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All You Need to Know About Roadmaster Active Suspension

Roadmaster Active Suspension is the only rear leaf spring suspension upgrade that converts basic “passive” leaf spring suspension to mechanical “active” suspension. Our system absorbs and dissipates load force energy, resulting in significantly reduced or eliminated rear squat caused by heavy loads. It improves vehicle stability, balance, traction and control, all with (or without) a load. Roadmaster Active Suspension adds critical strength to leaf springs, but will not compromise ride quality.

Eliminate Axle Wrap

Roadmaster Active Suspension effectively eliminates Axle Wrap and Wheel Hop, by preventing the additional force of the increased torque, twisting the axle housing and by so doing, will now not allow the leaf springs to distort. RAS with the two powerful variable-rated coil springs will now hold the leaf springs in the original bowed shape. The distorted S-shape twist and subsequent hop, is thereby eliminated. Traction to the tires are now increased and torque is transferred to the ground efficiently.

Simplify Load Carrying

When a vehicle is overloaded, the weight distribution shifts rearward, causing the rear to sag. The bulk of the load weight will now be transferred to the rear axle. This affects the steering, making it more floaty and less responsive. Roadmaster Active Suspension engages progressively to maintain the leaf spring arch, and applies proportionately to weight that is added to the bed or hitch of the truck. This unique design significantly strengthens and improves the ability of the rear suspension to handle heavy loads, resulting in reduction of rear squat by up to 3-4 inches.

Improve Roadhandling

With a Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) kit installed on your pickup, you will be amazed at the improvement when cornering, and also the overall improvement in handling. Body roll will be greatly reduced and your vehicle will become considerably more stable and safer, with or without a load.

Make RV's Safer

If you tow a RV or have a load carrying or handling problem, we have the solution, you need a Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS). This one-of-a­-kind rear lead spring suspension up grade, when installed on your vehicle will greatly improve load carrying, handling, ride comfort all with or without a load. The fact is, it’s the only rear leaf spring suspension product in the world that does it all !

15 Passenger Van Safety

RAS will make the vehicle safer and less prone to rollover, however, NO product in the world will prevent rollover occurrences. The Roadmaster Active Suspension enhancement can’t promise to eliminate rollovers, but it can significantly help with transporting passengers safely.

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