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In 1996 Neil Westervelt started Night Shift Auto to manufacture aluminum racing reduction pulleys for race cars. Since 1979 he had owned a busy machine shop (M&W Manufacturing) so the pulleys had to be made during an evening shift which led to the name Night Shift Auto. A few months later local businessman John Franklin, owner of Ready Mix Concrete, asked Neil to produce a supplemental brake system he invented after being disappointed with one from a current competitor of ours. Neil saw potential in John's "Ready Brake" and agreed to manufacture it for nearly 6 months before he decided to purchase the patent rights from John. Sales for the ReadyBrake took off which sparked Neils interest in the RV towing industry even more. Neil then purchased P&E Industries, a company that made a tow bar called "Tow-Me 5000". Night Shift Auto's engineer department revised the Tow-Me 5000 and after seeing test results they called it a brute because of its strength and durability, so Neil named it Ready Brute.

In 2000 Neil hired his son Tod to manage Night Shift Auto. Tod wanted to increase sales for the Ready Brute tow bar so he asked the engineer department to improve the design and that is when the idea to integrate the ReadyBrake into the head of the Ready Brute was created. The Ready Brute Elite became a tow bar and a supplemental brake system all in one for about the same price of our competitions brake system alone.

In 2008 Tod and his wife Stacey bought Night Shift Auto from his father. Tod changed the name to N.S.A. RV Products, Inc. since we were no longer making race car parts in order to keep up with demand for the ReadyBrake and ReadyBrute Elite and we had stopped working on the night shift. Today we also manufacture drop hitches, hitch extensions, ReadyStop Break away systems, De-Rattlers and De-Fusers. All these products are highly respected by owners of motorhomes and trailers.


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