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RV Electronics & Accessories

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  • Satellite & Antennas

    Satellite Antennas

     When it comes to a TV signal and finding it, people who travel with their RVs may face some problems.  While a cable service can give a stable connection, you will have difficulty finding a signal when you are always on the road. RV Part Shop knows that you need satellite antennas if you want to have quality entertainment during your camping trips.

    If you want to make the best out of your large flat LED screen TV, you should use a satellite TV antenna system to experience HD programming. This is why most RVers opt to use a satellite antenna.

    More and more people demand high quality and high definition programming as with the changing times. They do not settle for low-quality signals from cable networks anymore. The best thing about buying your satellite antenna from RV Part Shop is that you are rest assured that it can run even on harsh weather conditions. A standard antenna or cable cannot do well on such conditions.

    In general, satellite antennas are never cheap due to their technology, components, and features. But, the products in RV Part Shop are a worthy investment.

    King Controls Tailgater Security System

    This security system from King Controls connects the DISH receiver to the Tailgater to provide audible alarm once the antenna is disconnected. The Tailgater Security System is used for Tailgater antenna only.

    Winegard Power Receptacle White

    The Power Receptacle comes with 12 volt DC power supply for Sensar or RoadStar antennas in a mount wall plate. It includes built-in splitter for a second TV, LED on/off switch, and a second F-jack for an outside TV source, including a cable.

    Winegard TV/Satellite Jack Receptacle

    The TV/Satellite Jack Receptacle by Winegard features a dual jack input so that you can receive satellite signals and off-air TV with its 12 volt DC power supply. It also comes with a flush mount wall plate and an integrated two set splitter.

    Winegard Sensarpro TV Signal Meter Black

    The Sensarpro TV Signal Meter will give you real-time feedback. It eliminates the headaches of finding local programming. With one product, you get an amplifier, power supply, and TV signal meter altogether. It is available in black.

    Winegard Signal Amplifier

    The Signal Amplifier comes in white wall plate with indicator light and on/off switch. It utilizes 12V DC per pack. It is a non-amplified 75 ohm RV antenna.

    King Controls Universal Control - Quest

    This Universal controller allows your King Controls antenna compatible with a variety of receivers such as Bell, DIRECTV, and DISH. It comes with a built-in security alarm. You can change your service provider with the need to purchase a new antenna.

    King Controls Tailgater/Quest Window Mount

    The Tailgater/Quest Window Mount holds the King Controls satellite securely to the roll-down window of your vehicle. It comes with a portable antenna mount and adhesive rubber bumpers. It temporarily mounts your King antenna to your RV.

    Satellite antennas have their benefits, mainly providing you with a better high definition quality. Visit RV Part Shop now and choose your satellite antennas there.


  • Televisions

    RV Televisions

    You should never give up your little comforts in your RV. These mainly include watching television or simply just about kicking back. Your television will always be an essential source of information. It will also let you know what is going on in the world. You will get an update about the storm that will hit the locality by morning.

    If you are searching for a new television for your RV, or any other television accessory types, here are the options you can find from the site.

    DVD Players

    Nothing pairs a television better than a Lippert 1 Din DVD (40Fthq) (Dv5600). It lets you to surely enjoy the bloodiest war on the VHS. It really is a consideration to hook up your TV to the DVD player. You will benefit in the fact that it gives you fun and entertainment.

    Television Accessories

    RV television is more than just satellite and cable. It is about accessories that enhance the benefits you get from watching television. If you love it, you also would want something that is crisp and clear audio.

    Select from the selections of television accessories on the site that include: Phone Cable Plate, Wall Mount Power Supply, Phone Plate Polar White, Phone Jack White, Interior Cable TV Plate Polar White, 3-Wire Audio Cable 12”, and Audio/Video 3-Wire Port.

    Television Cables

    The advantages of using television cables cannot be compared to other television accessories. Reception is truly more dependable than the terrestrial over-the-air television. With cables from Trimax, Pace International, JR Products, and RV Designer, desirable programming options are made available.

    So, do not say goodbye to a live event viewing. If you ditch your cable, you also avoid the chance of browsing around unnecessary channels.

    Television Wall Mounts

    Mounting your TV helps your neck and eyes. This is because it moves your mount at such a tilt or an angle. You need to make it sure that the TV mount features a complete motion feature. This will allow you further to watch your television at an accurate height. With the right angle, you reduce the strain from watching at incorrect angles.

    That is why we suggest you include in your shopping lists valuable TV wall mounts. For once, Mor/Ryde offers you with so many choices like Extend Snap In TV Mount, Flat Snap In TV Mount, Swivel Snap In TV Mount, Adapter Kit for 400X400, Large Snap-In Rigid Wall, VESA Adaptor Plate, TV Mount Multi-Purpose, Drop Down Wall Mount, and Swing Arm TV Bracket 25” Extension.

    Tools & Testers

    Testing a television is an important thing to do. It helps you identify and fix issues that can come with it. It, therefore, helps you determine its life cycle. Surelock Digital TV Signal Finder from King Controls must be included in your toolbox. This actually simplifies the process of pointing an antenna. Finding the local television channels does no longer require much guesswork on your part.

    And with its built-in signal meter, it can detect digital television signals. This is because the antenna goes the process of rotation. This, therefore, indicates the best position of the antenna for maximum reception.

    Television Cables and Receivers

    In addition to the television accessory products to purchase are the television receivers and television cables. There are so much more to choose from to get the utmost performance of your television. Never worry as the price of each item is affordable.

    So, feel free to buy whatever TV accessories you need from the choices!

  • Audio CB & 2-Way Radio

    Audio CB and Two-Way Radio

    If you are looking to get a handle on the best audio CB and two-way radio that you can use for your RV trips, RV Part Shop is the right place to start. The site specializes in CB radios for recreational vehicles and trucks.

    Before that, make sure you understand that all CB radios transmit the same 4 watts of power, as it is required by law. The main difference between CB radios is their sizes and features.

    When you have several vehicles that are traveling together, audio CB and two-way radio provide a great way for the entire group to communicate whenever necessary. Provide a radio for each vehicle and, and all travelers are instantly in contact at the touch of a button. This makes it easy to notify the group of car trouble, or to coordinate stops or route changes.

    RV Part Shop has some of these products available for you.

    Watts Sea Tech End Stop 1/2 Casting

    The Watts Sea Tech End Stop 1/2 Casting is a unique, patented connection system that reduces installation labor as it does not require special tools. Install these fittings or valves quickly on cold or hot water lines. It comes with high-performance design, allowing simple connections to copper tubing, CPVC, and PEX (plastic). This product is tested and certified to NSF, ANSI, and ASTM standards. It is FDA approved.

    PQN Enterprises 6" Dual Cone RV Speaker

    The Dual Cone RV Speaker comes with a waterproof cone construction and corrosion-resistant silicone speaker leads. It meets the UL / ETL In-Spa requirements and ASTM certified for salt and UV. It has engineered weatherproof speakers wherein outdoor speaker applications are used.

    PQN Enterprises 1 Pair 6" Speakers White CO60-4W

    These speakers from PQN Enterprises have waterproof cone construction and silicon speaker leads that are resistant to corrosion. The 1 Pair 6" white speakers are salt and UV ASTM certified. The product has met the UL / ETL In-Spa requirements.

    PQN Enterprises 1 Pair 5" Speakers White CO50-4W

    The unit comes with 1 pair 5" white speakers that are UV and Salt certified by ASTM. The design of the speakers is water and corrosion proof. Also, they are engineered weatherproof for outdoor use.

    Furrion Speakers 6.5" White

    Furrion provides you with high-quality passive sound bars in 12V. It includes portable speakers, subwoofers for indoor and outdoor use. The speakers surround you with quality sound from an advanced audio system technology. Mount the white speakers in your RV and they can project sound from your radio or TV.

    These are just some of the audio CB and two-way radio products that you can get from RV Part Shop.

    When traveling with your recreational vehicle, sometimes power outlets are not readily available. It is important to keep your radio charged, particularly if you are planning a long drive. When browsing from the RV Part Shop collection, look for products that support a vehicle charger, or those that can operate on standard batteries. It is essential that the models you buy have a long battery life.

  • Navigation


    If you have a recreational vehicle, the GPS in your phone seems not enough. One of the reasons is that RVs are higher and larger. This is why it is essential to invest in the best navigation system that adheres to the rules and guidelines meant for recreational vehicles.

    A navigation system can show you how to reach one location to another, including options to avoid toll roads or highways. It also enables you to search for multiple stops along the way until you arrive at your final destination.

    It becomes possible for you to map your route with specific information that is RV-based at your fingertips. This includes accurate speed and clearance info. Also, you can download maps to make sure you will not get lost on the road, even if your destination takes you offline and out of data range.

    Thanks to the advancement of technology, a lot of devices in the RV GPS category are now available the market. These specialized units cater to the specific needs of RVers. As a result, you can be sure that there is a GPS that is suitable for its intended use.

    With these gadgets, you can incorporate friendly and safe RV stops and campsites as you potential hookup stops. By doing this, you can remove from the picture of stopping without the ideal hookup.

     If you are searching for high-quality GPS for your RV, here are some great options to choose from:

     Rand McNally 7" GPS Sun Shade

    It offers a clear view of your navigation screen by blocking out glare. Clip it over the top of your gadget and it will work as a shield from bright sunlight. For complete coverage, extend it around corners. This product can fit all GPS devices in 7 inches.

    Leisure Time BM-SSP GPS/Smartphone Mount Bike/Motorcycle

    This product is specifically designed for rough terrain. It comes with an extra durable design that is ideal for your RV, dirt bike, mountain bike, quad bike, and motorcycle. This versatile phone mount is ideal for all smartphones and GoPro devices.

    Rand Mcnally RV Tablet 70

    This RV navigation WiFi tablet comes in Android 7" with pre-loaded maps of the United States and Canada. It includes a magnetic disconnect at the back of the product and a suction windshield mount.

    Furrion Navigation System

    This navigation system from Furrion comes with a lot of features. It has been tested for harsh weather climates and made for vibration resistance. It has anti-interference static filters, DVD playback, USB interface, subwoofer output, and Bluetooth Wireless connectivity.

    Rand McNally 7" Hard Case

    This hard case from Rand McNally can fit GPS devices that are 7 inches and other large electronics. It comes with a wraparound zipper, carabiner, and hard outer casing spine and construction. It prevents LCD screens from cracking. For its interior features, it has a 4-slot pocket for memory cards and mesh organizer pocket.

    Our smartphones help keep us stay connected even when traveling on the road with your RV. Because of this, there are many RV navigation apps and gadgets to make your camping more convenient and better organized.


  • Observation Systems

    Observation Systems

    A portable wireless camera system or a backup camera for RV is specifically designed observation systems that work with clear night vision. Many of these systems can help you when parking or making a reverse, thus increasing your safety. Even if you are driving at top speeds, the camera system can give vivid video signals.

     If you are looking for an observation system for your rig, go to RV Part Shop for an easy and convenient shopping experience.

    Some of the camera systems they offer are made of waterproof and weatherproof materials. They can withstand harsh weather and outdoor temperature conditions. Many of them are rated to be resistant to rain and other harsh elements. Mainly, you can depend on these observation systems for providing clear images of obstacles or objects behind your rig.

    If you are looking to increase safety while driving your recreational vehicle, make sure to invest in observation systems. Here are some products that you can buy from RV Part Shop for this purpose:

    Hopkins Smart Hitch Camera And Sensor System

    The camera requires no splicing as it is mounted behind the license plate, plugging conveniently in behind tow package connector while retaining electrical functions at the back of the vehicle. The clear monitor is a wide color screen, providing a static free image. The camera uses SmartZone sensors with 3 detection zones to alert the driver for direction and distance of objects.

    ASA Electronics LCD Color Backup System 5.6"

    When selecting reverse, the rear view image automatically appears. The 5.6" TFT LCD in high-bright automotive grade color from ASA Electronics is the ideal backup system. It includes front controls, auto-on in reverse gear, flush panel mount, and 2-camera inputs. The unit also features an adjustable metal mounting bracket, color Night-Vue camera, and 65' cable.

    Hopkins Back-Up Sensor Kit

    The Back-Up Sensor Kit from Hopkins helps prevent accidents by letting you know when you are getting too close to objects behind you. It features ultra-sonic back up guidance system that can detect objects up to 1-6.6 feet. It also comes with an audio-visual display with an audible sound signal. The wireless installation requires no drilling from front to back.

    ASA Electronics Voyager Wireless Observation System 7 In.

    The Voyager Observation System features WiSight technology that digitally locks the camera to its monitor, communicating only with that monitor. This eliminates interference. WiSight technology is powerful enough to work on vehicles 60+ feet in length. It can travel around and through objects easily. Connect the camera to your running lights or taillights.

    Mobile Awareness 5.6 Color 1-Camera System

    The 5.6 Camera System includes a high-quality LCD flat screen color monitor and upgraded digital. It has a waterproof night vision camera rear view camera that adjusts automatically. The wiring harness allows for reverse activation. The monitor supports up to 4 cameras. You can have an optional license plate camera as a substitute for the standard 18IR camera.

    When choosing the best observation systems for your vehicle, RV Part Shop has many of these products on their site.


  • Cellular and Wireless

    Cellular and Wireless

    It is essential to stay connected to the Internet using cellular and wireless connectivity, regardless if you travel with your RV occasionally or if you are on the road full-time. There are many reasons to stay connected. Some people need to be online because it is their way of making an income. Other people use their apps or review their financial accounts. Others simply want to be on social media. In other words, the Internet is an important element in an RV experience.

    Preferably, you want an available WiFi connection wherever you are. But when it comes to RVing, staying connected is not as dependable as when you are at home. On the road, there are many connection issues that you need to deal with such as speed and use of data limitation.

    On the other hand, the WiFi at campgrounds is not reliable. You usually get a poor signal or none at all. If you get an internet connection, you cannot rely on it fully, particularly when a few other people begin streaming at the campsite.

    The good news is that the advancement of technology continues to improve our lives over the years. This includes the signal strength and coverage of WiFi. Cellular and wireless connections have become popular options for staying connected. Below are some of the products from RV Part Shop:

    Brand Motion Silverado(Benchseat) Qi Wireless Charge Kit

    The Qi wireless charge kit is designed to integrate with the center console of your Silverados. With this, charging your phone is a breeze. It uses inductive charging technology that makes it possible for your smartphone to charge without the need to connect to a charger. This innovation adds more convenience to your RV. No more fumbling with a mess of cords, instead you can just keep your eyes on the road.

    Winegard Connect WiFi Extender White

    This WiFi extender from Winegard offers mobile connection nationwide. You get reliable, consistent, and uninterrupted coverage while on the road. Once you connect to a new network, it automatically connects all your devices as well. Setting it up is easy with the help of step-by-step instructions on the screen. When using the Connect WiFi Extender, you need to use a 4G LTE data plan from Winegard.

    Winegard Connect 2.0 WiFi Only

    The Winegard Connect 2.0 comes with expanded coverage and reliable connection. It connects your computer, laptop, media player, and other mobile devices to WiFi. When buying the item, you get interior mounting hardware, exterior mounting hardware, 20' power cable, manual, and an antenna. When setting it up, you need a web browser, a wireless network, and a smartphone or tablet.

    Winegard Connect 2.0 4G/WiFi Combo

    During RV downtime, stay connected with Winegard Connect 2.0 4G/WiFi combo. It provides a secure connection and expanded coverage. It comes with easy step-by-step instructions onscreen to connect your smart TV, computer, gaming control, mobile devices, and many more.

    It is difficult to imagine traveling on your RV without the Internet. If you and your family use the Internet every day, then RVing without cellular and wireless connection is out of the question. Visit RV Part Shop and find the items that can suit your lifestyle.

  • Phone Accessories

    Phone Accessories and Other Gizmos for Your RV

    Every RV owner has dreamed, even just once, of bringing all his favorite accessories and gadgets with him during trips. The problem is that your RV can only fit so much stuff inside it. Aside from phone accessories, coolers, grills, and walkie talkies, you still need to consider other items that are probably more important, right? You know, stuff like food, mattresses, water, furniture, etc.

    Kidding aside, though, you can only bring a limited number of accessories with you on the road, so you will need to prioritize and perhaps make a list of the absolute must-haves that every RV owner should have in their RVs. This includes camping equipment, phone accessories and electronics, and some essentials. Here’s a short list of what we feel are the must-have accessories for your RV:

    •          Communication Electronics – Stay connected with the world while living life on the road. Get a Wi-Fi system with a signal booster that also allows 4G LTE communications, and don’t forget to subscribe to a suitable data plan as well. The long-range signal extenders will allow you and your passengers to enjoy rebroadcasted signals in and around the RV.


    •          GPS/Phone Mounts – This should be included in your list of phone accessories to bring. Being able to bring your GPS device or smartphone and secure them to the cockpit of your RV is an absolute convenience. Get an adjustable mount so you can easily keep your device at the best viewing angle. We should also mention a solar-powered phone charger, allowing you to harness the sun’s power to charge a gadget.


    •          Camping Accessories – Don’t rough it up unless you really have to. Camping should be fun, not a chore, so add to the fun by bringing along a portable fire pit and/or a portable propane grill. You can also consider something like a solar oven, letting you cook on a hot day without heating up your RV’s interior.


    •          Camping Furniture – If you’re thinking of lounging away a few hours outside the RV, you need to bring some outdoor folding chairs with you. Add to that a couple of folding tables and you now have an extended living area. Look for tables that are made from waterproof materials and can hold at least 50 lbs., or depending on what you’ll be using it for.


    •          Water Hoses – As far as RV water hoses are concerned, you have two simple choices. Buy a water hose that is safe for drinking, and get another one that can be used for all other purposes. A drinking water hose should be made from FDA-approved materials, lead-free, and free from harmful elements such as BPA and phthalate. Your other hose should used for cleaning tanks and other duties, and should not be used for drinking.


    •         Water Regulators – A water regulator helps you enjoy safe and consistent water pressure possible without damaging your RV’s plumbing from high pressure city water. We recommend getting an adjustable regulator so you can adjust the water flow to your liking. Quality water regulators are made from lead-free durable materials, and include gauges so you can monitor the pressure.



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