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Tailgate Locks

Pop & Lock

Pop & Lock has been the world leader in truck tailgate security for the past 28 years providing the aftermarket with the best security products for your truck’s tailgate, truck cap, tonneau cover and cargo management. Pop & Lock offers both manual and power lock options that work with your truck’s key fob! We are the best choice to protect your truck and the valuables you haul. Lock your world with Pop & Lock.

Vehicle Security Innovators Inc.

Vehicle Security Innovators, Inc. (Green Bay, WI), is the parent company to four strategic business units focused on custom security and maintenance solutions for the transportation industry. Originally founded in 1948 as Vandersteen and Sons, VSI’s goal was to provide lock and key services to the locksmith industry.  In 1989, our services evolved to assembly of automotive and truck locksets for the domestic OEM production environment. By the end of 2004, VSI became the main supplier of locksets for the North American Heavy Truck market. In 2011, Vehicle Security Innovators acquired Pop & Lock, the industry leader in aftermarket tailgate lock solutions for pick up trucks. Then in 2013, Freight Defense was started, whose mission is to protect medium and heavy duty fleets and owner-operators with innovative security products designed to minimize theft, improve safety and keep freight moving. In late 2014, Vehicle Security Innovators became an employee-owned company.

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