Greystone 2-in-1 17" Range Stainless Steel

Way Interglobal CF-RV17

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  • Drop-In Design – Drop-in model fits right into your counter space
  • Versatility – Add stove and oven cooking options to your RV
  • Space Saving – Big capabilities but with a compact design
  • Easy to Power – Connects to your RV's propane hookup
  • Precise Temperature Control – Easy to control temperature settings for
  • Great Look – Stylish, sleek design to meet your RV's kitchen aesthetics
  • Additional Counter Space – Stove not in use? Fold-down glass top for added counter space
  • Dimensions: 22"Wide x 19"Deep x 16"High
  • Front Burner Output: 8,000 BTUs
  • Rear Burners Output: 6,500 BTUs
  • Oven Output: 7,100 BTUs
  • Oven Volume: .9 cu ft
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Fuel/Power: Propane

*RV ranges may require expert installation to ensure safety and proper functionality

Powerful Cooking in a Compact Range

No matter the size of your RV, Way has a powerful gas range to fit any kitchen. Long trips, boondocking, or even cross-country adventures will have the meals you crave when you include the Greystone by Way 17" RV Gas Range.

Breakfast with amazing pancakes, egg scrambles, and bacon, Lunches, and dinners packed with deliciously roasted veggies, well-cooked meat, and sides to die for; that's what you can expect when cooking on our 17" range that combines high power burners and an oven for baking.

Does your RV's kitchen have limited space? Is a full-scale range just not an option for your current layout? With our 17" model, you'll still be able to prepare all the recipes you crave, even in a more compact environment.

With more than 30% more capacity than traditional RV ranges of the same size, our model's 3D cooking uses moving air to cook foods faster and more even. Over 8,000 BTUs of power in the burners and up to 500 degrees in the oven provide the same powerful range experience in a more compact package.

Other features to consider include cast iron grates, LED-backlit knobs, a foldable glass top, and different color finishes to meet the look of any RV kitchen. Gas hook up, and 12V power connection is all that's needed.

Compact but powerful, you'll love Greystone's 17" Range!


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