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Bed Lifts, Slideouts, Camper Jacks, Toolboxes, Camper Tie Downs

Happijac High Quality Products For The RV Industry USA

About Happijac

HappiJac offers a wide range of products. From bed lifts and slide-outs to tie downs, jacks and toolboxes, Happijac has a solution for many of your RV needs. For more than 50 years HappiJac has been producing high quality products for the RV industry. HappiJac conducts extensive research and testing to develop quality products backed by sound engineering.

HappiJac leads the industry in fully upgradeable camper jacks, space-efficient room slides and the only camper tie down system that effectively controls camper movement in all directions. From bed lifts and slide-outs to tie downs, jacks and toolboxes, we have a solution for many of your RV needs.

Happijac Bed Lifts

HappiJac Power Bed Lifts literally go where no slide has gone before. As traditional slide-outs extend horizontally, this innovative product leverages vertical space to maximize the space and versatility of fifth-wheel RVs and toy haulers. It features quick timing adjustment and pre-assembled frame units. A powerful direct drive motor and patented self-contained track provide stability at any height at the flip of a switch.

Happijac Slide-Outs

HappiJac’s innovative Secure-Trac™ slides are virtually invisible to RV owners because they have reduced moving parts and drive linkage and developed a tightly integrated rail and track. Manufacturers are no longer bound by conventional space restraints and can focus more on the customers’ needs rather than on hiding large and cumbersome mechanisms. The ultra-low profile allows for more options like a flush-floor look, substantial storage space or an additional bed.

Happijac Jacks

Each HappiJac Camper Jack features attractive 2-inch square tubing that provides significantly more strength than round tubing. The HappiJac Acme Screw Jack can lift 1500 pounds and the HappiJac Ball Screw Jack can lift 1900 pounds. Each HappiJac Camper Jack is powder coated on the inner and outer tubes to protect against rust and improve appearance.

Happijac Tool Boxes

We all have places to go, and it’s important to have what we need when we get there. Arrive prepared and in style with our rugged and sturdy Quick Draw Toolboxes! Want to find a dealer near you?

Happijac Tie Downs

HappiJac’s innovative Frame Mount Tie Down System puts leverage to work for you. Its design combines frame strength and sound engineering principles to create an I-beam truss structure that makes your camper an integral part of the truck, providing unsurpassed strength and security. Its Direct-to-Frame™ mount is strong and easy to use. While other tie downs may "hold your camper down," only HappiJac Tie Downs prevent camper movement in all directions (up-down, side-to-side, and front-to-back).

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