and Dirt Devil Inlet Valve-W.

    Vacuum Tools

    Keep your carpet and floor in the RV clean. It can be left free from debris with either of the vacuum tools to find from the site. There are so much more accessories to buy at affordable prices. These can include powered heads, adjustable wands, automatic dustpans, and accessory kits.

    Now, you have learned more about the vacuums tools, kits, cleaners, and accessory types that you might want to include in your shopping list!

  • Refrigerators


    Refrigeration is one of the perks of traveling in an RV. Having an RV refrigerator will make keeping food cool a lot easier. No need to spend more time when it comes to searching for ice as it is already enough.

    Keep your road trip even more luxurious with refrigeration. Just remember that food is a basic necessity. Your RV refrigerator should stay cool on the summer days. If not, all your foods might spoil leaving you with nothing.

    Good thing, we’ve got refrigerators, accessories, and parts. Get what you exactly need today from the choices below.


    Have the right refrigerator inside your RV to fit your personal needs. This is a must-have to consider in the very beginning. Although it may seem overwhelming choosing which one from the many options, you can still make the best choice in the end.

    From the site are the available choices like the Refrigerator 3-way Black, Refrigerator 7 Cu Ft Right Hand 2-Way Black, Fridge Replacement for RM4223, Stainless Steel Refrigerator, 2 Way Double Door w/ Thermo Black, 6 Cu Ft Refrigerator, and more. Choose which of these is ideal for your RV.

    Refrigerator Accessories

    Enhance your refrigerator with a wide range of accessories from the site. You’ll for sure keep your refreshments cool while on your next road or camping trip. Get only the best deal of accessories from the largest selections. For once, the Egg Carrier 6 Egg from Coghlans is one accessory type to ever consider. This is an unbreakable plastic carrier that can hold eggs. You won’t ever worry as it won’t ever crush them. It also comes with built-in handles for the purpose of easy and convenient carrying.

    Portable Refrigerators

    Why buy a portable refrigerator? This will allow you to let your food cold without taking up too much space. This is the best solution for all your camping trips. This will, even more, keep your food fresh.

    Choose one from the many selections of portable refrigerators: Transit Bag Canvas 47L Ar, Fridge Tiedown Kit Suits, Portable Refrigerator/Freezer120/12-24V, Portable Refrigerator/Freezer 0.4Cf, and more.

    Refrigerator Fans

    Keep your RV refrigerator in good condition. Check out the best RV refrigerator fans on the site for you. They will definitely impress you wherein you’ll get to buy one easily.

    Decide to buy the Deluxe Refrigerator Cool Fan from Valterra. This proudly boasts a portable and compact air circulation system. This somehow requires 2 “D” size alkaline batteries. As per the batteries, they can run on a consistent basis for almost about 30 days.

    Another option from the same manufacturer is the Fridgecool Universal Vent Fan. What this can do is to keep the refrigerator coils cool. The latter will work an efficient way possible with wind tunnel design.


    Keep your beverages and foods fresh with a selection of coolers from the site. These are indeed a wonderful addition to your RV life. You’ll only be left with one question, “to chill, or not to chill”. Spend your dime wisely with 55L Passive Color from Dometic that surely does the job for you.

    Feel free to buy any of these products mentioned including refrigerator parts, installed refrigerators, bug screens, refrigerator slid trays, refrigerator vents, tools, and testers!

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