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Vents, Roofing Products, plus other RV products


A premier manufacturer and supplier of quality products for the recreational vehicle and marine industries. Heng’s represents affordable quality, long-standing credibility, and a commitment to service. Heng’s Industries carries a wide range of products to enhance the RV lifestyle. From Exterior Roof Vents to Roof Coatings, Heng’s is the number one supplier for Roof Repair and  Replacement Vent Lids to effectively seal & ventilate recreational vehicles and motorhomes. Also, we offer solutions to many boating needs from powerlifting to replacement gears. Feel safe on the water knowing you’re using superior quality parts with your boating vehicles. Heng’s also makes sealing and Ventilation Fans for marine vehicles as well.

As one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of high-end RV and marine products, Heng’s Industries, LLC provides a wide array of product lines from Hengs Exit Vents to sealants and everything in-between. While Heng’s has many industry-specific products they provide to OEMs and distributors, they also provide goods and services to a multitude of vendors within the North American Continent. Founded in 2007 and located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, we are a recognized brand in the RV and marine industry. Our mission is to nurture relationships, streamline their processes and operations, and provide outstanding quality products and services.

We always put quality first. We hold our workmanship and suppliers to the highest manufacturing stringencies. All materials and finished products passing through our facilities are subject to a tight quality control protocol that ensures consistent and superior results for our buyers. We always deliver superior service. We are committed to establishing a personal service relationship with our customers. Our sales representatives are always available to our customers to answer questions about our products and provide feedback on requests and concerns. They work closely with our customer service team to afford the highest standard of sales and after-sales support. We thoroughly build custom solutions. We aren’t afraid to do things differently. We strive to always provide the best solutions to our customers’ pain points. With our high standards for quality guiding us, we constantly innovate in order to provide efficiency and ease through all of our products.


Heng’s Industries is committed to providing superior replacement parts for your Recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and boating vehicles. 

Replacement Ventilation

Like the Mini Vent 9" X 9", Exit Vents with a 12v Fan Blade (e.g. the Universal White Roof Vent), Heng’s Replacement Vent Lids (e.g the Vortex II Replacement Fan Kit), Heng’s Exterior Roof Vents (e.g. the Zephyr I RV Roof Vent Fan), and Range Hoods And Vents like  Heng’s Range Hoods And Vents.

Replacement Roofing Applications

It includes Heng's Roof Repair products such as the Escape Hatch 15 X 22, Escape Hatch 22 X 22, Butyl Tapes like Hengs Butyl Tapes, Putty Tapes like Hengs Putty Tapes, Heng's Range Hoods, Heng's Roof Coatings, Alkyd Fibered Roof Coating, and Aluminum Roof Coatings.

Replacement Boating accessories

such as the 12v Range Hood - specifically our 12v Range Hood Black color, other types of Range Hoods, Table Bases, and Table Legs.


With millions of satisfied customers, it’s hard to believe the company behind some of the world’s most trusted RV brands started as a one-man operation. Our small business has indeed grown into Heng’s Industries today. Heng’s story has always been, and always will be, defined by a core mission and set of values that we take very seriously. Our products are carefully tested to ensure they do exactly as they say they will, and each Heng’s solution is backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee. You can trust RV Part Shop to be there for you when you need a Heng’s product.

List Of Heng’s Products For Online Sales

12v Fan Blade

12v Range Hood

12v Range Hood Black

Alkyd Fibered Roof Coating

Aluminum Roof Coatings

Butyl Tapes

Escape Hatch 15 X 22

Escape Hatch 22 X 22

Exit Vents

Exterior Roof Vents

Heng Industry Products

Hengs Butyl Tapes

Hengs Exit Vents

Hengs Exterior Roof Vents

Hengs Putty Tapes

Hengs Range Hoods

Hengs Range Hoods And Vents

Heng's Replacement Vent Lids

Heng's Roof Coatings

Heng's Roof Repair

Mini Vent 9" X 9"

Putty Tapes

Range Hoods

Range Hoods And Vents

Replacement Vent Lids

Roof Coatings

Roof Repair

Table Bases

Table Legs

Ventilation Fans

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