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Dinghy Towing

RV Dinghy Towing Accessories

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  • Tow Bars

    When you go away, it's not always practical to get everywhere you want to go in your big RV, so if you have a vehicle that can be towed, bring it along. Here you'll find tow bars, which are the portion that attaches to your hitch and the baseplates as well which are mounted to the front of the vehicle you're towing. On top of the essentials like wiring and brackets, we also have accessories like covers and cleaners to help make your flat towing system last.

  • Base Plates

    When it comes to towing a secondary vehicle, there's a lot of stress put on the second vehicle that it wasn't necessarily designed to cope with. The base plates you will find in this section are designed to work with your vehicle for the best and safest towing experience possible. Protect your vehicle and everyone else by making sure you pick up a baseplate form one of the quality manufacturers we sell such as Blue Ox, Demco and Roadmaster.

  • Supplemental Braking

    You can never have too much braking power, especially when it comes to towing, so if you plan on pulling a vehicle behind you, take advantage of its brakes as well using a supplemental braking system. We have both portable systems that are great for part-time tow vehicles as well as hard-wired systems for your dedicated getting around car, either way we have a ton of parts and accessories to help you stop on a dime.

  • Tow Bar Accessories

    Here's all of the available accessories to make towing your car behind your motorhome easy and safe. áYou'll find safety and electrical cables, adapters to adapt one manufacturer's tow bar to another one''s base plate adapter, covers, battery disconnects, locks, pins and clips. áWe also have lighting kits to power your car's lights from teh motorhome for safety. á Plus, there's rock guards to protect your car's finish.

  • Tow Dollies

    If your vehicle is not able to be flat-towed, or you just don't want have to modify it for a tow bar and supplemental braking, then the other option is to use a tow dolly. These small trailers are made so that you can securely mount the front wheels of your vehicle to the dolly, and it takes care of all the braking so as not to wear out your vehicle when it's not being driven.

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Dinghy Towing

It's definitely not practical to take your RV everywhere you plan on visiting while you're away, so bring your car with you. Our variety of dinghy towing options gives you the opportunity to tow along a smaller vehicle behind your RV both safely and securely. Here you'll find supplemental braking systems, tow bars, baseplates, tow dollies and all the parts and accessories to get back on the road.


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