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  • Side Mirrors

    Side Mirrors

    Safety on the road is one main concern for those who are towing a camper or driving a motorhome. You want to drive it while protecting it as an investment. Thus, the safety of your family and everyone else on the road is kept in mind.

    Just as the United States is laced with every imaginable condition and type of the road, you and your RV will find yourselves in any of these types of roads. And while you go drive an RV, you also concentrate on the road ahead. As you maneuver on the road, those side mirrors can become essential to doing so in a safe manner. The RV mirrors will need to be adjusted for the maximum view of what is behind and what is beside them at all times.

    Buy Side Mirrors Today

    Although there may seem no selections of side mirrors to buy from the site today, wait as there will be a lot to choose from. You can find a pair of two-piece mirrors that can be used by you as a driver. You will find them beneficial as you go drive your RV home.

    Adjust the Mirrors Properly

    When you already have purchased side mirrors from the site, you need to adjust them properly. Before doing the adjustment, you can see that the mirror bodies extend outside of a wide vehicle. You will look down the edge of the rig and adjust the body of the mirrors. That way, the edge is aligned right at the side of your rig.

    As per the Class-A motorhome, it will be eight feet and six inches wide. This is the legal limit in most of the states. The mirrors will extend out beyond such a limit. They will be the first thing to hit or get hit by when driving or parking the RV.

    Make Use of a Helper

    It is recommended to set the left and right mirrors to get the optimum field of vision. By doing so, it gives you the best combination of views while operating the rig on the road and when backing up.

    The smaller and lower mirrors of the pair are set in place and are set manually. The larger or upper mirrors of the pair are adjusted from the interior of the coach. This is true for most of the rigs although some models’ positions are reversed.

    If ever you have not adjusted your side mirrors before, you need to do some basic things. Firstly, loosen the lock-down bolts and pre-set the mirror frame as described. Preset the fixed and adjustable mirrors to the middle of the range. Secondly, sit in the driver’s seat while you have someone adjust the mirror frame. This is where it is next to the setting. Thirdly, look at the mirror frame bolts down. These bolts are the standard Allen wrench bolts. For your RV, you need to have at least a single wrench in the toolbox.

    The larger or to mirrors can give you a wide field of view down the road. You, therefore, need to set these to enable the driver. This is one he is seated in the drivers’ seat. The purpose is to see the edge of the RV and down the road beginning at the point about halfway down the RV’s body.

    The smaller and lower mirrors are the magnifiers. They will give the driver a smaller field of view. That is why you need to set the edge in on the mirror. This is for the driver to see the bottom of the body of the RV about eight to ten feet behind the driver.

    Now, you have learned more about side mirrors including the proper adjustments!






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