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RV Interior Furnishings & Accessories

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  • Rugs


    RVing can really be fun for you and your friends. But, keeping the dirt out of the RV is one issue all of you need to face. It does not actually matter how you camp or how clean you are. It is just that dust and dirt can seem to find their way into the crevice of your space.

    The good thing is that there are ways that can keep the dirt out of your RV. RV rug can be your best line of defense. Below are the different types of rugs available that you can come to consider.

    Door Mats

    When you place doormat outside the RV entrance, it can best define an outdoor space perfect for dining. It can also get the attention of the guests around. Just do your diligent research so that you have the exact door mat perfect for your RV.

    From the site are the choices available that include: grey in doormat, black in doormat, boot tray black, and tan in door mat. There are also other options such as the ruggid door mat midnight blue, and ruggid door mat sierra brown. These can be essentially useful in protecting the floors from moisture and damaging debris.

    Replacement Springs

    RV replacement springs are designed to fit the RV step rugs. These are basically found in outrigger and wraparound rugs. And these are needed to fit on your rugs. There are replacement springs to find from the site. These are offered by Prest-O-Fit that comes at an affordable price.

    Rug Sets

    Protect your RV flooring and carpet by the use of RV rug sets. As long as you love their color, it will definitely go well with your interior. These are sized specifically to fit your RV’s. And these actually mean to say adding life to your floors.

    Since these are made from high-quality materials, the more that you will like to have them in your list. Choose 3-piece RV Rug Set Sandstone that can work great on carpet and hard floors.

    If you also want, you may have 3pc RV Rug Set Butter Pecan that is sized perfectly for your RV interiors. Its finished edges can help prevent fraying. Other items included in here are one bathroom mat, one kitchen mat, and one hall runner.

    Stair Rugs

    Buy from the site related to stair’s rugs. There are many choices in store for you like the Step Huggers-Black Granite, Step Hugger Sierra Brown, and Step Hugger Landing Step Rug. These can be a great accessory that comes in a variety of materials and designs for style and safety on your staircase.

    Take good care of your RV stairs, both inside and outside. These stair rugs are a perfect piece that can be set in place.

    Step Rugs

    RV step rugs may seem not an essential piece to put on your RV. But, they are particularly strong as compared to other equipment. They are also the most supply for the safety in your RV. There are many options for RV step rugs on the site. They are priced or created equally. Among the choices available: Outrigger Rad Choc Brn, Ruggids Step Rug 22” Ch Blk, Outrigger Rad Xt Blacl Onyx, Scrub Rug TPE Backing 17.5x18 Black, and more.

    Now, you have learned more about these rugs that can be very much useful to use on your RV!

  • Step and Foot Stools

    When you need a little boost to get at what you need, but are limited on space, this assortment of folding step stools is exactly what you need. They come in many colours including black, red, white, green, yellow, sapphire blue, forest green, beige, burgundy and aluminum. There's also different styles available to suit your specific needs.
  • Tables

    Tables make your patio space a lot more useable and let you spend more time outside doing what you want. We have side chair tables, Quik-Fold side tables, 4 position aluminum tables, aluminum folding stools, aluminum square tables, Snack Daddy tray, bistro tables, coffee tables, snack trays, folding tables, canvas folding tables and Tag-Along tables that you can throw down anywhere.
  • Shades

    Be comfortable while reducing cooling costs with our selection of interor shades and blinds. These keep the sun out and the air cool inside your RV.

  • Bedding


    It is true that RV bedding is essential if you want to get a relaxing and restful vacation. This is when it comes to enjoying a camping experience. The good thing is that there is a wide range of sizes, designs, and styles of beddings and mattresses to find.

    Good night rest is important to get ready on the activity the next day. If you still have no extra beds in your RV, might as well spend some time to have them for your ease, convenience, and comfort.

    Below are a few of the quality bedding’s that you would want to be having in your RV.

    Air Mattresses

    Sleep simply like a baby with air mattresses. These ensure to you that you will be getting fully refreshed and well-rested? Air Bedz Air Mattresses are a portable product that can fit your own carry bag. No need to worry as it has a pump and carry bag included. The mere fact that it is versatile, it’s more likely that you will approve of it.

    Bunk Mats

    Bunk mats are mainly durable and thick to be used in bunk beds. They are also handcrafted from heavy duty material. There are so many choices that can be found that include the Teddy Bear Bunk Mat from Lippert. Chocolate and tan are the usual color of the bunk mats to choose from.

    Duvet Covers

    Never forget to include duvet covers that act as a protective layer over your bedding. It may be that it is difficult to clean and is expensive, but it is still useful as it protects the comforter. One more likable thing about it is that it is easy to wash and remove. From the Leisure Time is the Duvette Cover-Sand that you will like.


    Buy custom size mattresses that won’t hang over the edges of the bed platform. What these can assure you is the luxury and comfort of memory foam in your RV. The Twin Mattress, Rest Easy Plush is one of the choices available for you to consider. There’s also the Short Queen Mattress, Rest Easy Euro Top that you can have.

    Mattress Pads & Protectors

    Decide to protect your RV mattress by having mattress pads and protectors. You won’t have to worry that the mattress will suffer from wear and tear process. These items can reduce allergens as well. But more importantly, these will add comfort that you are looking for throughout your stay in the RV.

    Pillow Protectors

    Protect your pillow from stains and dust mites as you purchase a pillow protector. It is up to you to choose Pillow Protector King or Pillow Protector Jumbo. Either way, they both can keep your pillow cleaner while staying fluffier.

    Rear Seat Air Mattresses

    The use of rear seat air mattresses can assure you of security and safety in the RV. They can serve as a medium for sleeping a lot better. Among the choices to find from the site for these type of mattresses are as follow: Queen Double High Mattress with Pump, Camo Rear Seat Air Mattress, Inflatable Rear Seat Air Mattress, and more.

    Sheets and Pillows

    Cover the mattress with sheets and add up some pillows. Check out the Soft King Pillow, Firm Jumbo Pillow, Microfiber Sheet Set, Adjustable Sheet Set, Microfiber Sheet Set Sage, Short Queen that can help make a perfect bed.

    Truck Bed Air Mattresses

    Get comfort in sleeping by choosing one from the truck bed air mattresses. You can go with Airbedz 8’ Bed w/ Pump, or Airbedz 5 Bed w/Pump Truck Bed Mattress. Among the characteristics to consider for these mattresses are good storage design, an air pump, and even extras.

    Now, you have learned more about the quality bedding’s that need to be added for a good and comforting sleep!

  • Bunk Ladders

    Make it easier for the family to access overhead bunk beds when it's time to hit the hay after a fun day of camping. Or, easily store and retrieve items from overhead storage areas. These bunk ladders are strong, durable and detachable.
  • Carpet Protection

    Carpet Protection

    Time is of the essence when it comes to replacing the carpet because of the unpleasant smell or dirt. The good thing is that there is a carpet protection to find for it. It also best serves its purpose for the decoration and refurbishment of your carpets. It is often characterized by being self-adhesive and without having a sticky residue. And it is more than ideal to use to minimize damage claims and clean-up time.

    With the triple protection, it offers to block stains, repel liquids, and resist soil. It’s when you will like it more that you would like to make use of it. So far, there are many viable choices to find from the site for carpet protection.

    Carpet Cleaner

    Clean your carpeted floor today. Protect it against deterioration, wear and tear, debris, and dirt with the available products from the site. This actually comes in many different forms.

    For instance, you may choose the Pet Stain Remover 26 Oz from Dometic. This is something that you can make use of to clean your carpet from pet urine or dirt. Even the Ultimate Carpet Clean 22 Oz as it helps you achieve a cleaner and better carpet.

    Carpet Protection

    Try three of the available carpet protect solutions we have from the site. These are designed to help extend the life of your floor. Find only the most useful products such as the refills and carpet mats. There are also the shoe protectors and carpet runners that will avoid the dirt from spreading out.

    Get the Surface Shield 54”x100’ Double Polished product. This already comes at a discounted price. So, you would want to have it on your list. The second choice presented in the site is the Carpet Shield 21”x 30’. This has a self-adhering and clear film providing temporary protection for your RV carpet. With its non-slip surface, it can definitely be a perfect blend of polyethylene. And this can resist any punctures or tears. This product can also best protect your carpet from tracked-in dirt and stains.

    24”x30” Step N Peel Mat Clear is also a great choice that can work well with Step N Peel Refills. This contains thirty tabbed adhesive sheets to remove the dirt and dust from footwear. What more to like it is that it peels away the dirt for a clean and fresh sheet.

    Buy Carpet Protection Today!

    Liquid spills, acid dyes, and dry soil can cause trouble and serious damage to your RV carpet. That is why there is a need to buy a carpet protector to make it easier and faster for you to clean up the stains. It will be an easy and fast way for you to do the RV vacuuming. In addition to that, it works to create a barrier against dirt, stains, and spills.

    Have your carpet stay clean and long with carpet protection. Always consider your carpet in mind that comes as the most expensive investment. It makes sense to clean it for it to last for years. It is also good if you make it beautiful and shiny.

    Now, you have learned more about carpet protection including the use of carpet cleaner!

  • Furniture Covers

    Pets? Kids? Protect the chairs and couches inside your RV with our selection of furniture covers specifically designed for RV furniture.

  • Interior Chairs

    Interior Chairs

    If you will drive for seven to eight hours, you will appreciate the importance of a supportive interior chair. If you also watch a movie, you need to have a nice recliner. A nice and comfortable sofa is also needed to be converted into a bed for the comfort of a guest.

    A limited space in the RV can still be made comfortable with just an RV interior chair. And keep in mind that it comes in different sizes, price ranges, decors, and shapes.

    Below are a few of the choices of interior chairs that you would want to spend most of your time in.

    Chair Parts

    Make sure you stock up chair parts so you are not left without a seat on your next RV adventure. Now, you will never ever leave your home without the chair parts from the site. Everything can be found here such as the 9 ¾” Pedestal w/15” Short Box Bar and the 9 ¾” Pedestal w/20” Short Box Bar.


    Benefit more from the quality, strength, and design of hold-downs for your RV. Chair Buddy from Mor/Ryde is one of the convenient ways of securing your dinette chairs. If something happens while you’re driving down the road, and the dinette chairs can no longer function as before, it’s when this Chair Buddy can prove to be essential. This will help save the chair from being completely damaged. And this will eliminate awkward and bulky straps and hold it in place.

    With its sturdier and cleaner design, it can best keep the chair from moving around while you’re driving. This is also easy for you to install as it only takes just a few minutes. If you want, you may fold it up as quickly as possible.

    Interior Chairs

    Browse from almost twenty-five interior chairs from the site. It is up to you whether you choose for Pushback recliner from Lippert and Swivel Glider Recliner Heat/Wand from Lippert. Other options to consider include Right Arm Recliner, Left Arm Recliner, Console, Cougar, Left Arm Recliner, Right Arm Recliner, and more.


    You can now rest your feet on top of this ottoman. Enjoy this stuff as this is truly multi-functional. It is not only designed for seating that makes it an eligible purchase. Storage Ottoman-Taupe from the Flexsteel is one product you will include in your shopping list.

    Get to Choose the Interior Chair for Your RV!

    There is a huge selection of interior chairs that you can take away from your home and place it in your RV home. This is an important accessory to fit inside your RV. This looks best for indoor use.

    Enjoy the comfort that it can bring you and your family. Organize it along with RV sofas, armchairs, RV dinettes, and RV recliners. Thus, you won’t every worry about moving while driving.

    So, feel free to visit the site and choose from a huge selection of RV interior chairs. Any of which will definitely offer you the benefits while RVing.

  • Sofas

    RV Part Shop carries a wide selection of styles and fabrics to replace the existing sofa in your motorhome or travel trailer. Choose from sofas, pullout beds or jackknife beds that are solidly made with solid steel frame and mounting brackets for long life and stability.
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Even though you don't want to spend all your time indoors, you can make the time you do spend in your RV the most comfortable it can be. Browse through our selection of furniture, chairs, rugs, carpet protection, bedding, step rugs and everything else you need to enjoy your RV.


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