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  • Inside Your RV

    The Inside of your RV


    Your RV is your home or your second home. That is why it is just normal that you want it to be as convenient and as functional as possible, especially on the inside where you often spend your time doing all the necessary things you need to do. Having the things you need handy inside your Motorhome, Fifth wheels, Truck campers, Folding and Travel trailers is a big relief for all campers.


    Things you should always have inside your RV

    Though it is not really possible to fit every single items you need inside your rig, there are basic things you should always remember to bring with you during your camping or travels. We listed down some essential items that can surely be a big help to you. For the best brands and reliable RV parts, accessories and all kinds of RV supplies you can visit rvpartshop.com.


    RV Kitchen Items

    As much fun as cooking outside when camping, there are certain conditions or situations where you have to do the cooking inside. You should bring items that can help manage your kitchen tasks and keep thing easy such as food covers, cam openers, parchment papers sink covers, durable and lightweight utensils, pressure cooker, microwaveable containers, tables, disposable and nesting kitchen wares and include extra portable water and others items that you think you might need.


    RV Interior Electric Items and Appliances

    Your appliances and electrical tools or devices is also important and such match you daily needs such as your refrigerators, cooking range, microwaves, TV and dishwashers. The electronic items that you will definitely need are your mobile phone, navigators, satellite and antennas, cameras and observation system and radios specific for RV use which are all available at rvpartshop.com


    RV Emergency/Safety Kits and accessories

    These items are very important so you should have these things handy inside your rig. Keep a first aid kits ready and easily accessible including your foldable/collapsible ladder, flashlight, extra power cords, charger and batteries, emergency lights. Do not also forget to check your fire extinguishers, alarms and detectors.     


    Necessary items for your RV

    You would also have to bring extra water hose and sewer hose and holders, hampers, folding chairs, maps, extra keys, lighter, scissors, shovels, ropes and duct tapes. Do not also forget to stock some personal items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, insect repellent and other gears. For added convenience do not take your rugs, mats ad carpets, shades, bed and furniture covers and sofas for granted. 


    RV Interior and organization accessories

    With limited space and storage, it is a must to find items that can help you organize and utilize the available space you have inside your RV. You can use holders and trays, organizers and racks.


    RV Cleaning Supplies

    Sanitary and maintenance supplies are also important to keep your RV odor free, clean and great shape. These items are toilet papers, soap and detergents, disposable bags, sponges, gloves, brushes, sweepers, portable vacuums, all-purpose cleaners, deodorizers, air fresheners, other toiletries, towels and extra sheet.


    Some of these items are readily able inside your house and kitchen but it is advisable to have a different set stored for your RV so wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to pack some of these items. 

  • Outside Your RV

    All about the Outside of your RV


              As an RV owner, you know that having a Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheels, Truck Camper or a Tent Trailer is a big investment. You wouldn’t want to let it get damaged and become rusty faster than it normally should, without getting the most out of it. The exterior of your rig is the first thing that everybody see before they decide to take a look inside or not. It is important to keep it maintained, inviting and in good shape to keep its market value high, for insurance purposes or simply just to keep yourself, your family and friends proud that you own that RV.


    Accessories for your RV Exterior

                For a fun and hassle free camping and trips there are many RV exterior accessories you can find to make your life a lot safer and easier. Some of these are listed below but you can find a lot more items in RV shops depending on the kind of trip you are planning to have.


    RV Awning Room

    This part of your RV serves as your second room or your protection from heat, cold and rain so keeping clean and in good condition is a necessity. You can use cleaners, patch kits and bags or boxes to keep it neat ready to use when needed. Look for reliable brands such as carefree, Lippert, Domestic and others.


    RV Patio

    There are so many different brands to choose from for your patio lighting, fabrics and other accessories.


    RV Outdoor Cooking Tools

    You can easily find all the things you need for your outdoor cooking such as cooking wears and utensils, griddles and grills, trays including tables and chairs.


    RV Ventilation

    Fans, vents, vent parts and installation kits are also important part of your rig exterior.


    RV Mirrors and other exterior accessories

    Your mirrors, covers, decals, sticker and other graphics adds beauty and personality to the over appearance of your RV.


    Toys, books and game essentials

    What’s the use of staying outside without letting you relax, have fun and play under the sky or simply appreciate nature. Bring your favourite game boards or card, game toys or that book that you’ve always wanted to read together with a portable chair and table.


    Access and Safety accessories

    Making sure that your RV is securely positioned is also important so keep things safe. Keep your ladder and other safety kits handy in case of emergency.


    Maintaining the Outside of your RV

    As much as we want to, it is not just relaxing, eating and playing activities that we should always think of when we talk about the outside of your RV, we should also include cleaning and maintaining on the list. But with the size of your recreational vehicle, it is often hard to know where to start. To help you out, we listed down some basic RV exterior parts that you have to regularly keep an eye on.    


    1.    Clean the sidewalls.

    2.    Inspect the roof

    3.    Wipe the fiberglass caps.

    4.    Check you’re the wheels and clean the slide out and seals.

    5.    Keep your RV awning clean.

    6.    Do not forget to clean the undercarriage.

  • RV Maintenance

    RV Maintenance Must Haves


    As a camper and an RV owner, you know that keeping your vehicle in good shape is very important. Making sure that all the parts of your RV, down to the smallest pieces are working properly, will keep you from worrying about having major issues in the future. There are also days when you feel like doing something new and you just want to upgrade that part of your RV that needs a makeover. But with so many parts and pieces, it is sometimes hard to find the right RV accessory or look for that piece you really need.


    How often do you have to regularly check your RV?


    You need to take note that each part of your Recreational Vehicle needs to be maintained but not all of them requires checking all at the same time. There are parts that need to be checked weekly, monthly, quarterly, based on mileage and some of them just needs an annual tune-up. These schedules are often included in the owner’s manual and vary depending on the type of trailer you have.


    Keeping a log book of your maintenance activities is also a good habit. It will help you track your schedule and the parts of your vehicle that possibly needs repair or replacement. It can also be a good guide or proof for insurance claims or if you decide to sell your RV in the future.


    Tools and Accessories for RV maintenance


    There are so many items and parts you have to check in keeping your RV in good shape. Whether you have a motorhome, a truck folding trailer, fifth wheels, a truck camper or a travel trailer, always check your manuals for the correct maintenance schedule and proper care reminders.


    Here are some tips for you.


    1. One of the must have item that you will need regularly are cleaning supplies to keep pest, mold and odor away. There are so many brands to choose from such as Accumetric, Bio-Kleen, Valtera, Protect All, Thetford and many more. 
    2. Just like your car, your RV also need its fuel, oil, filters, coolant, air and water system cleaned, placed and drained if needed to avoid major failures most especially during your trips.  
    3. Monitoring your engine regularly with the use of engine computer from Diable or Linear Logic and using reliable engine treatment products such as from CRC Marykate, Valvoline or Star Brite will help you get the job done.
    4. Always keep your RV repair kits handy and stuff them with fasteners, glue and adhesives, lubricants, and other basic tools and hardware with you for parts that need quick fixes.
    5.  Check the windows, doors, slide out parts, wiper blades and other moving parts of your RV including the roof’s seals and seams. You can get quality parts, accessories and other items for this from manufactures like AP products, Hardware Express and others. 
    6. Your batteries, breaks and generator should also be checked constantly especially during the winter.
    7. Tire pressure and wheel lug nuts as well as the electrical connection of your tow vehicle to your RV are also very important so do not forget check and test them before you drive.
  • Truck Accessories

    Don't forget your tow vehicle needs TLC too. We have a whole range of truck accessories, from tonneau covers to running boards and cargo management items. Get a great look, ease of use and improved safety with these quality products.

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