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Star Brite
Cleaning Supplies, Engine and Fuel Additives, Antifreeze, Grill Tools
Peter Dornau co-founded the Company in 1973 around a single product, Star brite Auto Polish. This polish revolutionized the industry through its advertising programs such as the now famous Star brite commercials which included the "Junkyard Test" where an automobile selected from a junk yard was transformed into a vehicle of beauty in minutes utilizing Star brite Polish. Over time a greatly expanded line of products were developed around the polish to maintain the appearance of vehicles.

Despite its early success, in the mid-80's the Company began shifting its product line focus into the wide open boat care and appearance market. Now, nearly twenty years later, the Star brite brand is the nationally known standard for boat appearance and care. The Company has also established solid niches in the recreational vehicle (RV), aircraft, home care, aviation, outdoor power equipment powersports and motorcycle markets. Motorhome and travel trailer owners trust Star-Brite Products.



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