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The world's first illuminated towbar

Nighthawk... a truly non-binding tow bar made from beautifully-styled aluminum and featuring embedded LED lights along each arm that illuminate with the RV's lights for increased safety.

      What was once the darkest portion of your towing system is now easily visible to other drivers, and also visible when it comes time to disconnect. Includes internally-routed safety cables and power cord, solid stainless steel inner arms and a heavy-duty 8,000 lb. capacity.

      It's the first tow bar designed for Roadmaster's EZ5 and MS tow bar mounting brackets, which incorporate the strength of the crossbar into the mounting bracket so no crossbar is required.

      Nighthawk is the next generation tow bar created and crafted from raw steel and aluminum into the finest tow bar on the planet.


     Exclusive design features:

•   Non-binding Freedom Latch — easiest tow bar in the industry to use and disconnect.

•   Longest tow bar arms ever produced for superior towing and stability, while providing the largest hook-up radius in the industry.

•   Aluminum outer arms, solid stainless steel inner arms and baked-on powder-coat finish shield against corrosion.

•   Enclosed channel for power cords and safety cables keeps things tidy, secure and protected.

•   Coiled cables and power cord — you'll never need a longer version to accommodate deep drop hitches or extensions

•   Nylatron bushings — eliminate metal-on-metal friction for less wear, and a smoother ride.

•   Black matte finish — attractive, durable and textured for easy grip.


Strength, in spades

A unique eggshell design distributes pressure throughout the tow bar, making the Nighthawk the world's strongest aluminum tow bar.

Freedom Latch™ non-binding technology

No more binding! (or skinned knuckles, or “#%?#^@?*!!!”)

If everything has to align perfectly to release your tow bar, ask yourself this question: Why are you making life easy on your tow bar? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The plain fact is, unless you’ve got a pair of Freedom Latches, your tow bar locks are eventually bind. And they’re going to do it at the worst possible moment. So avoid that whole unpleasant scenario and get a Non-Binding tow bar. Like this one.

A patented cam design inside the Freedom Latch transforms linear motion into rotary motion at a 400-to-1 ratio — five pounds of force against the latch equals 2,000 pounds of force against the lock. So you’ll never have to straighten and align your towed vehicle and motorhome to release the tow bar — the Freedom Latch releases the tow bar at any angle or bind — first time, every time. No other tow bar manufacturer makes towing this simple.

Includes safety cables and power cord

• Hybrid coiled and straight safety cable that allows extra reach on the coiled end, and the ability to route through the cable guide on the straight end. This provides the best of both worlds in safety cable technology.

• 6- to 7-wire power cord with one 6-wire plug (attached), one 7-wire plug and the 6-wire electrical socket

• Heavy-duty, drop-forged steel hooks with spring-loaded latches connect the cables at the motorhome. A vinyl coating prevents the cables from scratching or chipping the tow bar.


Product Type Towed Vehicle Electrical
Part Type Diodes
On Sale No
Accessory Kit Included No
Material Aluminum
Capacity 6,000-lb.
Collapsible Yes
No. of Lights No
Mounting Motorhome
Receiver Size 2-Inch
Warranty 1-Year
Prop 65 Warning WARNING: This product may contain one or more chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

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