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  • Awnings

    RV Awning Parts and Accessories

    Awnings are considered as the most practical and best solution for adding space to an RV. Once in a while, you will need to replace missing or old camper awning parts. Most of them are easily found online and are shipped to your campsite.

    With the availability of RV awning parts and accessories, it can seem overwhelming choosing which one to buy. Below are among those essential parts highlighted by the site for you to keep in mind:

    Patio Awnings

    Enjoy the outdoor RV experiences in any season with patio awnings. These are designed to fit perfectly with your RV. As you decide to go buy one from several manufacturers, you won’t have regrets in the end.

    For instance, you can buy a campout bag awnings from Carefree. This is because it is easy for you to set up with all its essentialities of braces and self-storing arms. It is durably constructed with heavy-duty aluminium channels. Its material makes it the strongest awning possible. With its availability in different colors, it truly matches your RV.

    Slideout Awnings

    To achieve that much-added space into your RV, add up Solera Slider Roller/Fabrics by Lippert. Although there already are other choices from Carefree, this one makes a perfect option for being economical and attractive protection for slide-outs. It serves its purpose of blocking bird droppings, debris, branches, and leaves. It also comes with all mounting brackets and awning rail. What more, it is available in different acrylic fabric and vinyl colors.

    Window/Door Awnings

    Keep your RV’s interior cooler while saving more energy. That is achieved if you include window/door awnings. The mere fact that they are easy for you to install, they also enhance the RV’s architectural design.

    Give your RV windows and doors with some shade and protection with Carefree and Lippert’s variety of window/door awnings. These are mainly available in two-part types of window awning roller and fabric and window awning arms.

    Simply Shade DIY Window Awnings are a promising product for its unified and sleek look. Everything is already included for an easy DIY installation: mounting hardware, awning rail, and custom fabric.

    Replacement Fabrics

    Begin your search of a replacement fabric for an RV awning from Carefree. From this manufacturer is the availability of the product in three different series of premium vinyl fabrics, slideout fabrics, and standard vinyl fabrics. Replacement fabric is actually classified into two different part types of patio awning fabrics and slideout awning fabrics.

    Awning Rooms

    Keep the bad weather and bugs out with awning rooms available at Carefree and Lippert. They can keep the temperatures inside your RV cooler. Lippert Solera Screen Awning Add-A-Rooms can fit most 10-inch to 21-inch power and manual awnings. This is perfectly designed to complement your room size.

    Awning Parts and Accessories

    Find the different part type of awning accessories that include awning anchors, awning knobs, bumpers, cranks, end stops, hangers, hardware, latches, pole storage, poly cord, pull straps, tensioners, warning straps, and more. These are easily obtained from manufacturers; AP Products, Incom, Domestic, Essential Products, Level-Trek, Star Brite, Thetford, Leisure Time, and more.

    So, choose from the RV awning parts and accessories that are needed to repair or replace a broken and damaged awning. As the owner of your RV, you need to take charge of buying the right RV awning parts and accessories!

  • Covers

    RV/Trailer Trailer Roof Covers

    Your RV is naturally exposed to certain elements that can cause it to fall into disarray. That is why it is ideal to keep it safe using an RV trailer roof cover. If you will leave your RV on the street or in a side yard, it will more likely to fall prey to degradation.

    Exposed fibre glass will also oxidize over time. This makes the surface of the RV duller. Without the paint that serves as the protective layer, other elements might damage and bring it more problems.

    Instead of spending much on repairs, why not spend considerably in keeping it at best using RV trailer/Trailer roof covers. Buy the reasonably-priced but most useful covers that are listed below.

    RV Covers

    Keep in mind that your RV’s resale value is important. Protect your investment using RV covers. It will lengthen its life and will prevent water leaks. Premature failure of the roof will be best avoided. There are choices for you to consider such as the Adco (Class C Covers, Fifth Wheel Covers, Winnebago Class B/C Covers, Winnebago Class C Covers, Class B Van Covers, and Classic Class B Van Covers.

    Get excited about them as they come in different lengths and makes. You will find what is more ideal for your RV.

    Tent/Folding Trailer

    Decide that tent trailers and folding trailers are a must-have. The selections can be as varied as they are presented in the site. Choose from Adco Tent/Folding Trailer Covers, Classic Tent/Folding Trailer Covers, and Aco Hi-Lo Trailer Covers. They also fit all lengths and makes of folding trailers and tent.

    Truck Camper Covers

    Protect your RV truck camper’s finish, fabrics, and paint from ultraviolet damage. Also, prevent dirt, dust, bird droppings and sap from damaging it further. You can have one from the two choices on the site: Classic Truck Camper Covers and Adco Truck Camper Covers. These will be useful to your RV just as these fit all lengths and makes of slides.

    R-pod/Teardrop Covers

    R-pod and Teardrop Covers can work to your advantage. They can resist snow, wind, and strong rain. Expect only maximum protection from them being lightweight and extra strong. The choices available include Classic Teardrop Trailer Covers, Classic Molded Fiberglass Trailer Covers, and Classic R-Pod Trailer Covers.

    Horse Trailer Covers

    These are suitable covers that can allow moisture to escape. The mere fact that they are UV-resistant and water-resistant, the more likely you would find them beneficial. The zipper entry type of doors allows access to the inside of the RV/Trailer while the cover is still on.  

    Gooseneck Trailer Covers

    The finish of your gooseneck trailer should be protected from harsh elements. There are so many sizes for you to choose from. Adco Gooseneck Horse Trailer Covers would also make a perfect option for you.

    Tire Covers

    When it comes to RV tire covers, choose what can protect your tires from harmful UV rays, dirt, and rust. It should as well be easy and fast to slip on and should fit. And warranty feature would as will be an additional advantage.

    Selections available from the site include Adco Tire Covers, Adco Triple Tire Guards, Classic Deluxe Wheel Covers, and Camco Tire Products.

    Air Conditioner Covers

    Protect your RV’s air conditioner with the covers we have. The sizes and brands can vary. The most important thing is that these are made from jersey-backed vinyl material for dependability and durability.

    Other Covers

    Do not be overwhelmed by the cover choices to find from the site. There are still more you would want to ever consider: Windshield Covers, LP Tank Covers, Car and Truck Covers, and more.

    What else is there to wait? Feel free to buy any of the covers mentioned above!

  • Patio

    RV Patio Accessories

    Make the outside living experience as comfortable and easy as inside your RV. Enjoy and relax the outdoors by having RV patio accessories. These will definitely help you enhance your experience. Search for what is relaxing and entertaining as possible. It will surely be fun and exciting for everyone.

    Below are a variety of options of RV patio accessories that can be found from the site and that can let you enjoy the outdoors:

    Outdoor Mats

    Appreciate the many different uses of quality made outdoor mats. These are a perfect addition to your RV that serves a lot of purposes. Keep out sand, dirt, and all other things from your RV. What more, these can come in various designs and colors. These will also brighten up your RV’s outdoor space. So, choose from the available selections of outdoor mats such as the Outdoor Mat Grey, Outdoor Mat Black, and Outdoor Mat Tan from the Weathertech manufacturer.

    Patio and Awning Lights

    Patio awning lights are more than just the fact of illuminating the RV. They also carry the fun and laughter with friends. Such festive charm is brought making the recreational vehicle more inviting to all.

    Get solar rope light 18’ clear awning lights from Valterra. These are a perfect option to replace the cheap lights. You won’t also worry about fixing them for potential malfunctions. It is actually up to you to buy this one as there are still patio and awning lights from Camco, Polymer, Prime Products, and U-Camp Products.

    Grill Accessories

    Grill up a sumptuous evening meal at the RV with a wide variety of portable grills from Camco, Ming’s Mark, Fleming Sales, and more. Bumper Arm Grill Table is a grill accessory type that is just exactly needed when grilling. Other choices include 12’x 1” Barbecue Adapter, Grill Arm Assembly, Olympian Continuous Match, LP Hose Kit/Valve LP-FQDfit-Fv, LP Control Valve Re, and many more.

    Barbecue Tools

    Nothing can get any better than having a barbecue experience with friends and family. Having the right barbecue tools is essential to cook the meat over the grill. Good thing, the site has presented a lot of manufacturers of barbecue tools for outdoor barbeques. The impressive thing is that the tools are made from sturdy materials. They are easy to transport, use, and clean.

    Your tailgating event will for sure become more memorable and more special. You can have your favourite equipment from Mor/Ryde, Mr Bar-B-Q, and Camp Chef. From them is a selection of chefs spatula set, Sportula-Army, Sportula-Coast Guard, Sportula-Police, Premium Oversized Rubber Grip Grill Brush, Sportula-Buch, Beer Can Chicken Roaster, and Sportula-University of Oregon.

    Grill Lighters

    Light your charcoal grill using grill lighters from Camco. Run through a couple of benefits of a grill lighter. It is delivered at an affordable price but of good quality standards. So, choose one that you like the most.

    Storage Bags

    Some of the most beautiful storage bags can be found from the site. These are sold by reputed manufacturers: Camco, and Camp Chef. The choices include Carry Bag For 12In Dutch Oven, Carry Bag for 10In Dutch Oven, Carry Bag for Barbecue Box & Stove, Grill Storage Bag, Carry Bag for Grid Cover, Carry Bag for Camp Oven, and Carry Bag for 14” Barbecue Grill Box.

    Check out more other helpful RV patio accessories from the site that are surely what you need the most for a good grilling experience!

  • Outdoor Plumbing

    All about your RV Outdoor Plumbing


    Just like your electrical system, your water system is also a very important of your RV camping or travel experience. It gives you the convenience of having your own private restroom, hot shower and clean water for your other important activities.  If we are going to talk about your RV outdoor plumbing system we will have to will have to understand these three; your RV’s freshwater supply, sanitation and water heater system.


    RV Freshwater Supply

    The amount of freshwater stored in your RV Depends on the size of your and the type of trailer you have. Generally most RVs have 3 different kinds of tanks depending its functions. Your White tank is typically where your fresh water is stored and the source of clean water that goes in different areas of your rig. It also has a separate water hose that is used exclusively for drinking water though some owners prefer to buy a separate gallon of mineral water as their source of drinking water. The gray tank contains used water from your shower room, sink, and washers. While the black tank hold water and waste from your toilets.


    You normally use a plug in water hose and attached it to the source to refill the white tank with the help of regulators. In some cases, RV owners bring their own jug filled with water to refill the tank, especially if they are not expecting to find any type of clean water source soon. But the tank and the tubes cannot distribute the water alone, they need freshwater pumps to apply pressure to the tank and bring the water where it is supposed to go.


    RV Water Heater System

    Again depending on the type of RV you have, most of them have a separate water heater tank that is filled with a certain amount of water from your freshwater tank. This amount of water stored in the water heater tank is heated by the system using your RV power and is the one that will come out if you turn on the valve for hot water in the shower or in your faucets. The water pump automatically replaces the lost water and use power again to heat the water up to its desirable temperature.


    RV Sanitation

    Properly disposing water waste and cleaning your tanks is very important in keeping your RV clean, odor free and keep you away from many possible kinds of illnesses. There are legally designated areas where you can dispose your water wastes using your sewer hose and wastes valves. You can use a tank cleaner, a cup of bleach or add baking soda to sanitize your tanks and pipes. You can also find other kinds of cleaning and sanitation accessories such as toiler cleaners, paper towels, portable and holding tanks, water filters and many more.


    In cleaning your tanks, it is a good practice to carry extra garden hose with you for cleaning your sewer hose and the dump station and never forget to wear your gloves at all times during disposal. 

  • Camping and Lifestyle

    RV Camping Supplies and Accessories

    Many people are on the urge to go RV camping. It is an opportunity for them to reunite with their family and friends. It is about enjoying the feeling of freedom and getting back to nature. That feeling of excitement and exhilaration is fired up with them being in a good mood. They also get that instant feel of what life is all about.

    Enjoy the RV camping lifestyle as you consider some of the RV camping supplies and accessorieswe have to offer. Survive your adventure with a wide selection of supplies that you need.


    What makes cutlery so especially perfect for RV life? They bring you convenience and ease while doing kitchen works. When you also buy Westland Sales’ Dishwasher Countertop Black, you are able to stop using plates. You will enjoy it being a full-featured dishwasher. It offers load size capabilities and outstanding water savings. It is specially designed with cutlery basket and dish rack. Soak the dishes and wash them at a later day. Its LED display and electronic controls make it a perfect camping accessory to have.

    Other cutlery items to buy include Adjustable Cutlery Tray and Cutlery Tray White both from Camco, 12Pc Dinnerware Set.

    Clothes Dryers

    The most convenient way to clean your clothes is by a set of clothes dryers. Clothes Dryer Smart Dryer from Xcentrik makes a perfect choice for being weatherproof and energy-efficient telescopic clothes dryer. It reduces the use of electricity while extending the life of clothing and linens. What more, it provides up to thirty-five feet of hanging space. It also folds to about 6 inch wide for simple and convenient storage. Just as it is easy to install both outdoors and indoors, it’s more likely that you would want to have it.

    You’ll also love to have Rollumup Awning Clothesline and Extend-A-Line 13.5” for their varied benefits to offer.

    Camping Fire Accessories

    Camping truly has a lot of mental and physical benefits to offer for people. That is why to reap off all its benefits; the purchase of camping fire accessories would also prove to be essential. There are so many available options to consider such as the Camco Portable Olympian Campfire, Blue Ox Towing Accessories Kit for Aventa Lx, Classic Class A Standard Height Covers, Cumberland Float Tube, and more.

    Chair Accessories

    If you need extra seating around the campfire or on the patio, chair accessories from different manufacturers are ideal. They are perfect when you want to relax and become comfortable.

    It may as well be a good decision to have Faulkner Director Chair. This is because of its lightweight aluminium frame enabling it to be folded up easily. This is also convenient to use and take to the beach. With its black mesh panels and UV resistant polyester fabric material, the air can flow through it. The padded armrests and curved arms add such a level of comfort to it.


    If you want to camp in an RV, a book from the site comes in handy. You’ll be surprised of the choices that include RV Maintenance Blog, RVing Basics, Pie Iron Recipes, RVing Made Easy Trailers/Fifth Wheels, and 110 Ways to Have Fun Book, Complete Book of Boondock RVing, and Creative Pie Iron Cooking.

    Live the RV lifestyle for that sense of peace and relaxation!

  • LP Gas Products

    LP Gas Products – Getting to Know Propane


    The fuel of choice for heating, cooking and more, these liquid propane products will help you take full advantage of this efficient and clean burning gas. Here you'll find grills, hoses, fittings, tanks, regulators, mounts and everything else you need to get your propane system up and running.


    Technically, LPG is liquefied petroleum gas. However, it is called by many names in many countries: LP gas, LPG, natural gas liquid, NGL, natural gasoline, and gas condensate among others. It actually is any of the several liquid mixtures of the volatile hydrocarbons propane.


    LP gas is any of the many liquid mixes of the volatile hydrocarbons called propane, propene, butane and butane. One of its early uses (in 1860) is being used as a portable fuel source. Its production and consumption have greatly expanded since then.


    These days, it also contains ethane, ethylene, mercaptan and an odorant (a type of smell) added for safety precaution. It had reached domestic consumer in cylinders. The largest part of the gas is used in central heating systems, and next to it would be the use as raw material in chemical plants.




    LPG is now commonly used as fuel for cooking, in barbecue grills, gas cooktops and ovens, fuel and for gas fireplaces. Likewise, it is used as gas in portable heaters.  


    It is used as water heaters in Europe. The other use is also as engine fuels and for back up generators. (LPG can be stored indefinitely without degradation, unlike diesel.)


    Vehicle fuel


    In Canada and the US, the use of LP gas system in recreational vehicles is popular and common. Treated properly and maintained in good condition, this energy source is quite safe. Accidents happen due frequently to misuse more than anything else.


    If you are considering any RV purchase, new or second hand from any country you’re in. getting a gas certificate is certainly recommended.


    Gas installations


    There are several official methods in gas installations like in RV gas systems and in cooking equipments. Each one works in different guidelines specific to that user (cars/cookers/cylinders/other systems.


    In appliances, there is a slight difference in LP Gas system 2. Cookers/hobs are needed to be kept clean with particular focus to the burners. The fridges need to have all the ventilation hatches kept clean to work more efficiently. Water heaters need little attention where the gas anodes are required to be replaced regularly.


    LP Gas system 3 / 4


    Since the work on an RV gas system is legally off limits to budding handymen, it is covered with a different standard in the storage and handling of the LP gas. Handymen can do only the checking for leaks using soap water and connecting and disconnecting gas cylinders.


    The main work is to keep the LP gas system clean and checking for damages, especially underneath the van where the gas lines might be prone to stone damage.


    There is emphasis too on the ventilation holes in the gas cylinder bin (if there is one). The vent is often fitted to the lower door are. An external gas bayonet connection (under the van) should always be checked before use for any mud or dirt that affects a good connection.


    In LP Gas system 5, the access to cylinder bins in van-based motor homes is restricted. A licensed person is required to do all the installation and remedial work on the system.


  • Outdoor Cooking

    Outdoor Cooking – More Fun Done Outdoors


    Sure, the kitchen is great and you've whipped up many great meals on your stove top, but nothing is quite the same as cooking outdoors. Before you head out on your next adventure, take a look through our selection of grills, grilling tools, accessories and outdoor cookwear that will earn you the title of grill master in no time at all.


    For the truly outdoorsy-types of RVers, one of the most anticipated pleasures in taking that road trek with their RVs are the chances of doing outdoor cooking. The fun is not just on the food but in everything around it: the cooking, the scenery, the natural smells, the sounds maybe, the look of the sky and the freshly done food by the side of your RV.


     Cooking outside of your home is a totally different experience, what with the different ambience, and the many new things around. It may not be as perfect as doing it at home because you may not have everything to cook your food with, except the basics.


    Now, what would you be bringing over during your RV trekking adventure for cooking your own food? For those who had been there and done all that (and maybe more), some of the things you can bring and later use are just simple, practical kitchen supplies.


    These utensils are essentials aside from your refrigerator and the two-burner LPG gas stove (plus the optional microwave).


    Pots and pans


    These are kitchen necessities whether you simply want to boil some water (for the coffee or something). Maybe you’d like to do a full-term dish fit for the mountain air you’re camped in. Pots and pans are then a must. You certainly would want to have your bacon crisply done on a pan.


    You can maybe choose some nesting models (these are sets of same in different sizes for appropriate use by any one, big or small).  Since they are for use by RVers, they are also designed to save space in your RV during transport when not in use.


    Dish and glassware sets


    These portable sets are designed to be packed, stacked and are designed to be unbreakable. You can get them anywhere, especially in stores where RV things are sold.


    The canisters are for your coffee and for water or any beverage. Some small ones (half-pints) are perfect for use as kid’s cups. There’s also a serving dish and those other dishes that would be for use by everyone for any meal, snacks or refreshments. .


    French press


    This is for the coffee lovers who want to greet each morning with the freshly made brew, done French-style. The boiling water used on the coffee grounds is just as good in getting their flavor out for your morning or evening refreshment.


    (Electric coffee makers and microwave ovens are okay, although you would need about 60 amperes to use them; this means other power-using devices have to wait after you finish.)


     Instant pot


    This one has several main and multiple uses – pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, for sautéing or browning, making yogurt, and use as a steamer, including as food warmer.


    The best part is the benefits: it is one that saves space, saves propane and is versatile enough for cooking many types of food.


    Outdoor kitchens are housed in the exteriors of RVs with a ref, sink and stovetop, with portable table and chairs by the side. Others feature slide-out prep tables, stove tops, and refs. Whichever style RVs have, outdoor cooking is always a standout.


  • Access and Safety

    Getting Your RV Ready for Travel and Comfort

    No one wants to get stranded and not have the proper tools or gear onboard. If you travel to unknown areas of the beaten path to relax in nature, then you should consider having most of this with you. When you go out camping, you must make sure that you have the right gear for your RV to avoid disappointments. There are various RV accessories that you can consider carrying, but some of these depend on your needs. If you are at a large RV park or RV campground during busy season you may have a nice RV neighbor that would offer to help you out, but as much as possible you should not count on other people as being prepared is a sign of a responsible camper. Not to mention preventing your motorhome or trailer to malfunction.


    By preventing this to happen you can look and shop for all of the things you need in RV access and safety that can be found at most your RV part shop retailers or RV parts online. Camper and RV parts and accessories have a wide variety of safety equipment, trailer accessories and more. For even greater comfort at your trailer or motorhome, RV access and safety is a must and most RV parts and accessories offers a variety of after-market access and safety parts for your complete RVing experience. Make sure that you have enough and the needed items to cover you on your motorhome venture.


    Accessories such as:

    • Satellite Antennas
    • GPS Units
    • Safety Electrical Cables
    • Chain Cables
    • Adapters For Tow Bar And Base Plate
    • Wireless Phone
    • Portable Vacuums
    • Emergency Jacks (Manual, Scissor, Stabilizer, Stack, Leveling)
    • Interior Shades And Blinds
    • RV Covers
    • Air Hoses
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    • Extra Lugnuts
    • Custom, Universal and Blind spot Mirrors
    • Furniture (Chairs, Rugs, Carpet Protection, Bedding, Step Rugs and more)
    • Awnings
    • Rooftapes
    • Universal Hitches, Drop Receivers, Multi-fit Receivers
    • Appliances (Refrigerators, Ranges, Cooktops, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Dryers, Icemakers, Vacuums, Heaters and more)
    • Roof Vents, Window Rails, Trailer Covers and Fifth Wheel Hitch Covers
    • Trailer And Lighting Kits (Inside or Outside) Also has LED Upgrade kits available
    • Aerodynamic Wind Deflectors
    • Rock Guards
    • Steps, Ladders, Assist Handles
    • Locks, Pins And Clips
    • High Quality Adhesives (Sikaflex, Cold Weld Bond, Blue Thread Locker and more)
    • Battery Chargers
    • Surge protectors and volt regulators
    • And many more…


    Camping needs such as:

    • Tent Pegs
    • Shovel
    • Rope
    • Generators


    For hitch and towing options:

    • Supplemental braking systems
    • Tow bars
    • Base plates
    • Tow dollies and more
    • Ball mount accessories
    • Gooseneck hitch adapters
    • Hitch balls
    • Gooseneck couplers


    For outside comfort:

    • Side chair tables
    • Quik-Fold side tables
    • 4 position aluminum tables
    • Aluminum folding stools
    • Aluminum square tables
    • Snack daddy tray
    • Folding tables and more


    Everyone's situation is different and unique, deciding what and which of these are a must haves for you. No matter what type of RV you have whether a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, truck camper or others, you always wanted to be responsible and prepared for anything. Also, don’t forget to bring extra fuses and relays if you are in an area with no RV part shops nearby. Be sure to know what you need and list them all the necessary items and checklist before coming into any RV parts store.

  • Exterior Ventilation

    Exterior Ventilation – Keeping the Air in your RV Fresh and Clean



    Keeping the exterior ventilation on your RV does wonders in increasing the airflow in your motor home and keeps the air fresh and clean. You can have windows open when you’re parked and keep the air circulating.  


    You can also have things open while on the road. These simple vent contraptions may not feel important but keeps the air inside your mobile home of sort clean and stale-free. It also removes cooking odors, humidity (from the showers mostly) and other unnecessary odors inside.



     RV vents


    These units for your RV are pretty similar. It goes with a fan in the roof, and an RV vent cap (that cranks up or down electronically.)


    However, the vent and the cap will wear out in time and need to be replaced. The vent is exposed to the sun and the elements. In time, it will become less efficient altogether.


    Vent replacement


    Replacing the RV air vent is a bit time consuming but straightforward.  The good news is that most of these are 14 inches square, and your chances of going wrong with size are not much.


    The first part is disconnecting the power inside your RV. Then, you need to study how the old vent was wired. (To be sure, you can take a snapshot with your phone, if possible.) You need to remove some screws.


    Be sure to be safe in your climb to your roof from the outside and take off the old vent. Unscrew things and take off the unit. (Also, gently remove the old sealant and clean off the debris.)


    Once you put back the screws in, apply the sealants. (This keeps the leaks out.) Connect back the wirings. When you’re sure, put the RV power back on.


    Vent Hood (cover)


    There are so many things that your vent hood allows you to do – and all of them are important in living inside your RV. First, it allows the air to circulate and it keeps the debris and the dirt from getting into the vent (and into your RV). This is one important way of keeping your motorhome interiors fresh and healthy.


    The vent allows use in harsh weather conditions, wet or inclement. The good news is that these vent hoods are easy to install, attaching to the RV vent with some needed screws and brackets.


    RV Ventilation Buying /replacement tips


    As one of the simplest devices for use on your RV, you want your vent hoods the size you need. If you have a strong vent fan, you may want a taller one that would be sturdy too.


    Installation instructions come with the new hood. However, you still have to measure where the brackets go, screwing them, and sliding the vent hood over. The hood easily attaches to the brackets with some nuts and bolts.


    Replacing your ventilation is a DIY task you can do, granting that you have the time, the confidence, and the important power tools that can tackle the job. Installing your exterior ventilation parts will ensure odors and humidity are vented away and keep the air inside your RV circulating properly.

  • Mirrors


    Thousands of accidents happen every year when drivers of tow truck fail to see drivers in their blind spots. When it comes to the safety of drivers and everyone in the vicinity of their vehicle, using the right mirrors are of the utmost importance. RV Part Shop has a variety of mirrors in their collection.

    When you sit in the driver’s seat of your recreational vehicle, the first thing you may notice is the size. When you think about maneuvering around on a small side street or a single-lane campground road, it can be intimidating. Your mirrors will be your co-pilot in situations like these. Explore RV Part Shop if you want to find replacement RV mirrors that will fit your budget.

    Even if you are not a truck driver, it is essential to learn how to use the mirrors on your RV. Every recreational vehicle has them. Mirrors can save you a lot of time and avoid costly mistakes. Use your mirrors properly so you can see what is going on around you at all the times.

    Their purpose is to give you a view down the sides and the back of your rig at the same time, keeping you from looking forward. If you are buying new mirrors from RV Part Shop, they should be suitable for your type of RV.

    One of the things you should know is the measurement of your mirror arm. However, if the arm and base of your mirrors come in one piece, then they do not have arms. In such a case, there is no need for arm measurement.

    Most mirrors for RVs come in chrome, white, or black. If you want other colors, you may have to go to the manufacturer and ask for custom-painted mirrors.

    RV mirrors come in various options. You need to adjust the mirror outside your RV with your hand if they come with manual adjustments. On the other hand, you will use a switch inside your RV with remote adjustments.

    Another good option is the heated mirror that is suitable in cold weather. You can find mirrors with arrows that light up or turn-signal lights when using the turn signal. Some mirrors are stationary. While some close or fold inwards. Find your mirrors in RV Part Shop.

    One way to save money on mirrors is to make them last longer. With mirror covers, you can protect them from grime, dirt, harsh sun rays, and other outside elements. Another way to save money is to go for mirrors with fewer options. You may opt for manual adjustment than a remote adjustment.

    Many RV parts shops will have mirrors. RV Part Shop is the online site that carries a wide range of models of RV mirrors. They have mirrors from reliable and famous brands, regardless of the recreational vehicle you are driving. Their website has a great selection; begin your search through their photo gallery, or by model, make, and year. In fact, you can also find other RV parts there that will be useful additions to your rig.



  • Books Games & Toys

    Books Games & Toys

    Relive your RV adventures with books, games and toys. Although your RV can be so tight on space, toys and games are still perfect to use. They are so easy and small to use. And keeping them around can never be difficult on your part.

    With your kids, take a few of these toys or games. They would like to have them during the travel. This is also true if your son is a bookworm, there are a number of books that you can bring to fascinate him the most.

    Below are a few of the selections of books, games and toys that you would want for some fun and excitement.


    Know more about RV living by starting full-time RVing. Make your RV lifestyle better informed and more enjoyable. Our lists of books are must haves for you to use. Be determined for this lifestyle to work by reading more books.

    Card Games

    Pull out a deck of cards if your kids are already bored with camping. These will open them a lot of possibilities as these equate to being more fun. Choose from among the choices of card games such as the Slap Happy and Hit the Deck Card Game from Poof-Slinky, Playing Card Holder and Four Deck Card Shuffler from Jobar.


    Cookbooks are a good road map to great-tasting and no-fuss meals. These are stocked with many of the easy-to-prepare and simple recipes. Even if you will cook in a limited space of an RV kitchen, you still can find a way to cook using these cookbooks.

    RV Tips Books

    Explore the outdoors and turn RV living into a reality. Read more of the RV tips books to realize if RV living is right for you. You will also learn if your loved ones will live peacefully and comfortably together in an RV home. Moreover, store and prepare meals and food in the RV trailer the right away. Get all the questions answered within these RV tips books from the site. These include the Complete Book of Boondock RVing, Living aboard Your RV 4th Edition, and RVing Basics from McGraw-Hill.


    Our site has a huge selection of toys for your kids. They will love them all while on the road. Collect everything we have like the Prime Products RV Action Toy Motorhome. Love it as it is something that will fuel up their little imaginations. They will take off their adventures with this toy. This mainly includes twelve different floor plans, patio awning, and a working slide-out room. Its pull-back action feature keeps it from continuously moving. It is actually made up of plastic and diecast metal material that makes it perfect for kids aging three and up.

    Other Selections Available

    There are still more selections to purchase from the site. These include the following: journals, magnifying sheet, province stickers, RV repair guides, state stickers, travel books, board games, and many more. So, choose what it is that you like best for the family to enjoy!

  • Decals and Graphics

    Decals and Graphics

    RV owners usually consider having decals and graphics. This is also mainly for the reason that they want to get the attention of passersby. And properly designed decals can be worthy of their time. The fact that they will be proud of the end result is one thing that pushes them to consider more of these accessories.

    When you already have these items, you need to be sure that they are protected and cleaned from the elements. Whenever they are not in use, keep them covered as always.

    Below are selections of products for decals and body graphics you would want to consider.

    Body Graphics

    The choices are many when it comes to body graphics. You may have them for the makeover of your RV. As per the removal of the graphics, expect that it will reveal the original color of the vehicle. The use of abrasives or harsh chemicals is as well avoided to it. This is because it may damage the health of your RV and the fiberglass.

    The choices from the site for body graphics include Body Graphic Dakota 12”x 120”, Body Graphic Dakota 12”x120”, and Body Graphic Dakota 12”x120”. These will allow you to be feeling lazy and cool. The road is indeed an opportunity to express fun and excitement. Express yourself more with many of these body graphics. These are simply UV resistant and easy to apply. And whatever mood you have, there will always be an expression that fits for your RV. So, just choose from any of these three options.


    Change the appearance of your RV for an extended or short time period. RV decals mainly come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. You will ordinarily find a decal that is painted in a graphic form. But, you can freely identify the different types of decals you may come across. Do not be confused by the many choices in store for you and as to how to properly care for them.

    Kids Inheritance 5”x24” from Illusions is one choice you might want to ever consider. This will for sure impress the kids around. This is UV resistant and this is easy to apply. Similarly, this can best express your mood.

    And if you still want one more option, Happy Camper 5”x24” is also available. Get it today as it is affordably-priced as well. The Pacific Coast Mural is one unique decal to have from Illusions. You will best like this for it is different from the others.

    Make your RV look more appealing and more impressive. The decals and graphics are among those you need to check out from the selections. Always remember that it is your RV. It is you who need to be responsible for it. There are so many colorful stickers that you can choose from. And there are excellent slogans like “I Love my RV”, “I take my toys everywhere”, “BEEEEP”. These are indeed beautiful graphics that can go with your sense of style.

    If you want, go with water scene murals, mountain scene murals, and stylish stripes!

  • Fuel Handling Systems

    Fuel Handling Systems

    RV owners generally use a lot of fuel. RV enthusiasts are known to travel long stretches of miles on the road, and recreational vehicles can consume plenty of gas regardless if it is diesel or not. This is why the use of fuel handling systems is a must.In remote areas, having extra fuel is crucial as service stations may be far and few. Purchasing extra fuel when they are low in prices is also a good way to save on money.When comply with the Canadian Safety Standards. Label the fuel cans clearly or color code them. This is to avoid mixing them up. In case of an emergency, this will also help the rescue services. If you label the containers properly, the experts can handle the situation accordingly.

    In RV Part Shop, you can find a variety of fuel handling systems to help you store your extra supply of fuel. Here are some of them:

    Fuel Handling Systems

    RV owners generally use a lot of fuel. RV enthusiasts are known to travel long stretches of miles on the road, and recreational vehicles can consume plenty of gas regardless if it is diesel or not. This is why the use of fuel handling systems is a must.

    In remote areas, having extra fuel is crucial as service stations may be far and few. Purchasing extra fuel when they are low in prices is also a good way to save on money.

    When carrying extra fuel in your RV, you cannot use any container you can find. The fuel handling systems need to be designed to carry fuel specifically. It also needs to comply with the Canadian Safety Standards. Label the fuel cans clearly or color code them. This is to avoid mixing them up. In case of an emergency, this will also help the rescue services. If you label the containers properly, the experts can handle the situation accordingly.

    In RV Part Shop, you can find a variety of fuel handling systems to help you store your extra supply of fuel. Here are some of them:

    ECI Fuel 20 Gal CARB/EPA Remote Fill System

    This item includes a separate fill neck, a tank, and 10feet of a hose. The hose is use to connect the generator to the tank. It is made of aluminized steel in 14 gauges. It can store 20 gallons of fuel. The carb/EPA remote fill comes with a 12-volt sending unit.

    ECI Fuel 3/4"X 6" Fuel Station Pump Hose

    The fuel station pump hose by ECI is made from high-quality materials. It is designed to meet your requirements at an affordable price. When installing it in your RV, it may require the experts to do it for safety purposes.

    GPI Liquid Transfer Tank Pump

    This item comes with a lockable hand pump that is durable and versatile. The liquid transfer tank pump moves fuel by using the push and pull strokes. It can work on medium oil, kerosene, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, and diesel fuel. It is easy to install and has a flow rate of up to 50 gallons for every 100 strokes.

    UWS Fuel Transfer Tank 50GL

    The Fuel Transfer Tank by UWS is made of aluminum construction that is resistant to corrosion. It has a ventilation cap in commercial grade. The capacity and optimal fit of the unit is perfect for your recreational vehicle. The tank is lightweight but has a structural weight due to its aluminum alloy construction.

    UWS Tt-50-R-Tp/ 50 Gallon

    This product offers durability and maximum protection. It features easy loading and unloading as its lid opens in 90 degrees. The Tt-50-R-Tp/ 50 Gallon comes in rectangle diamond plate and can fit different models and makes.

    The fuel handling systems cannot be placed the on the trailer drawback, back of a caravan, or front of your RV. Store your fuel container in the proper location. It is not advisable to store those containers inside the vehicle as the people inside can inhale the vapors. Smelling fuel can cause headaches, drowsiness, and nausea.

  • Exterior Accessories

    Exterior Accessories

    Protect your recreational vehicle from water damage and harsh weather with our trouble-free and durable RV products. Understand that nothing can beat RV travelling as it is really fun. But, nothing can compare to setting up a camp for a good time with family and friends.

    With our selection of exterior accessories, you get to set up something that is relaxing and comforting. Keep pests away as well for an RV trip to remember. Everything you need for the exterior need not be forgotten. Outfit your RV exterior with the right accessories.

    Below are the entire selections of our RV exterior accessories:

    Animal Warning Devices

    Install animal warning devices to protect wildlife, property, and lives. As soon as animals hear a high-pitched whistle, it will warn them considering your approaching vehicle. What more, these will be a perfect device to use to monitor the environment of your pet. So, try to include in your shopping list Deer Alert from Hopkins that can help prevent costly damage and injuries from vehicle collisions with animals.

    Camping Accessories

    Make your campsite a perfect spot to be with the right camping accessories. For sure, your camping adventures will be worry-free and fun when you outfit your RV with our premium quality accessory types. Make the experience even smoother with Braided Nylon Cord White, Multi-Sparker Gas Match, Mosquito Coil Holder, Snap Fastener Kit, Egg Carrier Holds 6, and many more.

    Camping Tools

    Never allow a disaster ruin your RV trip. The trick to remain calm is to have a complete toolbox by your side. This contains important camping tools that will be packaged for every trip, small and large. Expect that it will be more efficient and more comfortable with these camping tools.  Buy the following camping tools: Campers tool with storage pouch, collapsible rake, and pick up and reach tool.

    First Aid Kits

    When you go camping in the outdoors, you need to be prepared for emergencies. Use our first aid kits to help you or your family in times of troubles. Of course, it will help if you have an experience in first aid training. Buy Coghlans First Aid Kit Pack II that you would really find beneficial to bring.

    Flags Poles and Holders

    Show your colors by way of flag poles and flag holders such as the U.S. Flag. We have it all so that you can support your favorite race team. Check out a huge selection from American flags, flag bases, racing flags, RV flag holders, and fibreglass poles.


    Get all you need today from our vast selection of RV horns. We provide accessories from tie downs, horns, sunshades, and many more. You’ll surely make your next RV trip less stressful and more enjoyable. Our horns are not just the best quality but are offered at the best possible prices. Rest assured that your satisfaction is met upon receiving the horn ordered. These can include the ¼ Nylon Tubing 20’ Long, Musical Horn 102-Tune, Air Tank 2600, 12 Volt DC Direct Drive, and more.

    License Plate Frames

    Grab one of our camping license plate frames for the RV in your life. So, better choose from the available selections as you browse our site. And these are offered by Power Decal such as: BYU Chrome Frame, Boise State Chrome Frame, Colorado Chrome Frame, Florida State Chrome Frame, and many more.

    Lighted Decals

    Mount lighted decals easily to your RV window. That is the only way that they can be interchanged out on different seasons. Light up decals and power decals usually light up automatically. They also shut off after two minutes after the RV is parked.

    Choose one from the selections available such as the Breast Cancer Decal Rpk, Powerdecal Chicago Bears, Powerdecal Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Powerdecal New York Jets, and more.

    Now, you have learned more about the exterior accessories that you need to consider!

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Outside Your RV

All about the Outside of your RV


          As an RV owner, you know that having a Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheels, Truck Camper or a Tent Trailer is a big investment. You wouldn’t want to let it get damaged and become rusty faster than it normally should, without getting the most out of it. The exterior of your rig is the first thing that everybody see before they decide to take a look inside or not. It is importa...

All about the Outside of your RV


          As an RV owner, you know that having a Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheels, Truck Camper or a Tent Trailer is a big investment. You wouldn’t want to let it get damaged and become rusty faster than it normally should, without getting the most out of it. The exterior of your rig is the first thing that everybody see before they decide to take a look inside or not. It is important to keep it maintained, inviting and in good shape to keep its market value high, for insurance purposes or simply just to keep yourself, your family and friends proud that you own that RV.


Accessories for your RV Exterior

            For a fun and hassle free camping and trips there are many RV exterior accessories you can find to make your life a lot safer and easier. Some of these are listed below but you can find a lot more items in RV shops depending on the kind of trip you are planning to have.


RV Awning Room

This part of your RV serves as your second room or your protection from heat, cold and rain so keeping clean and in good condition is a necessity. You can use cleaners, patch kits and bags or boxes to keep it neat ready to use when needed. Look for reliable brands such as carefree, Lippert, Domestic and others.


RV Patio

There are so many different brands to choose from for your patio lighting, fabrics and other accessories.


RV Outdoor Cooking Tools

You can easily find all the things you need for your outdoor cooking such as cooking wears and utensils, griddles and grills, trays including tables and chairs.


RV Ventilation

Fans, vents, vent parts and installation kits are also important part of your rig exterior.


RV Mirrors and other exterior accessories

Your mirrors, covers, decals, sticker and other graphics adds beauty and personality to the over appearance of your RV.


Toys, books and game essentials

What’s the use of staying outside without letting you relax, have fun and play under the sky or simply appreciate nature. Bring your favourite game boards or card, game toys or that book that you’ve always wanted to read together with a portable chair and table.


Access and Safety accessories

Making sure that your RV is securely positioned is also important so keep things safe. Keep your ladder and other safety kits handy in case of emergency.


Maintaining the Outside of your RV

As much as we want to, it is not just relaxing, eating and playing activities that we should always think of when we talk about the outside of your RV, we should also include cleaning and maintaining on the list. But with the size of your recreational vehicle, it is often hard to know where to start. To help you out, we listed down some basic RV exterior parts that you have to regularly keep an eye on.    


1.    Clean the sidewalls.

2.    Inspect the roof

3.    Wipe the fiberglass caps.

4.    Check you’re the wheels and clean the slide out and seals.

5.    Keep your RV awning clean.

6.    Do not forget to clean the undercarriage.



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