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Vehicle and Trailer Lighting, Breakaways, Wiring Kits


Bargman is a registered brand of Horizon Global Corporation. Horizon Global Corporation is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of a range of custom-engineered towing, trailering, cargo management products, and other related accessories. Horizon Global is home to some of the world’s most recognized brands in the towing and trailering industry, including BULLDOG, Draw-Tite, Fulton, Reese, Tekonsha, and Westfalia. We have approximately 3,530 employees in 25 facilities across 17 countries of the world.

Founded in 1931 to provide electrical connection products for the United States military, Bargman has since become the brand of choice in the light-duty trailer and recreational vehicle markets. The Vehicle Lighting Products and Electrical Connectors have become a recognized brand and invaluable partners to the commercial truck, light-duty trailer manufacturers, and their respective aftermarkets. Bargman is the number 1 designer, manufacturer, and distributor of a wide variety of high-quality, custom-engineered towing, trailering, cargo management, and other related accessory products in North America and Europe.

We serve OEMs, retailers, dealer networks, and end-consumers as the category leader in the automotive, leisure, and agricultural market segments. We provide our customers with outstanding products and services that reflect our company’s commitment to market leadership, innovation, and operational excellence. With a mission to utilize forward-thinking technology while developing and delivering best-in-class products for our customers, we engage our employees and create value for our shareholders.


Bargman designs help to complete the ultimate towing package. Our Cequent Performance Products’ in-house over-molding and custom mold capabilities, along with design and engineering; give us an unparalleled advantage in meeting customer needs. With specialization in assemblies with multiple connections, varying wire lengths, and mixed technologies, Bargman has become the RV industry’s most widely known Trailer Lighting Solution.

Bargman Product Line Includes


comprising breakaway kits and breakaway components. Our Wiring Kits and Wiring Harness are a strong part of our Emergency Brake System.

Vehicle/Trailer Wiring

Such as our fifth wheel harnesses like the 7 Blade Harness, 6/7-Way Connector,  7 Way Right Angle Connector, and  Coiled 7-Way Trailer Connector. We also have adapters like Electrical Adaptors as part of our offerings, and mounting hardware too,  like the Tail Light Surface Mount Red.

Tail Lights

These come in four varieties namely the LED, LED waterproof, standard, and standard waterproof. You can customize them in many ways to suit your purpose by choosing your own Light Lens amperage, lens length, lens height, lens depth, dimensions, voltage, wattage, and shape.

Clearance/Side Markers

These also come in four varieties namely the LED, LED waterproof, standard, and standard waterproof. Some products under this category include our Clearance Light and Fender Mount Clearance.

Other Automobile Light

They include our light bars and Reflectors such as the Amber Oval Reflector and Red Oval Reflector. We also manufacture license plate lights, mounting brackets, Porch Lights and utility lights, interior lights, and bulbs. For the other types of lights we produce, you can personalize your shopping experience by selecting the base included, bulb type, color, lens diameter, base color, bulb family, lens length, lens height, type, industry number, and amperage.


Bargman is Lighting the Way with over 5000 dealers across the United States alone. We have a mission to engage our employees, connect with our users, and create shareholder value. Our retail partnership with RV Part Shop helps us to continually make good on this promise, as our vision is to empower people to live, work, and play every day. We create all of our products to make driving easier because, at Bargman Industries, we still believe that driving doesn't have to be a blur.

List Of Bragman Products For Online Sales

Vehicle Lighting Products

Trailer Lighting Solution


Wiring Kits

7 Way Right Angle Connector

7-Way Connector

Amber Oval Reflector

Red Oval Reflector

Clearance Light

Light Lens

Coiled 7-Way Trailer Connector

Fender Mount Clearance

7 Blade Harness

Taillight Surface Mount Red

Electrical Adaptors

Electrical Connectors

Emergency Brake System



Tail Lights

Wiring Harness

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