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Boeshield T-9
Rust Inhibitor

Boeshield T-9 protects your valuable RV or trailer from rust and corrosion. Our convenient spray-on formula provides easy, long-lasting lubrication and rust protection.

Traveling across the country in a luxury RV, headed to a state park with your pop-up camper, or taking your horses to show, Boeshield T-9 is with you for the long haul.

On the road or in storage, on large surfaces or inside the smallest spaces, even on slide outs, jack stands and steps, T-9 provides quick, easy lubrication and superior, long-term protection. The unique waterproof formula reaches deep into metal pores to displace moisture and stop corrosion, then dries to a clean waxy film that lubricates and protects for months. Use T-9 safely on all kinds of metals without harming paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass or vinyl.

For RVs, motor homes, toy haulers, travel trailers, fifth wheels or pop-up campers, use T-9 on:

  • Awning Hardware

  • Steps/Linkage

  • Trailer Hitches

  • Tow Bars

  • Control Cables

  • Window Tracks

  • Shower Doors

  • Electrical Connectors

  • Wiring/Terminals

  • Generators

  • Undercarriages

  • Slide-outs

  • Jack Stands

  • Locks/Latches/Hinges

For horse and livestock trailers, and trailers of all kinds, use T-9 on:

  • Hitches/Locks

  • Winch/Cables

  • Electrical Connections

  • Leaf Springs

  • Brake Components

  • Light Connections

  • Rusty Bolts

Easy, fast and clean lubrication. 

Spray T-9 on and wipe off the excess for immediate use. T-9 dries to a waxy, waterproof finish without leaving a sticky film to attract dirt, dust or mud.

Tough but safe. 

T-9 will not harm paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass or vinyl. It can be used on engines, wiring and belts. T-9 is nonconductive and will not cause short circuits, so it’s also safe to use on electronics. To use T-9 on engines, apply when the engine is still warm but not running.

One step to long-term protection. 

Apply T-9 to any metal surface and let it dry. One simple step gives you a thin, penetrating film of durable, waterproof protection and lubrication that endures, month after month, or mile after mile.


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