How to Find the RV Parts and Accessories You need!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the correct part or accessory for your RV, Motorhome or Travel Trailer; we get that. With literally hundreds of thousands of available products in the market, things are bound to get a little confusing! Because your RV is a home first and a vehicle second, we want to help make your search for the correct part or accessory as easy as possible.


What We’ve Got

RV Part Shop has 40,000+ products online (adding more every chance we get!), and most of what you’ll find online is for the “coach” portion of your RV. Things like awning repair/replacement parts, RV electronics and appliances, plumbing parts – and well, pretty much everything else you need for your RV, Motorhome, Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailer needs!


We also have a wide selection of trailer hitches, hitch accessories, towing accessories and parts, as well as a great selection of light truck accessories.


What We Don’t Have*

While we specialize in everything behind the engine of your RV, you probably won’t find much related to the actual go of your motorhome’s engine, transmission or physical chassis. For these types of searches we suggest contacting the dealer representing the chassis manufacturer (Ford, GMC, Sprinter etc.)


Also, most body related parts will most likely have to be sourced from an RV dealer for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brand of motorhome/ travel trailer. This would include things like: side panels, laminates, and windows.


*We do carry some entry and baggage door replacements and parts. If you’re unsure please give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out!


How to Find the Right Part on


Browse Categories

Hovering over one of the top Menu Bar Options (RVs, Light Trucks, or Towing)

Main Megamenu Categories

will drop down into an expanded list of categories.

Megamenu Dropdown

The category will turn red as your mouse hovers over the option, and simply clicking on it will take you to that category page! If the category has more sub-categories, they will display when you hover over and you can then select and click the subcategory for a more targeted selection of products.

Category Selection

This can be done from any page on!


For example, let’s say you were in need of some patio lights to brighten up your RVs outdoor living room. We’d hover over RVs , then from the expanded list go to Outside Your RV and then we would click on Patios!


Do a Product Search

Think you’ve found the right product number and just want to quickly search our site or just want to narrow your search down to a particular part or product type? Perfect!


On any page of our website, click inside of the Search Bar inside of the red bar. You can use different search terms to locate the correct product: product type, part type, part or all of the products name, part number, or even the product manufacturer! If you’re using our 2016 RV Part Shop Catalogue you can also enter our SKU number for even faster search results! (format ##-####)


You’ll notice that as you type a list will automatically start being displayed starting with the most relevant part on our website, with relevant products included! If you see the part you’re looking for you can click right on it in the displayed list, or click on the magnifying glass to display all search results.


Let’s Say for example we were looking for a particular Awning Fabric Replacement, and knew the manufacturer but not the part number. We would click in the search bar:

 Search Bar


Start typing in “awning fabric”

 Product Dropdown

If you see the product or category you are looking for appear in the dropdown selectrion, just click on it to go directly to the page for that product/category.  For the purposes of this tutorial, we're going to just click on the magnifying glass for a total selection of parts related to that search!

Magnifying Glass

Filter Your Search


Once you have searched a part number, or description you’ll have the option of refining your search into an even more relevant list of options! You’ll find these on the left hand side of the search page, depending on the search term, you may find options like: product types, brand, price, and even length, colour, and more!


For example, after searching “awning fabrics” we realized there are 384 results found for that term!

Awning Fabrics All

We know we are only looking to replace the fabric of our awning, as our arms are in fairly decent condition still. So we will go to the left hand side, click on the check box beside Replacement Fabrics:

Refine by Product Type 

We have Carefree of Colorado arms so we’re going to click that option in the “brand” section:

Filter by brand

then the correct size we are looking for (in our case it will be 18’.) We have now narrowed down or search from 384 to 13 options that are the correct size, and brand, all that’s left is to pick our colour!

Filter by Length



When on a search or category page you also have the option of sorting the search by things like:

-        Price (Low-to-High or High-to-Low)

-        Product Name (A-Z or Z-A)

-        Manufacturer (A-Z or Z-A)

-        Category (A-Z or Z-A)

-        And even by Popularity!

Search Menu

This will help you narrow down your search and make your browsing experience much easier!


Still having trouble finding the right part? Please Call or Email Us and we’ll be happy to help in any way that we can!


Happy Hunting!

-RV Part Shop