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Products offered by Smart Dryer

Smart Dryer
Compact Clothes Dryers

The Original Smartdryer Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

Ideal for Your RV, Balcony, Pool Side or Laundry Room - Compact Version

  • VERSATILE: For outdoor use on balconies, ramps, fences and any type of recreational vehicles but as well for Indoor use, wall mounted if desired

  • RETRACTABLE = Space saver

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Unique patented easy to install grips that can be adjusted in length and width to fit on any type of balcony, ramp, RV ladder

  • MORE RESISTANT AND DURABLE than any other dryer as it is made of heavy-gauge, long-lasting rust proof STAINLESS STEEL, ideal for outdoor use

  • DOESN'T REQUIRE ANY SCREWING when installed outdoor thanks to its patented mounted grip system

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  • Smart Dryer XCE0035
    $116.81 Restocking Soon, Reserve Yours Today!
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    Smart Dryer XCE0035
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

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