4 Top Tips to Consider When Buying an RV

4 Top Tips to Consider When Buying an RV

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a long haul traveller, owning an RV can be the ticket to amazing vacation memories. Buying an RV can be an overwhelming experience, though, given the variety of features and options available, not to mention the type of RV itself. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself before you start shopping, to help you get the perfect RV to meet your needs.

What are the intended uses of your RV?

This is the most crucial question of all when selecting an RV. You must decide whether you're going to "park" your RV at a seasonal campground or travel around and stay at different sites.

If parking your RV at a campground seems like a perfect fit for your family, be sure to shop around. Check that the potential campground offers all the amenities you are looking for, such as a swimming pool, restaurant, activities and games for the kids.

If travelling and visiting different parks is more your style, keep in mind you will need to know the weight limit and towing capacity that your vehicle can handle.

How many people are you planning to accommodate?

Of course, this is going to vary depending on the situation, but take an average of how many people will be sleeping in your RV on a regular basis. This will help determine not only the interior space needed but also the number and type of beds you need (bunk beds, convertible sofa, etc.)

Are you handy?

Although setting up and maintaining an RV is not that difficult, it does require that you become familiar with the major components (electrical system, levelling system, water system, heating system, A/C system, LPG system). You will need to learn specific things when it comes to your RV, including how to level the trailer, start the furnace, empty the holding tanks and open the awning, just to name a few. There may also be some troubleshooting and minor repairs that will need to be done over time. Major repairs are always best left to RV repair centres.

How much storage space do you need?

When deciding how much storage space you will need, take into consideration what you will be using it for. Often times you’ll want to keep some items in the RV permanently so you aren’t constantly lugging things back and forth. This will be especially important if you are travelling with kids. There will be rainy days and you’ll want to have plenty of things to keep them occupied. Once your information is in order, it’s time to start shopping around. Stay tuned for our next blog when we take a look at whether to buy a new or previously owned RV. 

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