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Products offered by Buyers Products

Buyers Products

Truck, Trailer Parts, and Accessories Online

About Buyers Products -

Established 75 years ago, Buyers Products and the corporate family of companies has grown. We have evolved from a distributor of Buyers Trailer Related Products and truck components, into a fully integrated manufacturer of Buyers RV Products. We improve our customers’ profitability and productivity by instilling pride, passion, and a sense of urgency as the hallmarks of our business operations.

A leader in the truck accessories industry, no manufacturer is better equipped than Buyers to provide commercial truck, trailer, and towing equipment. Buyers lead the industry as an innovator in every category, providing value and immediate availability of our products on our 600,000 square feet of US manufacturing. Buyers’ Camper Products are designed, fabricated, forged, rotationally molded, and powder-coated with care and precision through our domestic manufacturing process. Vertical integration allows Buyers' products to control all aspects of manufacturing from start to finish. This means quality production, faster delivery, and better value on Buyers RV Parts.

Buyers constantly redesign processes, products, and materials to serve the changing needs of customers. Hitches and Towing equipment are produced in our state-of-the-art engineering facility for new product development and prototyping. This allows for unmatched speed from welding to stamping, to the drawing board and eventually, the showroom.

Key Products and Parts By Buyers Product Company-

Buyers Products is a pioneer of merchandise for the mobile equipment industry. Through deep supply and vertical integration, we’ve prepared ourselves to meet even the most demanding orders. We’ve got snow & ice equipment, toolboxes, hydraulics, towing truck & trailer hardware, including our fast-growing and innovative lighting products. Buyers is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.  It’s amazing what we can do for your RV truck! 

When seeking products that support maintenance and routine care for your RV, you can rely on our:

  • Adjustable Brackets - Popularly used for drawer hardware to support the proper functioning of drawers and cabinets inside your RV. 

  • Brooms/ DustPans - These are collapsible products that adjust from 24 inches to 52 inches as you clean the insides of your RV’s kitchen. Its shape and style are designed to fit into corners of your RV otherwise unreachable by hands or other rigid cleaning tools. Our Broom holders are also a great add-on for stowing away your brooms. 

  • C-Strobe is a watercraft part, distress tool, and lighting accessory for your safety. Our C-Strobes can be water-activated or manually activated. They’ve got LED PFD for emergencies too. The water-activated C-Strobe from Buyers is a feature-rich and personal distress technology. It has an increased operating life to provide you with the ultimate multi-function distress light. The C-Strobe is USCG/SOLAS approved and features an impact-resistant case. This makes it a reliable, multi-purpose light.

  • Document Holders - In organizing life inside your RV, documents holders mimic paper trays and filing cabinets. This helps with the management of paperwork and printed material inside your RV truck.

  • Door Hardware -  Our door hardware accessories kit is for domestic use inside your RV. It can also be deployed outside your RV for outdoor plumbing, fixing water heaters, and repairing doors.

  • Door Latches are one of the types of door locks you can use for interior maintenance on RV doors. They improve security measures for your truck, granting access for entry or exit as you desire.

  • Drawbars Gauges -  The drawbars gauge is a tool that measures the wear and tears on drawbar or lunette rings. It’s got a color-coded indicator to index when an item needs to be replaced. It assists in preventing critical maintenance issues before they even appear.

  • Emergency Warning triangles are essential for highway safety during a breakdown or service downtime on your RV. Our product is D.O.T. approved and designed for vans, pick-ups, motorhomes, and heavy-duty trucks. 

  • Hinges are a part of the Door Components used in the maintenance of your RV motorhome and trucks. They can be installed to swing in whichever direction you most prefer. Our bullet weld-on hinges are also available for RV maintenance on your doors.

  • Hydraulic Fluid - It is a steering fluid used to improve maintenance for your RV trucks. Keeping your steering wheel appropriately lubricated can mitigate the frequent need for wheel balancing and alignment.

  • Hydraulics Units - Hydraulics power units are used for RV maintenance as slide-out parts. It is engaged for most hydraulic slide-out systems. The 2 QT pump reservoir kits and the yellow fill cap, are available for purchase by themselves too.

  • Jacks - The Camper Jack is used to stabilize, load, or unload your RV while parked. Sold as a 1 pair jack yard with only a base, it has a 3000-pound capacity and 17 inches to 57 inches lifting range.

  • Jack Accessories are used to complement the function of jacks. They can be purchased separately from the jack as part of your assembly for recreational vehicle accessories.

  • L-Handles, also known as lever handles, are fabricated from plastic, crystal, steel, bronze, acrylic, metal, and non-metallic elements. Water faucets and door handles can be replaced with lever handles during plumbing fixtures and door maintenance.

  • Mounting Brackets are registered as one of the types of awnings used to embellish your RV living style. The side-out and roof mounting brackets of your RV are part of the outdoor accessories for this.

  • Patio And Awning Lights function as LED light strips and light bars for mounting brackets and other exterior awnings for your RV.

  • Rear Bumpers - These are off-road bumpers for your truck’s exterior. They are easily installed and often improve the outward view of your living space or mobile home. Our tail light adapters work well as a complementary product for electrical connections to our rear bumpers and rubber bumpers. 

  • Rubber Bumpers are placed outside your RV. They are one of the patio awning parts that helps to eliminate rattling and vibration while traveling. You can install them on the backside of your rafter assembly of patio awning arms, supporting two per card.

  • Rings - Glass outrigger rings, kite rings, and steel rings support hunting and fishing as part of outdoor camping activities. Easy lock rings, on the other hand, work with power cords to solve electrical problems inside your RV.

  • Rope Rings - Our heavy-duty rope ring is made of zinc-plated steel. It features high capacity holding power for your RV’s service body or other commercial work trucks. 

  • Tarps And Accessories - RV roof tarps and tarp rollers are made to protect your motorhome during winter, rainy days, and the harsh summer elements. At Buyers, we produce them as package deals - covers,  tarp hooks, and relevant accessories. They are designed to fit many RV styles such as 5th wheels, travel trailers, or the 3 alphabet types (A, B & C) classes of motorhomes.

  • Tie Down Straps - Awning tie-downs, tie-down kits, and basic spring load tie-down kits are some of the camper anchor parts we make at Buyers. Our parts carry a one-year warranty because our teams are staffed with engineers and experts in their field. These are actual product users that know how a part is supposed to work and how to make a product exceptional.

  • T-Handles - This handle type works like a knob for your RV door. The best choice in the automotive exterior door handles, its material is made from nylon. Square-shaped, this item’s dimensions are generally less than 5 inches. It is ideal for your pick-up truck camper shell door. 

  • Tool Boxes - Whatever your job, whatever your truck, whatever your tools; Buyers have a toolbox that fits your needs in style. Our boxes are built using the latest technology production methods to assure quality. We make them right and ship them fast. 

  • Our Traffic Cones provide highway and roadside safety during a breakdown, truck repair, towing, or hitching activity. It is built tough by experts because the Buyers brand has a reputation for being durable and dependable, and that’s important to us.

  • Wheel Chocks are used as shock pads and leveling elements during the hitching and towing of your RV. As a performance tool for clamming, we produce plastic and steel types to support tires up to 26 inches in size. 

Our special ranges of products and parts that complement maintenance actions for hitching and towing your RV are:

  • Our Bumper Mount Receivers can be fastened onto the rear part of your RV truck to aid towing.

  • Bumper Mount Vise is a key component of your RV tool/kit box during any maintenance activity.

  • For Cargo Control Accessories that support logistics and create safety wraps for transportation, we recommend the E-Track. It can be deployed for external luggage on your RV. To control cargo on your RV, you can use E-Track tool holders,  E-Track sections sized 2 inches to 10 inches, E-Track 6 inches to 7 inches adapter straps, and E-Tracks sold with plastic ends.

  • Buyers' ProductsChains And Cables are safety harnessing accessories. We produce them as part of the hitch components for towing your RV.

  • Couplers Hitch Locks that you can add to your collection of towing accessories. Our design shield lock fits most 2" trailer and RV couplers. Drawbar locks are also applicable as hitch locks for hitching components and towing. Drawbars, specifically, are used for ball mounts during hitching and towing. Our drop mount product can also be used as a ball mount that drops down as a receiver when towing with your RV truck.

  • Electrical Adapters can be applied for 4-Way flat vehicles to 7-Way RV blade trailers. It is a towing electrical device and hitch component.

  • Gooseneck Hitches are double-lock gooseneck-shaped accessories that enhance hitching tasks.

  • Hitch Balls we produce at Buyers are tow-ready, solid, steel hitch balls, engineered to meet all safety requirements that match your RV towing system. Our complementing hitch pins/clips work well as receiver clips for pins during hitching and towing.

  • Hitch Steps are bumper steps with hitches installed outside your RV. They help to improve access and safety. A hitch step is like a step or ladder for climbing with dual functions - towing and accessing your RV.

  • Trailer And RV King Pins are fifth-wheel locks for hitching and towing. The multi-ball drawbars also use more than one lock or multiple ball locks to support hitches used on your RV.

  • Pintle Hooks & Rings are hitch components for towing your RV truck. Buyers’ pintle hooks are assembled with pins and chains that can carry 3,000 lbs. If the load is placed vertically it can support up to 16,000 lbs. 

  • Receivers, Receiver Hitches, and other receiver hitch accessories like, receiver hitch locks, receiver hitch tubes, receiver hitch adapters, and receiver extensions can be purchased as raw steel or metal parts assortments. Sizes and fit vary based on the hitching and towing specifics of your motor truck and outdoor home. 

  • Sway Controls Are Weight-Distribution Hitches built with the capacity to hold a maximum of 14,000 lbs. The secret to our hitch's superior performance is the continuous resistance of integrated 4-point sway control. Buyers' product offers a unique two-in-one design that combines weight distribution and sway control in one easy-to-use unit.

  • T-One connectors - The T-One connector assembly is a towing electrical component used to support hitching and towing. No special tools are needed for T-One connectors as they don’t require splicing of vehicle wires. Simply locate your vehicle’s wiring harness connector, unplug the connection and insert the T-One Connector into the vehicle’s harness.

  • Trailer Tongue Tool Boxes are utility chest boxes made from aluminum. Buyers’ trailer tongue toolbox mounts onto an A-frame or straight-tongue trailer. It guarantees the storage of cargo, tools, and trailer accessories. We’ve got various assortments for sizes in gloss, black aluminum, and bright aluminum. You can choose between trailer tongue boxes for heavy packaging or LTL shipping.

RV Part Shop’s Commitment to Buyers Products 

RV Part Shop USA has been selling Buyer's Products for over two decades. In this time, we’ve earned the wisdom badge to differentiate fake from fabulous. Our partnership with Buyers Products Company has helped us serve over 2000 Americans, and the numbers keep growing.

In terms of replacement parts and the accessories for providing auxiliary maintenance on your RV trucks, we love Buyers Products Company. Buyers’ multiple manufacturing capabilities include forging, stamping, laser cutting, CNC machining, robotic welding, rotational molding, powder coating, and assembly. It is superior production, to say the least.

Buyers provide RV Parts Shop with a rich variety of individual components that contribute to making a complete and cohesive whole for your RV motorhome. With Buyers, we have enjoyed products from multiple sources and varied functions. Buyers are truly a  melting pot of RV parts.

Buyers stand tall in front of other brands with the power of a strong family of companies working together to offer the broadest range of products in the industry. Through Buyers Products Company, we can take care of our customers, stay on the cutting edge of innovation and offer incredible value at RV Parts Shop USA.

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